10 tips for hassle free hair

Your hair says a lot about your personality.

Whether you keep it in an easy to maintain bob, prefer long and layered locks, constantly change the color or prefer an edgier look, you maintain it and decide how it is to look. It’s your personal canvas and you can choose how you want it cut, styled and colored.

Every woman has been a victim of a bad hair day, or week… Sometimes there’s much more important things to worry about when you’re rushing out the door, than ensuring your hair looks perfect. There are solutions to this problem, which are much simpler than you would’ve guessed! Below I have listed 10 tips to follow, when you feel a bad hair day is inevitable.

1. Braid it!

Style your hair in quick braids. If you want to get  fancy try a fishtail or French braid, or try a boho look and do one small side braid that’s swept off and pinned behind your ear.

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2. Put a twist on a sporty headband!

Headbands are a fun and quick way to style your hair when not much time is available. You can even add a feminine touch by choosing one with floral or colorful accents.

3. Try a casual look by adding a crochet beanie/beret to your outfit.

They’re available in many colors and add a relaxed look with their slouchy appearance.

4. Keep it simple and pretty with a ponytail.

This low maintenance look is not just for the gym! Try a high, low or side ponytail. Takes less than five minutes and looks as good matched with a suit as it does with jeans and a t-shirt.

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5. Dry shampoo works wonders on days when you hit the snooze button one too many times.

It helps absorb excess oil, adds a bounce of volume, and detangles hair with no water needed. A necessity for days when you skip shampooing.

6. Style your hair in a messy bun.

A bun looks more pulled together, but when you let some pieces loose or style it messy it’s quicker to style and looks just as good.

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7. Add clip-on extensions!

Jessica Simpson has a lovely line of easy to put on hair extensions, which can give you good hair days more often! There’s various shades and styles to choose from, whether you want a clip on pony or are looking for added length.

8. If you wash your hair the night before, you can wake up with gorgeous waves simply by putting your hair up in a bun!

As soon as you step out of the shower, grab mousse scrunch it into your hair. Use a blow-dryer to dry your scalp so you don’t go to bed with wet hair, scrunch up your hair again with some hair serum and tie it up in a loose bun. When you wake up, let your hair down and enjoy the added volume and lustrous waves.

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9. Add a flower.

Purchase a clip on flower, or make your own by clipping an artificial flower and gluing it on a plastic barrette. Feminine, fun and will make you feel very tropical!

10. Style your hair half-up.

Whether you have your hair straight, wavy or curly, half-up looks great on all textures. It’s as simple as tying it up with an elastic hair band, brooch or hair clip. You can even tie it half-up in a messy bun, braid or high ponytail. Keep it simple or add an elegant touch with a glam accessory.

Hope these tips help you achieve good hair days even when time is limited 🙂

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