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10 Great Halloween Makeup Tutorials

halloween makeup video tutorials

Halloween is almost here! You dont have to go out and spend a load of cash on a costume when you can simply use makeup to create spooky, sexy, and cute costumes. Here are 10 diy halloween makeup video tutorials for you to enjoy! Special thanks to all authors of these great videos!

Geisha Halloween Makeup Video


Leopard Mask Halloween Makeup Video


Zipper Eyes Halloween Makeup Video


Sexy Vampire Halloween Makeup Video


Rag Doll Halloween Makeup Video


Corpse Bride Halloween Makeup Video


Witch Halloween Makeup Video


Day of the Dead Sugar Skull  Halloween Makeup Video


Forest Fairy Halloween Makeup Video


Masquerade Ball Halloween Makeup Video


So now hopefully you have some ideas for this halloween!

Do you have a favorite Halloween makeup?

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How to prevent and treat bacne

Bacne or Backne is acne that appears on your back, this post is about how to prevent it and get rid of it if you already have it.

Most often bacne happens because of a moist environment, that’s why showering after vigorous activity is a daily ritual you must do to heal and prevent it. Here are a few steps you can follow to get rid of bacne and make sure it doesn’t return.

get rid of bacne

get rid of bacne

-make it a daily habit to wash your back with soap and water to prevent new bacne.
-use a bodywash specially formulated for acne. Some are gentle enough to be used daily.

Here’s a couple ones I like, Neutrogena Body Clear Body Wash, Pink Grapefruit ($7.99 at drugstores) , Phisoderm Anti-Blemish Body Wash($17.99 pack of three

– Perspiration is the perfect aid in bacne showing up, battle it by showering after any physical activity.
-exfoliate with an abrasive sponge or loofah once a week to get rid of any dead layers of skin or dirt/ bacteria within your pores.
-if you have a severe case of bacne consult your dermatologist to get a prescription with benzoyl peroxide in it.

-don’t pick or pop zits as this will cause the spread of bacne causing bacteria and sometimes scarring.
-avoid eating too much grease since the oil attracts germ causing bacteria to infect your pores and cause acne.
-moisturize with an oil-free lotion such as Clean & Clear Oil-Free Dual Action Moisturizer ($6.49 at drugstores).
There’s a few tips to follow and products you can purchase. You can test various products and see which work best for you.

Two homemade recipes to clear up bacne naturally.

Just a couple natural options you can try and see which work best!

complementary colors
photo credit: ms.Tea

Squeeze one grapefruit into a bowl with 1 1/2 cups of white sugar and 1/2 cup of coarse sea salt.

Massage into the affected areas, then pat dry.

Use this as a scrub once a week to get rid of acne-causing bacteria.

21/365 if you think that a kiss is all in the lips
photo credit: glitter feet

Squeeze 1 teaspoon of lemon juice in a bowl. Use cotton or a q-tip to soak up some juice and apply it over the affected area.Leave on over night and rinse in the morning. If you feel the lemon solution is too strong dilute it with water or leave it on for ten minutes rather than overnight.
There’s no excuses now, all you have to do is remember the number one rule; good hygiene will keep bacne at bay.

Great skin forever

Regardless of age all women should protect their skin daily.

Our skin is one of the most sensitive parts of our body and certain damage from smoking, the sun and other free radicals in the air can suck your skins vitality and leave it totally parched.

Even if your skin looks perfectly smooth and radiant you should NOT forget to pamper it and protect it.


Damage caused to your skin goes deep beyond the eye can see.

Let’s start with the obvious culprit;  the sun.

photo credit: Kelly Sue

Beautiful, warm sunny days at the beach are popular to many of us. I’m sure most if not all of you know SPF is a must for a day at the beach, but it’s actually recommended to use it daily. All 365 days. Even if the suns rays are subtle they can still cause damage to your skin.

There’s even moisturizers with SPF already in them a couple of my favorites are; clinique superdefense SPF 25 age defense moisturizer ($42.50 and Aveeno Active Naturals Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer, SPF 30 ($17.99 available at drugstores).

Excessive smoking and drinking will also affect your skin.

( not to mention the rest of your organs). So if you make a habit of boozing and smoking, STOP!!!

Portrait #119 - Périne/Mallory - Friendly smoking -
photo credit: Valentin.Ottone

Smoking and drinking constricts blood vessels which affects your blood and oxygen flow. It also makes skin loose it’s elasticity and will make it look dry and dull, and will cause premature wrinkles to appear. You’ve been warned!

Avoid eating processed and sugary / salty foods.

They don’t just bloat you but they also break down collagen which is vital to prevent saggy skin.

french fries
photo credit: labnol

Ditch those foods for antioxidant-rich foods I.e. Nuts, berries, veggies.

Excercise daily!

Paris - Luxembourg park Corredora
photo credit: Celso Flores

This will knock out two at once, 1.prevent stress 2. Prevent wrinkles.

Working out regularly will help you feel better inside and out, and help keep skin firm and glowing.


Reverse Osmosis & Tangled Hair
photo credit: Oslo In The Summertime

Drinking the recommended amount of water ( which varies depending on weight, physical activity and surroundings..) will keep your skin healthy and seriously help stop the aging process. Water flushes out all your toxins and keeps you hydrated.

Hydrated skin is healthy skin.

Get your recommended beauty sleep.

Sleeping beauty
photo credit: X O X O L I C I O U S

Sleep helps your body recharge as well as prevent any illnesses. Maintaining a constant sleep pattern will help your skin looking healthy inside and fresh on the surface.

There you go, six tips to follow for beautiful healthy skin.

Follow these rules daily and you will love the results, and remember in order to be beautiful on the outside you must start from within.

Eat to lose weight

Yes it sounds crazy but done correctly you will see a difference in how your clothes start fitting. The starvation diet never works it will temporary help you shed water weight but as soon as you go back to eating normal meals you will gain it all and sometimes more weight back. You’re better off eating multiple meals throughout the day.


You can eat 6 meals including snacks every 2- 3 hours. Doing this will keep your metabolism working throughout the day and prevent over eating. Eat foods rich in protein and trade sugary snacks for fruits and veggies. Avoid sodas and processed foods. You can eat takeout and treat yourself once a week, If you try to completely cut it out you might end up over indulging and confusing your body with a sugar rush. Since your eating many meals throughout the day make sure they’re smaller. Try eating meals that are around 250-300 calories ( more or less depending on your weight, consult a physician before). Make sure not to skip meals as this can confuse your body and mess up your progress. The most important meal of the day is breakfast, so be sure you eat a hearty one. Another thing you can do to keep tabs on your progress is using a food diary to keep track of how many calories and meals you consume daily.
Remember eating food is what keeps your body fueled. It’s like gas for a car. With the proper nutrition it will be easier for you to attain that body you’ve always wanted!