A guy’s opinion:how to be a fit & sexy lady

Hello ladies.  I’m a fit, active, athletic male and I am an extreme sucker for fit, athletic ladies.  I’m a real man, I’m not chasing after 6 foot 100 pound models that have been touched up with an airbrush and pasted into a magazine.  While I will admit to looking and smiling at each and every photo in Victoria’s Secret catalog, that’s not really what us guys want or expect. We love ladies who take care of themselves, are healthy, fun and smart.  We do also love a great body and in my opinion, here are some of the best exercises and tips to help you drive the guys and the girls wild; because let’s be honest we know who you’re trying to impress!

Free-weights Are Your Friends

Don’t be afraid of the weights, you aren’t going to turn into a beastly lady.  Do extremely high repetitions in your sets.  Think 20 to 30 to make yourself tired, you’ll have amazing muscle stamina and give yourself the leanest look possible.  Lie down on a bench and do bench press exercises to keep your chest perky and work those tricep extensions for lean sexy arms and no jiggle.

Bands Are Amazing

I use bands myself and they are absolutely fantastic.  You can mimic dozens of exercises and add resistance to ever motion.  Go with the lighter bands and buy the ones with handles if you prefer.  Use the bands instead of free-weights for a wonderful resistance workout that will leave your upper body toned.

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Yoga – Oh Ya!

Ladies, we do love the yoga and we do love the pants.  Stretching is an absolutely crucial part of long, sexy muscles and exercises that use your own body weight are perfect.  There is a reason they call them “yoga arms,” it’s because all of the downward dog positions involve holding yourself in push-up type positions, sculpting your arms, shoulders and engaging your tummy.

Any Of Those Classes!

Zoomba, Dance, Tae-Bo, Pilates, Kenpo, Step, Jazzercise, Aerobics; the list goes on.  Not only is it more fun to work out with a class, but also most of these classes are typically a great workout that involves the whole body.  Not only are you sweating and burning calories, but toning your body all over.

A Long Lean Stomach

Of course we love a sexy stomach.  If you want that sexy stomach the most important thing to do is to eat healthily and burn calories.  You can’t have a sexy stomach if you have extra pounds, so cut back on the beers and empty calories and work on getting a sweat going more often.  Now that your body is thinner, focus on core exercises that are good for a tight stomach and not a 6 pack.  Crunches are always good, but try to do more leg raises and planks instead.

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Drink Water and Plenty Of It

Water is an amazing thing, it is delicious and 0 calories.  Additionally, it will help make your skin look wonderful.  Ditch the sodas and the empty calorie drinks that add up immensely throughout your day, cleanse your system and drink to better health by choosing water almost every time.

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