7 ways to get ready for summer

The summer months are approaching fast and so is beach fun. Getting ready to wear a
cute swimsuit starts early, at least three months in advance. It will give you
time to get in shape and to go shopping for the perfect swimwear. Here are a few tips to get ready for swimsuit season!

  • If you want to drop a few pounds, start eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly. Pay attention to the types of foods you eat by avoiding high fats and sweets,and exercising with activities that you enjoy. In addition,do some strength training to tone your muscles. If lifting weights is not your style, then do some comparable activity such as: rock climbing, biking, or swimming.
  • The types of foods you eat reflect in how healthy your skin looks. Drink plenty of water to hydrate your skin and expel toxins from your body, and pamper your skin with creams to condition it. After the winter months, skin may become dry and flaky from lack of moisture. Use a scrub to exfoliate your skin and get rid of dead skin cells. Mixing sea salt and olive oil is a great homemade scrub for dry skin.
  • For a tanned complexion you can try spray tan or lotions, to avoid skin damage from UV rays. Spending time under the sun is another way to get glowing skin, just make sure to use sunblock and avoid too much sun exposure.
  • Practice good posture.Standing tall and straight is an instant slimming secret and better for your spine.
  • Start looking at swimsuit styles. Try different styles to see how they flatter your body type. Once you are ready to buy your swimsuit, you will know what style looks better. While you are at it look at cute beach accessories such as beach totes, sun glasses, sun block, towels, sandals, cover up, and don’t forget your summer books!

  • Take advantage of free online tools to help you customize a shape up routine. It will make your weight loss goal easier and more fun. Look at menus, food diaries, beauty tips, healthy recipes, and other fun online tools to help you out.
  • Many people like to change hairstyles for the summer, or to lighten their hair color. Start looking at some haircut and color ideas. By the time summer is here, you will be ready and looking great!
 Bio - Hannah Derrah is a hardworking freelance writer that enjoys her spare time by
getting herself in her beachwear and having some fun in the sun.
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