10 Tips for Better Hair

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow? Not Necessarily ! Just follow these simple tips for healthy hair.

You don’t have to resign yourself to poor hair quality or early hair loss; with some amount of tender loving care you can make sure your hair looks great. Here are some general pointers that will help you have the best hair you can possibly have, barring genetic limitations –

  1. Eat for healthy hair: What is good for your body? Natural, healthy, unprocessed food. It’s good for the body and it’s good for your hair, because eating healthy means that your hair gets the nutrition it needs for strength and shine.
  2. Drink for hair: Similar to food, drinking enough water and staying properly hydrated is great for the hair and skin, as well as the body.
  3. Protect your hair from harsh products: Use hair care products that are good quality and which use fewer harmful chemicals that strip the hair of its natural oils and rob it of shine. Try gentle shampoos (baby shampoos are often recommended as being gentle), also use products that are specifically for your hair type.
  4. Protect your hair from harsh procedures: Remember that rebonding, perming and so on tend to alter the chemical structure or the hair and weaken the hair shaft. This leads to damaging it and making it prone to breakage. However if you do have to perform these procedures, be sure to be extra careful and care for your hair afterward.
  5. Protect your hair from water: Though water itself is not going to damage your hair, very hot water can dry it out. So make sure you use water that is warm or cold when shampooing to prevent it from drying out. Also remember to protect hair from chlorine if you’re going swimming. Wear a protective cap or wet your hair with regular water before hand to prevent it from soaking in the chlorine.
  6. Protect your hair from the sun: Sun can dry and bleach hair, robbing it of natural shine and vitality. Use products with built in sunscreen or use hats or scarves to protect your hair from the elements.
  7. Shampoo right: Don’t pile your hair on the head when washing it, this can tangle it and mean more breakage.  Wet hair properly and then massage in the shampoo gently without vigorous scrubbing.
  8. Always use a conditioner: This helps smooth the hair shaft, so that the dreaded frizz in your hair is controlled. Also conditioners smooth the hair and help in detangling, so that there is less hair breakage.
  9. Give yourself a head massage: Massaging the scalp is said to have many positive impacts – it can improve blood circulation helping the hair follicle receive more nutrition and stimulating new growth, and may even combat dandruff. It can ease headaches and aid in relaxation.
  10. Mind how you comb your hair: Most experts advise against combing hair when wet since this can pull and stretch the hair shaft. Also that old adage about 100 brush strokes is outdated. Brush only as much as you have to, and be sure to use a gentle brush with rounded tips.

Author bio:

This is a guest post by Sarika Periwal, who represents cure-for.info, a website propagating natural hair loss treatments and other home remedies for hair problems. Common hair conditions like premature graying, baldness, etc can be prevented and sometimes even treated effectively through natural means.

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