Best zombie costume tips and ideas for women

October is here. It’s time for sweater weather, hot chocolate, scarfs, tall boots, and most importantly getting your costume ready for Halloween 🙂

Zombies have always been one of the easiest, yet scariest costume to wear. You can choose to buy a costume at the store, or put one together on your own.  I decided to compile a post to give you ideas, makeup tutorials, and costumes to transform yourself into the goriest zombie around. Check them out and enjoy!

Below are a few tutorials to transform your face and nails to get a cool and creepy zombie look.



If you prefer buying a costume, check out a few options here.

If you’d rather create your own costume, the possibilities are endless. As far as what t wear, you can get away with anything. A dress, jeans and t-shirt, even your pajamas. The trick is to give the clothes a worn and dirty look. Grab your outfit, and cover it in fake blood, dirt, leaves… Zombies can be pretty much anyone, so you are able to easily create a costume on your own. If you have no idea what outfit to choose, here are a few videos for inspiration.





To complete your DIY costume, check out a few of the items below. Iron Fist offers cool heels and accessories to complete your Zombie look, and they can be worn year round rather than used only once for Halloween.






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