Accentuate brown eyes with makeup

Brown is the most common eye color, shared by over half of the worlds population.

Yet it is still unique as you can have it in various shades ranging from soft honey-like brown to dark espresso brown.

Here are a few makeup tricks and tips to accentuate brown eyes and make them pop even more.

Women with brown eyes have the freedom to play with colors since most of them work great with brown. Shades that look good on brown eyes are greens (try swimming or humid by MAC $14.50, golds and bronzes (old gold MAC pigment is a rich color that works well dry or wet $19.50, champagnes and browns (espresso by mac $14.50 or moonstone by Lorac $18.00, and blues (organic ware duo eyeshadow blue eyes $8.94

brown eye
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For a subtle splash of color use a colored eyeliner instead of black. (Try wet n wild megaliner in blue $2.99 at drugstores).

Curl eyelashes and add volumizing mascara to emphasize eyes. (physicians formula plump potion lash plumping mascara , around $9 at drugstores).

Accessorize accordingly. Gold earrings are a good option.

Keep it classy during daytime and go for a natural look by using shade colors like taupe, peach, gold and tan. Use the lighter shade to highlight and add a little by the inner corner of your eye to make them pop. Apply the darker colors around the crease and blend them well.

Coastal Scents Greens

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Check out this video for tips on making brown eyes pop!


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    love and appreciate this post as i have brown eyes! and i agree wholeheartedly that you can have a lot of fun with them because they look great with most eyeshadow colors. green is my personal favorite!! i like to use a black eyeliner and then smudge out the edges with a little bit of green. it’s great for when i don’t feel like having too much eye shadow on and want to just keep things simple.

    Vogue Gone Rogue

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    Beauty Care

    thanks for checking out my blog and I’m glad you found this post helpful! nice makeup trick, green looks amazing on brown eyes.

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