Shelf life of beauty products

Have you ever wondered “How long does my makeup last before it goes bad?”

Women sometimes store beauty products for quite a while or until the container is empty, but in reality these products do have an expiration date. When products go bad they don’t perform as well, and might possibly cause irritation or an infection.

When you open up a makeup or lotion jar it starts to oxidize and over time lose it’s consistency. The oil from your fingertips also aids in makeup loosing it’s potency and can sometimes transfer germs and dirt. Not good for your face, and in some cases might cause mold or bacteria to grow on your makeup itself:( Store your makeup in a cool, dry spot instead of a humid environment (like a bathroom), the heat and humidity from your shower can help bacteria and mold grown on makeup.

Keep reading for a list of makeup products and their estimated shelf life:

Mascara tube- approximately 3 months. Mascara will start to get hard and clump your eyelashes when it’s time to be replaced.
Powder eyeshadow- up to 2 years. If you notice your eye shadows’ color changes or it starts to crack and smell, it’s time to toss it.
Eyeliner- liquid= 6 months, pencil= 2 years ( make sure to sharpen after every use to prevent bacteria, and extend shelf life), cream=1 year.
Lipstick- 1 year. If you notice water beads or your favorite tube has a smell, toss it. I’ve heard that storing your lipstick in the fridge can help prolong it’s shelf life.
Blush- up to 2 years, if you don’t use fingers to apply and clean your brushes regularly.
Foundation- liquid and cream=1 year. Powder= 2 years. Concealer- 1 year.
Nail polish- 2 years. Polish will change color and dry up when it’s time to replace it.
Lip gloss- up to 6 months.
Good hygiene is very important in helping your beauty products last longer and preventing bacteria from growing. Some products vary in expiration dates just remember; if the product smells or changed colors it’s time to let it go.


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