10 glamorous rain boots

Days seem gloomy when it rains, so make the best of them and step out in style!

Rain boots aren’t just for kids, and these cute styles prove it. Whether you want to brighten up a rainy day with a colorful one, or keep it stylish with a heel, there are many options available to choose from. Check out a few glamorous and playful picks I chose below.

Which is your favorite rain boot?!

1. Pretty in pink

This rain boot can’t get more girly!  Perfectly pink and shiny, both will make a great combination for a day full of smiles and giggles regardless of the weather.

2. All laced up

Can you believe these are rain boots?! Pretty stylish with the buckles and laced up front. This is definitely not your typical rain boot!


3. Make a colorful splash

Whatever your favorite color is, you’ll be sure to find one with a fun print to wear. Any of these designs are an excellent way to brighten a rainy day. Available in many styles and widths.

4. Back to basics

Keep it simple yet chic with these charcoal Burberry boots. Most people who wear Burberry, opt for the typical check and equestrian khaki print, why not try a charcoal check print instead?!

5. Little miss sunshine

That’s what you’ll be called when you step out in these bright checkered rain boots. Cute and bright color to balance a neutral outfit, just don’t try yellow from head to toe unless you’re going for the big bird look!

6. Rain boot heels

Who knew they made rain boots as glamorous as these! For all you high heel ladies, even the rain can’t stop you from looking good in these high heel rain boots.

7. Cute and floral

These are probably my favorites! Coach sure does make adorable rain boots. Did you notice the cute little see-through heel?!

8. Metallic wedges

A little futuristic looking! But these rain boots, which include a small wedge heel, will look great over blue or dark skinny jeans.

9. Warm and fuzzy

This cute design is great for keeping your legs warm in the cold, and protect your feet from the rain. No need to worry about spoiling the material, since it’s all water-proof!

10. Red and glam

Stay dry and stylish in these cowboy inspired rain boots! The color adds to their unique appearance, and will definitely get a few stares your way.

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