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Easy Beauty Care Hacks

Check out this nice infographic featuring beauty hacks sent to us from Ogle Beauty School in Texas.

They’ve put together a nice list of a few clever ways to save money and time by using things you may already have lying around your home like vaseline, apple cider vinegar and coconut oil.¬†They also provide a few beauty hacks on using makeup you may already have for another purpose than its original intended use.

Browse the beauty hacks below and let us know what you think. Do they actually work? Are some of them just a bit too much for you (we’re not so sure about egg whites as hair gel ūüėČ Do you have some beauty hacks of your own to share?

Leave a comment with your best beauty hack and we will post it or even feature it on this website!

See the beauty hacks infographic below:

Get Gorgeous with these Amazing Beauty Hacks
Get Gorgeous with these Amazing Beauty Hacks Brought to you by Ogle School

Leather Boots by Gipsy Dharma


Gipsy Dharma produces beautiful hand crafted hand-dyed, one of a kind leather boots perfect for all occasions!

Designed and made by specialist artisans, their boots are made from the finest soft leather, to provide lasting comfort and durability. All of their boots have a convenient zipper along the side to make and ease free transfer from on to off, along with lacing from top to toe enabling you to fasten them to suite your individual comfort and style. The soles of their boots feel as if you were walking barefoot through the clouds, light, cushy and comfortable ¬†They come in various colors, and are hand dyed making each pair truly unique. No will have a pair exactly like yours! Isn’t that great! There one of a kind. You really will stand out from the crowd in these beautiful hand dyed leather boots. They’re edgy and quite cute too. Whether you are exploring the woodlands or walking along sandy beaches, these are boots that will keep you closely connected with nature and everything around you while making you look so fashionable people will be begging to know where you got your boots from. If this sounds like your cup of tea, being stylish, edgy, having one of a kind boots, grabbing the crowds attention. Then Gipsy Dharma’s stylish hand dyed leather boots will be the perfect match for you! Go ahead be bold, you’ll love it.¬†Gipsy Dharma


gipsy dharma

GiPSY Dharma Review

 GiPSY Dharma Boot and Clothing Line Review

GiPSY Dharma is an awesome brand of unique handmade clothing and leather boots from the UK for women that not only focus on function and comfort but are really stylish and don’t sacrifice on looks!

gipsy dharma

With so many mass produced clothing brands out there its nice to see this great handmade brand that really focuses on making their product right. Leather boots can provide real comfort for women with demanding jobs as they seem to really conform to each person with time. These particular leather boots just happen to be fashionable as well, with a type of style you could easily see on the streets of New York, London or Paris. Not only that but even more impressive is all of their products from leather boots to flip flops are hand made and hand dyed with some of the highest quality leather available.
If you’re a woman who is a fan of leather boots I highly suggest checking out their catalog full of awesome products. They also run giveaways on a normal basis so if your’e low on cash and need some leather boots because you walk a lot, need something with real comfort, or just like the handmade style you can enter to win free Gipsy Dharma products at there website.
Visit: GiPSY Dharma


How to Detox Your Life

How to Detox Your Life


Yogic texts have been saying it for centuries– the mind, spirit, and body is connected— if one is out of balance our entire unit is thrown off kilter. In India the gurus and practitioners would use kriya yoga to cleanse the mind of toxins, use asana practice to release the issues in the tissues, and eat a satvic diet to keep the body clear and functioning optimally.

In today’s society (like in the blackstone lodge canmore ab)– we are not equipped with such practices– although we probably need them more than ever. We are constantly fed with the unrealistic expectations of the media, environmental pollution, and intense stresses of the infamous double day (full time mother plus full time job, etc).

Below is a series of practices you can do to purge your mind, body, and spirit into a state of optimal rebalance:

Detox Your Environment:

Zen buddhists believe the state of your environment affects your mind. So if your office space is messy, with crumpled paper, and misplaced files; it’s no surprise if your mind will also be a mess too! Start off by purging any paperwork you don’t need, and organizing your tools into compartments, so it’s easier to sort through what you need. You’ll not only save time, you’ll save energy which you can invest into greater productivity. You can also do a qucik pickup of your house for some more headspace.

Meditation for Detox:

Meditation is the best way to slow down your mind, grant clarity, and soften/understand tumultuous emotions. It’s scientifically proven, meditation de-stresses our minds, and sets us on the right path for the day. Start by sitting in the morning for five minutes, and watching your breath. When your mind strays, notice your thoughts, but don’t attach to the story. Come back to your breath, and continue. Once you can sit through five minutes effortlessly, slowly increase your sequence. I sit for twenty minutes each morning, and find the ritual sets me up for success for the rest of the day.

Detox Diet Cleanse:

When are body is cleansed of toxins, we are brought back into balance. If our bodies are not balanced, our minds and/or spirits will also be thrown off, and we won’t live full of vitality. I don’t recommend not eating or only drinking fluids, if you have hormonal problems or weak adrenals, this act will only wreck havoc on your system. Start by eating whole foods, and cutting all chemicals, wheat, diary, processed foods out of your diet. If you are familiar with the Wild Rose Diet, I’d highly recommend. Eat lots of whole grain rice, lean organic fish/meats, organic fruits/vegetables, and almonds. The first couple days might be hard, but once you break through the tipping point, you’ll feel absolutely fantastic!


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