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Gift ideas for Christmas 2010

Christmas is almost here, have you got all your shopping done yet?!

If you already have everything neatly wrapped stored away or under the tree… Good job! Share your early shopper tips with us:)
If you’re not quite there yet, don’t stress here are a few great ideas for everyone on your list!

Gifts for women

Any of these sexy scents make a great gift.

Give her the gift of movies. Her favorite tv series is an entertaining gift.

Can’t go wrong with a great coat!

Gifts for men

Keep him warm in any of these stylish coats!

If he loves games, buy him something he’ll definitely enjoy…

Cool gadgets for guys.

Gifts for kids

These outfits are adorable!

Fun toys make great gifts…

Books and movies keep kids busy, which keeps moms happy:)

Gifts under $25

Don’t forget a gift for your pooch!

Happy Shopping!!!

Lipstick trends

Women have been wearing lipstick for centuries to accentuate their pretty pouts or express an image.

Lipstick comes in various shades and textures, you can pretty much change your lip shade as your mood does.

Lipstick trends have come and gone like blue or jet black lips, others like classic red lips stay forever. It sometimes goes unnoticed even though it’s universally worn by many women and men.

I don’t often wear lipstick unless I have an event or fancy dinner to attend, but it was my introduction into the world of makeup as a young child going through my moms purse. That simple tube many of us carry around in our purse or store in the fridge has come a long way and has quite a story.

Lipstick is believed to have first been used in ancient Mesopotamia, where women would use crushed jewels to decorate their lips.

Soon after, Egyptian women started using bugs, plants and other objects to add color to their lips, as we have seen many paintings of Cleopatra with red lips. During the Elizabethan era, lipstick  became widely accepted and used. Queen Elizabeth’s black lips made history, but soon came the Victorian era and out went the love for lipstick. It became banned and to be used only by prostitutes and actresses. The roaring 20’s brought back the use of lipstick and went from women being ashamed of being seen with colored lips in public to women powdering their faces pale white, staining their lips bloody-red, and vamping out their eye makeup anytime of the day. Max Factor came out with a line of cosmetics which was only available to movie stars at first, but through much success later on went public. Hazel Bishop, chemist and founder of Hazel Bishop Inc, is said to be the first inventor  to create and sell the first smudge-proof lipstick, which became widely accepted and turned Bishop very wealthy.  ( Lipstick history source:

Could you imagine going to your backyard to catch some bugs and rub their blood and guts all over your lips just before going out on a date?! Or even worse being called a prostitute for wearing lipstick in public. It’s pretty interesting how much history is bottled in a little tube of lipstick.

How clean are beauty testers?

All department stores have rows of different eyeshadows, lipsticks, blush, mascara, and other beauty products waiting for you to test them out.

But honestly, how clean can hey be after they’ve been sitting there daily for a while collecting dust, germs, and even worse: fecal matter… tiny bits of poop from those who don’t wash their hands after going. >:(

mac day 6
photo credit: Idhren

It is a fact that only about 80-85% of people actually wash their hands after using public bathrooms.

All department stores should offer plastic applicators to offer their customers, but sometimes fingers are used. It’s definitely better than applying directly from the bottle or container, but it can still cause problems. Serious infections can be spread from sharing cosmetics between women like  pink eye,e-coli and herpes (ocular herpes, it’s real). If a woman has a cut on her lip and tests out a lipstick shade at a store directly from the tube and five minutes later another woman tries on the same lipstick, there’s a chance the second woman will get a herpes blister on her lip soon after (quoted from an LA times article). Same goes for if she didn’t wash her hands and touched the lipstick, the second lady would ingest small fecal particles. Gross right? Most often than not, those beauty store testers are usually hoarding germs, bacteria, dust and occasionally infections.

If you must use the tester products be sure to use the plastic applicators, wash it off soon after and avoid getting it in your eyes, mouth, or nostrils. Then again, is it really worth it? What are your thoughts on this topic?!

on_the_shelf shot#2
photo credit: XcBiker

Shelf life of beauty products

Have you ever wondered “How long does my makeup last before it goes bad?”

Women sometimes store beauty products for quite a while or until the container is empty, but in reality these products do have an expiration date. When products go bad they don’t perform as well, and might possibly cause irritation or an infection.

When you open up a makeup or lotion jar it starts to oxidize and over time lose it’s consistency. The oil from your fingertips also aids in makeup loosing it’s potency and can sometimes transfer germs and dirt. Not good for your face, and in some cases might cause mold or bacteria to grow on your makeup itself:( Store your makeup in a cool, dry spot instead of a humid environment (like a bathroom), the heat and humidity from your shower can help bacteria and mold grown on makeup.

Keep reading for a list of makeup products and their estimated shelf life:

Mascara tube- approximately 3 months. Mascara will start to get hard and clump your eyelashes when it’s time to be replaced.
Powder eyeshadow- up to 2 years. If you notice your eye shadows’ color changes or it starts to crack and smell, it’s time to toss it.
Eyeliner- liquid= 6 months, pencil= 2 years ( make sure to sharpen after every use to prevent bacteria, and extend shelf life), cream=1 year.
Lipstick- 1 year. If you notice water beads or your favorite tube has a smell, toss it. I’ve heard that storing your lipstick in the fridge can help prolong it’s shelf life.
Blush- up to 2 years, if you don’t use fingers to apply and clean your brushes regularly.
Foundation- liquid and cream=1 year. Powder= 2 years. Concealer- 1 year.
Nail polish- 2 years. Polish will change color and dry up when it’s time to replace it.
Lip gloss- up to 6 months.
Good hygiene is very important in helping your beauty products last longer and preventing bacteria from growing. Some products vary in expiration dates just remember; if the product smells or changed colors it’s time to let it go.

LED light eyelashes

Strange yet very unique! That’s how I would describe LED eyelashes.

LED eyelashes by Soomi Park

LED eyelashes by Soomi Park

What exactly are LED eyelashes?

I asked myself that same question when I was forwarded the idea to write a blog on it. LED ( light emitting diode) eyelashes are pretty much artificial lashes that light up! Their purpose is to emphasize the eyes and make them appear bigger. They’re equipped with a sensor that allows you to turn the lights on or off simply by tilting your head and were created by an artist, Soomi Park from Seoul.

Photo shoot by Minsoo Kang Model by Soomi Park

Photo shoot by Minsoo Kang Model by Soomi Park

Personally I wouldn’t mind wearing some flashy lashes for Halloween or some kind of crazy dress up event. Daily wear? I don’t think so. Don’t get me wrong the design and idea behind them is great, it just seems a little too drastic for my taste. It would be cool to try on a pair of these lashes, do your daily routine and check out the reactions from people around you. I also watched a video on them and they looked very cute on the model, though i’m unsure how safe it is having those lights flashing so close to your eyes. See for yourself: httpvh://

I doubt an LED eyelash invasion will happen, but it’s always nice to be informed on different beauty inspired trends out there. Many women worldwide go to great extremes to correct flaws they see or emphasize beauty assets, so in reality who are we to judge what others perceive as beautification methods. Speak for yourself and post your response towards LED eyelashes!