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The best nude lip tutorial

Nude lipstick and subtle makeup is by far one of my favorite looks. Mainly because it’s a neutral look, and also nude shades make your lips appear fuller. Another plus is nude lips can be worn year-round. There are a few lipsticks I have purchased,

Purple and bronze smokey eye makeup tutorial

Smokey eye shadow looks are a common love among most girls. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Beyonce and Kristen Stewart have been seen sporting different forms of smokey eye makeup looks. This look works great no matter what you complexion is. Here is a fun purple

Do-it-yourself Halloween costume ideas

Not everyone wants to spend $50+ on a costume that will most likely only be worn once this Halloween. Making your own costume, whether it be by matching pieces and accessories together or sewing an actual outfit, can save you a lot of money. It

Ombre lips tutorial

Ombre lips are a hot makeup trend in which a few shades are used to achieve a blended look with a color fading into a softer/darker shade. image credit One of my favorite ombre lips makeup artist is Loreleicakes, check out her instagram by clicking