5 cute summer hairstyles

How do you prefer your hair around summertime; lustrous beach waves or pulled back in a pretty bun?! Whatever your style is, below are five of the cutest hairstyles to rock around summer and most of them are pretty effortless.

1. Beach waves- this tousled look is by far the most popular summer look and can easily be achieved.


How to get beach waves:

If you don’t want to use styling tools another method you can try is applying mousse right out of the shower on your hair and scrunching it. Follow by spritzing with sea salt spray, scrunching some more and letting hair air dry.

2. Braided headband- this look is super cute for summer days and very practical for a day at the beach.


You can wear it with a side ponytail like in the picture above. Or wear your hair down, or up in a bun. Check out an easy tutorial for headband braids below.

3. If you want your hair up in a bun, but want a cute accessory to match- try a bandana headband. Quicker than a braided one and a nice way to add color.


Simply fold the bandana and tie it around your head like a headband. Follow by putting your hair up in a messy bun, or if preferred leave hair down.

If you don’t like this look, you can find tons of pretty hair accessories by browsing below.

4. Casual chignon- put a spin on a classic bun with a pretty chignon like the one below.


Here is a quick and easy to follow tutorial to get a pretty chignon.

5. Loose braids are easy to achieve and look super casual to match summertime.


How to get a loose side braid:
Part your hair on one side, with a curling iron or hot roller create long waves on the top layer of your hair. Braid to the side in a normal or French braid style, but be sure to not make the braid tight. Spritz lightly with hairspray and add bobby pins to your hair just below your ear, on the side of your hair opposite the braid.

An alternative to a loose braid, and classic summer hairstyle is a low ponytail. Add some flair by adding waves or curls to your pony.

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