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10 most beautiful red hair color ideas

Thinking of going red? Before you do, browse below for ten looks to inspire you on which shade of red works best for you; as well as a few tips on this showstopper color.

Going red requires your commitment to maintain the shade from fading. Red hair looks vibrant and calls attention, but it’s also the fastest color to fade over time. Purchase a shampoo and conditioner specifically made to help keep red looking good.

Another thing to remember when going red is that once you dye your hair this ravishing shade, it’s best to keep the color for a while. This is mainly because red pigment can be tough to fully take out ,and can leave orangey undertones if you plan on going lighter when you’re done being a redhead.

Red hair looks good on all skin tones, especially due to the many options when it comes to hair coloring. You can go fully red, get highlights or lowlights; and not to mention the many shades of red you can play with. Which look do you like best?!

Want noticeable red without being too dramatic? Try red hair with gold undertones 


If you want an intense shade try  “Jessica Rabbit” vibrant red hair 


Looking for a subtle or dark red? Try burgundy hair


If you want a different and original look, check out the red ombre on burgundy hair below


Want a dramatic in your face color? Go for a super bright red


If you want hints of red- try highlights and choose your favorite shade from bright to darker reds


Looking for a fun trendy style? Go for a red ombre look


 If you want to go red but want a subtle look that doesn’t involve bleach- choose a mahogany shade


 Want another fun and trendy look to try? Go for a look with different shades of highlights 


 If you prefer a dark red that’s still noticeable- try a red wine shade