5 cute Halloween costume ideas for women

Not everyone wants a scary look for halloween, this article is specifically for you!

Looking for a cute or sexy look without all the gore involved?! Here are five ideas which are perfect for the occasion. Click the costume images if you’d like to see where you can purchase them.

1. Purrfect Kitty kat

How many cat costumes do you see for halloween?! Quite a few right! This classic costume is a favorite to many because it’s very cute and not much money is required. Make it cute by wearing your regural wardrobe, or vamp it up with a corset top like the ones below. All this outfit requires is cat ears, a tail and some makeup. Draw 3 whiskers on your face on each cheek, make an upside down triangle (or a heart-shaped!) nose at the tip of your nose in black, and use black eyeliner to do a winged cat look. If you want a dramatic look, do smokey-eye makeup, and apply lots of mascara.

2. Fairy costume

This mythical-inspired costume is fun for those who like colorful makeup! All you really need to buy is wings, and a nice dress to match. Wear your hair down and use a curling iron to create waves.

Use green, blue, purple or your favorite colorful shade for your eyeshadow; or combine all colors for a fun look. You might also want to purchase fake lashes that have glitter or color on them. Check out the tutorial below for a pretty and glittery look!

3. Mermaid

Though they have mermaid costumes at many stores, you can create your own costume by combining pieces. Check out the outfit below which involves an ASOS sequin skirt and red clip-on extensions for your very own mermaid costume. The skirt is so cute, you’ll definitely love to wear it not just on halloween!


4. Pirate

Dressing up like a pirate is a fun and cute idea for halloween, especially if you’re a fan of Pirates of the Caribbean.  The versatility of this costume makes it easier to decide what look is right for you. Rim your eyes in black liner, and don’t forget your sword!

5. Pipi long stockings

A child’s classic story, makes for a cute costume idea! Style your hair in two braided piggy-tails, wear a skirt/shorts with a top to match, and very funky knee high socks. Don’t forget to draw the freckles!




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