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Homemade recipes for shiny hair

Check outĀ the following homemade recipes for beautiful shiny hair!

1. Olive oil recipe for dry hair

warm olive oil for 20-30 seconds in microwave or stove and distribute evenly throughout hair. Make sure to fully cover ends since they’re usually drier, and cover with plastic hair cap. Leave on for 20-25 minutes and rinse off. Use this recipe once a week for better results.

2. Avocado

Mash up half an avocado in a bowl and add 1/2 cup of warm olive oil. Apply to hair and use a comb to ensure full coverage. Leave avocado mask in hair for 20-25 minutes and rinse with cool water. Shampoo and condition hair as usual and enjoy your shiny hair!


3. Mayonnaise

Use 2-3 Tbsp. of mayonnaise ( depending on hair length) and apply evenly throughout hair. Cover hair with a plastic cap and leave mayo mask on for 25-30 minutes, shampoo and condition hair as normal.

4. Beer

After shampooing hair, pour one bottle of beer through hair and massage in. Rinse with cool water for sexy shiny hair!

5. Honey

Use equal parts of honey and warm olive oil and apply over hair. Cover with plastic cap and leave honey mixture on for 25-30 mins. Rinse with cool water and shampoo as usual.

Tips to make haircolor last longer

Newly colored hair always looks super shiny and perfect.
Wouldn’t it be great to keep the same intensity of the color without the fading?

how to keep hair from fading

Keep reading for a few things you can do and avoid, to help keep your color from fading as quickly.
Use these tips as a guide, don’t try anything on your hair you don’t feel prepared to do. Ask a friend or professional if necessary.

– Don’t shampoo daily. You can condition hair daily but shampoo can be too aggressive and strips color and shine off hair with daily use. Shampoo your hair 2-3 times a week.

– Use a hair treatment appropriate for your hair at least once a week to keep your hair moisturized and soft.

– Reds are the fastest to fade, and hard to remove when trying to go lighter.

– Use hair products that shield your hair when applying blow dryers, flat-irons, curling irons, and such tools. Avoid using them as often.

– Try color boosting shampoo and conditioners. Various drugstores offer different brands as well as salons and beauty supply stores.

– Avoid too much sun or beach/chlorinated water. It will cause faster fading and might stain your hair if it’s blonde.

– Buy a semi-permanent color or a toner that matches your shade at sallys beauty supply and apply just the color without any developer to your hair for 10-15 minutes and rinse with cool water. Applying just the colorĀ  will freshen up your shade in between salon visits.

Thanks for reading, hope these were helpful! Got any of your own?!

Your best haircut

Ever gone into a salon and left hating your new cut???

I’m sure it’s happened at least once in your life, and it’s not a very happy moment. Getting a haircut you’re satisfied with can be possible thru good communication. Your stylists’ definition of not too short is not the same as yours.

Bringing a picture of the style you want is also a good idea. Be very descriptive when getting a haircut to ensure you get what you paid for. Ask the stylist what cut would best suit your facial structure and one which you can maintain at home. Realistically you don’t want a cut which would take an hour to style if you don’t have the time. Ask friends or family if they recommend any salons.
Is your face round, oval, square or heart-shaped?

Round faces have a fuller frame and cheeks. Good haircuts are those which include layers below the ear to balance the roundness. Medium to long is a better choice than short since it will make your face look rounder.

Square faces, are the most common. They have very strong features with the same proportion at the forehead, cheeks and jaw line. Volume will subtle the jaw line and forehead. Layers in the top crown can help achieve this look. Short to medium length works better. Add some curls or waves for face to appear less squared.

Heart-shape is not too common, it’s wider at the forehead and narrow at the chin. Like a triangle. Short to long hair will look good on this shape. Add layers below the cheekbones or try a choppy look.

Oval is considered as “the perfect shape” since it’s symmetrical. Wider at the cheekbones with a narrow jaw line and chin. Many options are available for an oval shape. You can go from a short bob cut to long beachy waves. Add side swept bangs, or even try an edgier look

Once you figure out your possibilities and what style you’re comfortable with, talk to your stylist so you’re both on the same page. They can also help by suggesting tips or different options. These are just a few tips and suggestions, remember good communication with your stylist is key in achieving that perfect cut

Sports Illustrated Cover Model Marisa Miller at The Mirage, Las Vegas
photo credit: Alex E. Proimos