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The best remedy for dry hair

So you dye your hair to get a shade that makes you smile, but are you also ensuring to keep your hair healthy throughout the process? Yes, hair treatments at the salon, or purchased at a store can be expensive and time consuming; but if

Homemade pumpkin and cinnamon body scrub recipe

Homemade beauty recipes are always a fun idea on a rainy day. Not to mention, they also save you a few dollars on products you might already be using 🙂 This pumpkin and cinnamon body scrub will get you in a holiday mood with it’s yummy

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Easy Beauty Care Hacks

Check out this nice infographic featuring beauty hacks sent to us from Ogle Beauty School in Texas. They’ve put together a nice list of a few clever ways to save money and time by using things you may already have lying around your home like

5 quick homemade fixes for dry skin

Dry skin can become an issue around colder seasons, especially if you already have dry or combination skin. Just like your lips can get chapped from too much wind, it can have the same effect on your skin. If you notice skin flaking around your

How to do a hot oil manicure at home

Manicures are a relaxing beauty ritual done to keep nails clean and pretty. How about adding a skin-softening ingredient to make a plain manicure better, and simple enough to do right at home?! If you upkeep your nails, you probably go to the salon every week or

Conditioning homemade mask for dry/damaged hair

Hair can become damaged by many factors, including weather and heat overuse. Around summertime, it’s very easy for hair to become dry due to the sun, and pool or ocean water. Chlorine found in most pools is very damaging for both your skin and hair,