10 hairstyles for long hair

Have long hair and looking for a new look?!   Check out a few styles below to get inspired, all of them are fairly long if you are not looking into sacrificing length. A good tip is to take a picture with you to the salon as a visual aid for your hairstylist, and to be very vocal about what look you expect.


1. Long and sleek with straight across bangs-  this look frames most face shapes well.  It’s a good harmony for high cheekbones or a squared jaw, and perfect cure for large foreheads.

2. Long and wavy with a middle part-  works good on round and oval faces, and balances off a long face.


3. Long layers with side swept bangs-  this style works well with almost all face shapes. Side bangs are a great option, since they can be worn on either side or swept back with a clip. This hairstyle works perfect on round faces.


4. Lots of body and lots of curls-  adding lots of layers to curly hair is a good way to manage over-frizzies and a puffy look. Keeping long bangs that frame your face is a nice way to call attention to high cheekbones.

5. Long bob-  this style isn’t too lengthy, but it is a longer version of a bob cut. Nice choice for round, oval and heart shaped faces. Very easy to manage on straight hair.

6. Long and curly with bangs-  softens square and rectangle-shaped faces, and looks gorgeous on round and heart-shaped frames.

7. Long and feathered-  The ” Farrah” a never-fading classic. Works well with long oval shapes by adding lots of texture and volume. Beware if you have very curly or lots of volume already in your hair, as this look is a bit high-maintenance.

8. An updated mullet-look-  can’t decide if you want it long or short? Try this look which can easily be transformed into a short bob with bobby pins, or keep the length in the back layers.

9. Long and parted to the side-  sometimes switching parts can give you a new look. Straight on top with long layered waves adorn an oval and round face very nicely.


10. Long and wavy with lots of layers- this hairstyle works well on balancing all frames, keeping short layers by your face allows you to add more body to your do and can easily be pinned back.

Which is your favorite style for long hair?!


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