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Daily Goodie Box August Review

This month’s Daily Goodie Box had all these sweet goodies! Daily Goodie Box has been very impressive in goodies they have sent out. I love the fact their selection includes many organic and natural products! Get to know these month’s brands below 🙂

Hannah Max Cookie Chips

These are like thin, crispy chocolate chip cookies. They might lack size in comparison to other cookies, but the flavor was excellent. The crunchy texture, combined with the decadent chocolate made a delicious treat. For those of you who are health conscience, these are 120 per serving (5 cookies), non gmo, no preservatives, and they offer gluten-free options. I truly loved these “thin snacking cookies. ” Check out their selection here.

Yarok- Feed your Moisture Shampoo

This is one of those non-lathering shampoos, but it 100% leaves your scalp feeling clean and your hair moisturized. It’s good for all hair types, and free of paraben sulfates and cruelty free. It has a nice, subtle floral scent to it and immediately after rinsing you can feel the softness in your hair. Yarok is “food for your head, good for the earth,” and you cannot go wrong with something that good! check out their full line of quality and affordable products here.

PB crave flavored peanut butter

Tried this chocolate banana peanut butter by PB Crave straight out of the packet, and it was the perfect quick snack. So delicious, and I loved that it’s sweetened with honey. The little packet it comes in is so handy to keep in your purse or grab and go. Check out of PB Crave flavored peanut butters here.

Javazen organic coffee brew bags

Javazen created these organic coffee brew bags with matcha and cacao, and I was very pleased with the taste. The process of making coffee becomes much easier with simply putting a brew bag into hot water, and the coffee itself tasted smooth and rich. I personally love matcha, so the addition to my coffee makes it even better! Try Javazen organic coffee brew bags here!

Balla body spray for men

Another goody in this month’s Daily Goodie Box for my husband, and he was pretty happy about that! He tried this Balla body spray and said he was very happy with it. He is very picky about scents, and usually prefers a cologne over body spray; but he said this one was actually a nice, clean scent. It reminded me of a classic cologne: subtle, crisp and not overwhelming. It smells good when first applied, and lasts through the day. Check out more products by Balla here.

Clean happens- all purpose cleaner

I was so happy to get a sample of Better Life cleaning products this month, because I have actually used other cleaning products by this brand and was already a fan! This all purpose cleaner came in a convenient spray bottle, ready to use. I love the fact it’s unscented and safe to use, especially with kids. I highly recommend this line of products, check them out here.

Essential oxygen- organic brushing rinse

Essential oxygen has this organic brushing rinse, which is meant to help whiten teeth, fight bad breath, help with teeth sensitivity, and many other oral issues. It’s all natural and a quality product. You use this rinse prior to brushing, then brush with the rinse still in your mouth. You complete the routing with your after brushing rinse, and you are done. The peppermint flavor is very light, and leaves a crisp feeling afterwards. Another great product discovered in my Daily Goodie Box I will definitely be buying! Check out Essential Oxygen products here.

Detox Water peachberry

This is the third time I try Detox Water, and I am not complaining! Every time I get a new flavor, it becomes my favorite! Prior to trying Detox Water, I was not a fan of aloe drinks- that’s how good Detox Water is! Peachberry is a mix of peach & blueberry and it tastes as good as the combination sounds. Sweet, natural and refreshing. Try Detox Water peachberry and their other yummy flavors here.

Top 5 benefits of full grain leather

Full grain leather is the strongest and most durable part of the hide. It is made from the top layer of the hide, which allows for the hide’s natural surface to be preserved. Besides the fact that it will not crack, peel or tear; there are other benefits to choosing this quality leather over others.

  1. Unique appearance– as mentioned above, the fact full grain leather is made from the top layer of the hide keeps all the marks and scars the animal had. This means your piece will be original and beautiful.
  2. Ages beautifully- full grain leather is the only kind of leather which becomes more beautiful over time. If you like purchasing leather, full grain might be where you want to invest to ensure your piece won’t spoil in time.
  3. Strongest leather- the stronger the material, the more durable it will be. The vertical fibres of this part of the hide are what provide this benefit to full grain leather. It won’t crack, tear, puncture, or peel; and the grain pattern is firm and moisture-resistant.
  4. Develops a patina- as full grain leather ages, it develops a change in color (a.k.a patina). This is a desired characteristic in leather. The change in color usually happens faster if the piece is not treated.
  5. Low maintenance- full grain leather is fairly easy to care for. In fact Mahi Leather, one of the best full grain leather bag providers, recommends simply wiping your bag down with a cloth every now and then, to prevent dust and dirt from building up. They Also suggest storing your piece in a humidity controlled environment for keeping the leather soft.

There you have it, five of the top reasons why you should opt for full grain leather over others. It is top quality and might come at a higher price than other leathers, but normally a leather product is purchased for its’ strength and durability. With full grain leather you get those benefits, plus you will be at ease knowing your piece will not get ruined over time, rather increase in beauty.

Daily Goodie Box July review

Check out all the cool stuff in this month’s Daily Goodie Box below!

Detox Water

This is the second Detox water I try and was just as impressed. This mango flavored drink has aloe, electrolytes and vitamins. Aloe is great for digestive health, which makes Detox water both yummy and good for your gut. Check out their various flavors here

Palo popcorn

Made in Wisconsin,  Palo premium cheddar cheese popcorn was perfectly cheesy! A good snack, low in calories, and made with coconut oil. This cheddar popcorn did not disappoint, definitely recommend it, especially if you love popcorn. Try it here

Watusee foods organic Chickpeatos

Green pea and chickpea puffs, caramel sea salt flavor were one of my favorite snacks I’ve tried in my goodie boxes. They were filling, the right amount of sweet and salty, and a great option for a healthy snack. I highly recommend these, very addicting 👍👍Get them here.

FlapJacked protein smoothie 

I love a good protein smoothie! FlapJacked protein smoothie packs flavor, protein, and probiotics due to the addition of Greek yogurt. I usually mix my protein powder with fruits, peanut butter or coffee, but I wanted to get the real taste of this one so stuck with just coconut milk. Had a smooth, chocolate taste to it. No chalkiness or bad aftertaste, and the coconut milk combined with the chocolate was a great mix! Try FlapJacked protein smoothie powders here.

Goddess Garden natural lip balm 

After three days in Reno, my lips needed some highly needed moisture to stop that chapped feeling. I immediately applied Goddess Garden lip balm which has natural minerals and sunscreen, and the next day my lips felt much better. Huge difference, I felt them getting smoother again, no pain and thankfully prevented the cracking that somethings occurs in drier weather. Goddess Garden has not let me down so far with all their organic and natural products I have tried. Check them out here

Natural Vitality anti-stress drink

Ever feel like you need to just stop, breathe and relax for a minute? Then you must check out Natural Vitality’s Calm. The anti-stress drink in a variety of flavors. Having a pretty busy morning and afternoon one day, I felt like I just needed a moment of calmness to avoid going into overdrive, so I mixed the lemon flavored drink into a bottle of water, watched it fizz,  stirred it and drank it. This powder is pretty much loaded in magnesium, and it does help slow you down, which is sometimes what you need to clear your head and keep going. Check out Natural Vitality anti-stress drinks here.

Davidson’s coconut vanilla dessert tea 

Davidson’s coconut vanilla dessert tea is perfect when you get a craving for something sweet. Especially if you get them at night or in the evenings. Leaves your tummy full, and satisfies your sweet tooth. The tea can be enjoyed hot or iced. The coconut and vanilla perfectly blend for a creamy, and smooth tea. Check them out here.

Honey Stinger bar

Cran-apple & walnut flavored bar. This bar is more on the nutty side, not a chewy kind, but still incredibly tasty. You can taste the freshness of the ingredients used. I’d love to see these at local groceries to try out other flavors, in the meantime find them here.

Curoxen first aid ointment 

Natural. Organic. Effective. Three words I love to see on something that comes in contact with your skin 👍 I actually ended up using this ointment on a sunburn to help relieve the itch, and it was very helpful. Not heavy, or smelly, and definitely effective. Find other Curoxen products here

Balla body powder for men

This body powder for men looks fancy and smells so good. Has a fresh, clean, minty scent and works great at keeping your man dry and fresh in the summer season. My husband approved, and liked the fact it’s portable so you can just toss it in your car or gym bag and go. Get Balla body powder and other products for men here.

Ellie box review- July box

I was so excited to be able to collaborate with a company like Ellie, because I had already heard great things about them. They are proud about their brand and don’t miss even the tiniest details, I mean check out their shipping box below. 😍

Ellie is a fitness monthly subscription box, that sends you a whole outfit, and a few workout essentials along. They are all about quality and quantity, seriously what you get for $49.95 is insane!!! As with most subscription boxes, Ellie allows you to skip a month, or exchange/return if the outfit didn’t work out for you. 

The July box came with the cute & color-coordinated outfit below, an ab roller, hair ties, and a chilling towel. 

The matching outfit wasn’t just cute, it was also perfect for low or high impact workouts. Kept you dry, had a nice stretch but perfectly sculpted your body, and felt breathable. I liked the mesh insets on the sides of the capris, and the fact the sports bra had a higher neck and removable cup pads. The top matched the capris, was light and airy; and even though the sports bra was from a different brand, the shade and style matched the capris and top very well. Overall, great outfit. High quality, repelled sweat which is definitely needed for a comfortable workout, true to size, and obviously very eye-catching 👍

The July Ellie box included three accessories: a chilling towel, an ab roller, and hair ties. 

The chilling towel was an awesome addition to this box, I loved it! Kept me cool while running on the treadmill, easy to use, clean, store, and an added bonus- it was pink! The ab roller was cool, easy to assemble and use, and you do feel the burn when using it. The Zobha hair ties were extremely cute, unfortunately are not the best when working out for me. I have a lot of hair, that’s also pretty thick, so the hair ties didn’t hold my hair up well enough while running. Regardless, they are nicer than your average black hair tie, and I still plan on using them when I am not working out. 

If you workout often, you probably own a few outfits devoted to your fitness. In my experience, a cute outfit makes it easier to put it on and get your workout done; and most often a full outfit is not on the cheap side. On average, $50 gets you the pants, top and bra. Sometimes, they aren’t even the best quality and don’t last too long, since fitness apparel is usually washed more often than everyday clothes. I was very surprised at the outfit inside my July Ellie box. It looked and felt great, when worn you could feel it was great quality, and the style was very fashionable. On top of the great outfit, you get the cool fitness related items included, and the convenience of at-home delivery, easy returns, and a skip policy. 

If you haven’t heard of Ellie yet, I highly recommend you check them out ASAP! If you’ve tried Ellie, feel free to link your reviews or share your favorite items so far in the comments! ✌❤

Expand your fitness wardrobe by going to and receive $10 off your first order!*  Snap yourself in one of your favorite Ellie outfits and share it with them on Instagram @Ellieactivewear

*must click though my link to receive discount, offer only valid on first time orders. 

Daily Goodie Box June Review

This month’s Daily Goodie Box was full of sweet surprises 🙂

June’s box had a nice variety which included snacks, maple syrup, a body wash and a caffeine energy bar. Keep reading for a close look at each one.

Better than coffee energy bars

You had me at coffee! This plant-based energy bar says it delivers a caffeine kick, better than coffee- I must admit, they are not lying. I got a dark chocolate and mint bar, with the first bite the mint hits you, then you get the coffee flavor, mixed with the chocolate. The bar was good, nice texture, not grainy; and even though you taste the caffeine, it doesn’t feel like you are munching on straight coffee beans. You feel very energized afterwards, and I didn’t feel a crash. The name is fit for the bar, however I still enjoy the ritual of sipping on a cup of coffee. Don’t get me wrong, BTC bars are a good alternative to coffee when you are on the go. Nice to stash them in your office or purse when you are low in energy, without any jitters or crash when the caffeine runs its course. I love the fact these energy bars also give you 5g of protein and 4g of fiber, and the protein is derived from peas. Check out all BTC energy bars here.

Pure growth organic snack mix

Cute packaging for kids, with ingredients that make them a guilt-free snack. Tasted like a less salty version of Chex mix. Both my kids liked them, and the bag was empty after snack time 👍👍 Satisfied kids after a healthier alternative to chips or trail mix, makes for a happy mommy. Try some out for your little ones here.

Goddess Garden Mineral removing cleanser

Second product I’ve used from Goddess Garden, and they have not disappointed! Used this whole packet up in about a week. Worked great to remove and cleanse my face at night, and saw no unwanted side effects on my skin. It’s a greyish, clay-like liquid with not much of a fragrance. Loved the lightness of it, and how fresh my face felt afterwards. Definitely recommend this. Try Goddess Garden mineral removing cleanser for yourself here, or check out some of their other amazing products.

Crown Maple Syrup

My husband tried this one out for me, since I am not a fan of maple syrups. He is very picky about which syrup to use, so he was the perfect candidate to try this one out. Happy to say, he liked Crown maple syrup, very much. Said it’s one of the best he’s tasted, and he wished the sample was bigger lol. Guess that means we gotta put in an order, find more syrup varieties by Crown Maple here!

Tiger Balm pain relieving ointment

Summer season also brings mosquitoes along, and if you’ve ever been bitten I’m sure you’ve experienced the pain after over-scratching.  This Tiger Balm ointment came in handy both to help stop the itch from a few mosquitoe bites, and soothe the slight pain. Nice little packet made it easy to squeeze out a small amount, fold it up and save more for next time. I like that Tiger Balm has that minty/floral scent that it’s known for, but they are branching out into different products to deliver that soothing comfort when it’s needed. Grab some Tiger Balm pain relieving ointment, and check out their other products here.

Prince of Peace ginger honey crystals

My previous Goodie Box had some chewy ginger candy by Prince of Peace that I really enjoyed, so I was pretty sure this tea wouldn’t disappoint. It’s a nice alternative to your standard tea bag; you pour out the ginger honey crystals, add hot water and voilà! The tea tasted very much like the chewy ginger candy, a little bit sweeter, but you still get that zing from the ginger. Very nice tasting tea, even better that it’s made of ginger since it has great health benefits. Prince of Peace truly knows how to make great tasting products utilizing ginger root. Check out more Prince of Peace products here.

BiPro protein water berry burst

BiPro protein water is naturally sweetened and contains whey protein to help your muscles grow and recover post workout. Each bottle is 90 calories and contains a whooping 20g of protein. It is recommended to be taken 30 minutes before or after your workout, right before bed or upon waking up for best results. I took mine 30 minutes post workout to help with muscle recovery, and it was a nice and fruity treat. Doesn’t leave you feeling thirsty for water like some drinks do, and it’s got a nice berry flavor to it, without an artificial or over-sweet taste. It has five ingredients which is nice to see on something that’s supposed to be helping you, and zero carbs and sugars. Good drink to cut your sweet cravings, get a good source of protein and not feel guilty about drinking your calories. Try BiPro for yourself here.

Black Forest organic gummy bears

These gummy bears were so sweet and soft to chew. They tasted very juicy, and have got to be the best tasting gummy bears I’ve had, hands down. I liked them so much, I went out and bought a pack of their organic gummy worms the next day 🙊Those were good too, but the gummy bears were much better. Grab some here!

VitaBath body wash

VitaBath lavender and chamomile body wash is sulfate and paraben free, and it doesn’t lack any good stuff. The scent smells so delicious, almost like a juicy gummy bear. The lavender and chamomile hints are both there, they are strong but not in a bad way. Leaves your skin feeling soft and clean. Massage on the soles of your feet for a nice, soothing feeling on tired feet. I normally prefer a body scrub, but this body wash might have changed my mind. A must try! Find it, and more products by VitaBath here.

Catherine Jinn pro bio-placenta essence serum review

The K-beauty culture is based around prevention, and so is Catherine Jinns’ pro bio-placenta essence. This anti-aging serum provides a cutting edge combo of skin rejuvenating ingredients; and was specifically made for those of us who care about our skin, but are too busy for a lengthy routine…

Catherine Jinn is a company that created pro bio-placenta essence, a serum that mimics all the benefits real placenta has. It is paraben-free, fragrance free, and not tested on animals. It was developed in South Korea, and manufactured in the US. Which is why the name is ,Catherine Jinn, bringing two cultures together to create a product with the best of both. 

When I was first contacted by their company to see if I was interested in sampling their pro bio-placenta essence, I was a little hesitant due to the word placenta in their product. But after checking out their product and company more in depth, I agreed. This product is made of five safely synthesized growth factors that compare to a real placenta. A growth factor is a substance that is required for the stimulation of growth in living cells. It is biotechnologically engineered to mimic what is found in placenta, but doesn’t actually use real placenta. 

Why placenta, you might be asking. Aging is caused by loss of growth factors, which are found in placenta. By creating a product that mimics what is found in placenta, it in turn helps reduce signs of aging.  

I have been testing out Catherine Jinns’ pro bio-placenta essence serum for a little over a month, and I actually really like this product. Personally, I prefer a serum over a lotion for my face because I feel it is lighter and leaves more of a glow on my face. The serum doesn’t smell, it’s very light and two pumps are enough for your face and neck. It is said to be formulated to rejuvenate the skin, and fight crow’s feet around eyes. I have started noticing crow’s feet showing around my eyes, which have diminished this past month of using the bio-placenta essence serum. They are still there when I squint or smile, but no longer show on my resting face. I also noticed my eyebrows growing in, I started losing some of my eyebrow hairs due to pregnancy. I am not sure if it is related to the bio-placenta, but it did occur around the same time as I have been using it. 

I noticed no skin dryness, redness, irritation, or breakouts. ( two thumbs up for that 🙂 ) I literally used facial soap and the serum daily and that’s it.  I used the serum morning and before bed. Applied on my face and neck in a circular motion, especially focusing on the skin around my eyes. It blends into your skin, doesn’t leave any residue or scent behind. I love that about serum, no oily, shiny skin or heaviness to it.

I truly liked this product, and will continue to use it since it has worked out for me. A whole bottle costs $73.97, but it will last you a long time. If you are a busy person, a new mom, or someone who wants a quick cleansing routine, I highly recommend this. The price might seem steep, but considering it’s a big bottle of serum, and the only product you need after washing, it’s worth it. Don’t be scared to splurge on your cleansing routine, especially when it’s on a product that goes directly on your face. Try it out for yourself at or check out their other products. 

             Image via 

*though I did receive a bottle of pro-bio placenta essence serum free of cost, I was not compensated or told what to say. The company simply asked for a review on my blog sharing how I felt after using the product. I strive on providing honest reviews here, whether I purchased the product or received it for free.