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Conceal a tattoo with Dermablend

Tattoos are done to be displayed, but sometimes an event causes for a need to conceal them..

Dermablend leg and body concealer is said to provide better coverage than other concealers, and provides all day protection and hydration. There are various shades to choose from, but for a blended and natural look it’s a good tip to combine two or more shades to get a better match for your skin tone. They also have a tattoo primer which is the base when applying concealer. It’s outcome is said to provide natural coverage for up to 12 hours, and it’s smudge-proof.

So how good is this product exactly?!

The video below will show you how a group of makeup artists completely concealed Zombie boy’s full body tats. I’d say, pretty impressive!

Ever used dermablend to cover up your tattoos or scars? How did that work out? In your opinion is Dermablend the best, or have you tried a much better product for heavy concealing???

How to conceal acne with makeup video tutorial

A serious case of acne can be hard to deal with. There are many medications/treatments available to help it by consulting your dermatologist, but in the meantime check out this great tutorial.

I’m sure you would’ve never guessed that girl had such a problem with acne in the first few seconds of the tutorial. I like the fact that though much concealer is applied, the final result has a slightly airbrushed and natural look to it.

Pretty brave girl to expose her biggest insecurity on the web wouldn’t you say.. But a great tutorial to share with those who have the same problem. Share your thoughts below 🙂

10 best scary Halloween costume ideas for women

Halloween is quickly creeping up! Time for the perfect excuse to party in a coustume!

Many opt for cute and simple costumes, but if you want to try something scary this year here are ten great options. What’s your favorite thing about Halloween?! Mine is definitely putting up creepy decorations and pumpkins galore; another plus, one month closer to pumpkin pie! And of course, who doesn’t like going out and finding the perfect costume…

1. “Bloody Mary” this old-time legend, is a classic that still gives some people the creeps. It’s a very simple costume to achieve, but you can make it as gory as you’d like. Simply wear a white long and tattered dress, covered in blood. With the magic of makeup, add some scars and bruises to your face, and use fake blood to decorate your hair. If you really want to go all out, get some white or red contacts to get that evil stare effect. Check out this tutorial below for a great visual! Don’t forget to check out the bloody pumps to match your look below!

2. Wicked witch of the west- witches most often play the evil role, but there’s no witch more wicked than Wizard of Oz’s wicked witch with her evil flying monkeys and flying broom. Check out the costume below, and don’t forget to add tons of green face paint for the exact look.

3. Zombies. A classic horror-movie theme, the living dead. You definitely can’t go wrong with a zombie costume. The great thing about this one is it’s versatility, you can pretty much choose what to wear. Whether you want to wear jeans and a shirt or tattered sheets, even a ball gown! As long as your outfit is torn, stained with blood and dirt you’re good to go. Tease your hair and add some white clip-on extensions. Once again, makeup is your best accessory. Bruises, cuts, blood, and under-eye bags will make for a great looking zombie. Carry around a severed body part (Fake of course!) and you’re done. Or if you prefer buying a costume, check out the one below.

4. Dia de los muertos “Sugar Skull”- not necessiraly scary if you really consider the meaning behind sugar skulls, but I just love the way a well painted one looks. You need lots of white and black makeup to achieve this look, as well as some color. A great thing about this costume, is you can take it in many directions. Whether you want to add spiderwebs, flowers or keep it classic, it’s entirely up to you. Wear all black and watch these tutorials for great Sugar skull looks!

5. She-devil. This costume allows you to wear red horns and carry around a triton, that’s reason enough to be a devil right?! Wear a red robe, use dark makeup, tease and fuzz with your hair, and you must use red contacts to get the overall look. Or check out the She-devil mask below for a quick and cute costume on a budget!

6. Medusa. This mythological Greek monster was feared by many due to her power of turning you into a stone from a simple stare. Hair composed of snakes and doomed to a lonely life sounds like a pretty scary fate.

Another alternative to the Medusa look is creating your own. Check out this very crafty tutorial which shows you how to create your own serpent-like hair!

7. Elmira (Tiny Toons)- Sure she’s a cartoon character, but to all animals this girl is a nightmare. Suffocating all her pets with overbearing squeezes and tail pulling is her worst trait. As in the picture below, your costume will consist of a white skirt and teal top. Don’t forget the short red-haired wig and skull bow. Carry around a few stuffed animals with you, and cover each of their eyes with black masking tape in an X shape.


image credit

8. Vampire. Another classic that never grows old. This costume is sexy and sultry, depending on how you want to wear it. Black will definitely be your color when choosing this costume, accompanied by fangs, blood, and those creepy-looking white contacts. Or icy blue contacts for a resident evil style  night walker.

9.Classic costumes with a twist- Jason, Freddy and Chucky.All classic horror movies, now with costumes available for women! Choose from Miss Krueger, Miss Voorhees, or Miss Charles Lee Ray costumes below. Don’t forget your bladed glove, machete or axe!


10.Bride of Frankenstein- Can’t go wrong with a classic horror costume. There are costumes you can purchase, or you can go the do-it-yourself route and get inspired from the image below. You’ll need lots of white face paint, and hairspray!

image credit


Hope these costume ideas were helpful in achieving your scary look! If you are wearing a costume this year, what will it be?!


Retro glam fashion

Retro fashion is all about fun fitted clothes, pin curls and red lips!

image cedit

Retro inspired style is a classic look that still remains a fashionable trend. These vintage looks are all about feminine clothes and shoes. Fancy hair and natural yet dramatic makeup. Many online boutiques offer vintage inspired fashion, as well as shoes and accessories designed with this lovely era in mind. Check out My Vintage inspired Dresses post sponsored by Stop Staring Clothing!

Here are a few retro inspired clothes, shoes and accessories. A great thing about this style is that you can have fun with it and create outfits and looks revolving around your own personal style. This style allows you to use your personality and personal fashion sense to create unique and glamorous outfits and hairstyles.



These pumps will add a fun and flirty feel to an already feminine look. Stripes, neutrals and bold colors are all lovely options when creating a vintage inspired look.



For that classic vintage glam look, think strong eyebrows, long lashes, and red lips. Makeup should be natural looking with some contrast. Below is a tutorial which shows steps to a vintage inspired look.

The overall result is a soft yet dramatic look with the thick lash effect. Wear it with nude lips, pink or classic red. Pin-up inspired hair involves a lot of body,  pin curls, and a pompadour. This look is all about classic style and glamorous appeal. It’s a trend that will not fade as long as it keeps attracting the attention of fashion lovers all around.

What’s your favorite thing about classic vintage style?!

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DARE to try Sigmas new eyeshadow palette!

Learn how to do a summer sunset look  with Sigma Beauty’s new palette, “Dare”

Sigma beauty offers great and affordable makeup brushes, and are now offering great eyeshadows in various tones as well. They have three palettes: “Flare”, “Bare”, and “Dare”. Dare is a beautiful combination of neutrals including: yellow, gold, nude, and copper tones. This palette makes an excellent combination for creating day to night looks.


The Dare palette contains matte and satin finishes, and includes a dual-end brush. On one side you have a shader which is perfect for applying shadows precisely, and the other end is a tapered blending brush to help create sultry looks. The colors in this palette are pretty versatile and work well with most skin tones. It even includes a mirror, perfect for touch-ups or makeup on the go. Valued at $35, which is pretty standard for eyeshadow palettes, and now available at Sigma Beauty! This little palette is bound to be one of your favorites, the great looking pigmentation is also a definite plus!

Check out the tutorial below for a great summer sunset eyeshadow look, as well as many application tips! Have you tried Sigma’s palettes yet?!

Nude makeup tutorial

A great way to wear makeup and still look natural is by trying a nude look.

Nude makeup looks are all about your skin looking fresh and dewy, without looking like you’re even wearing any makeup. All you need is eyeliner, mascara, nude lipstick, and a highlighting blush that will give your skin a natural-looking glow. You don’t really need concealer or foundation unless you prefer them, or your skin has many blemishes.

This nude lipstick by Koh Gen Do applies smooth and soft on your lips. It protects your lips from getting dry, as it provides them with a natural sheen of color.

Shisheido offers a smooth eyeliner pencil with a sponge tip applicator on the other end, which is a great idea when you want to blend your liner a bit or smudge it when doing a more sultry look.

Urban Decay’s big fatty mascara creates full, long lashes. It’s infused with hemp oil to keep lashes moisturized and the extra large brush defines them without clumping. The final result is long, thick and glossy lashes which can easily be mistaken for falsies.

Blushes vary depending on your skin tone, but peachy shades can be very flattering and most tones. If you’re in the fair to medium range try MAC’s powder blush in “Gingerly” or “Coppertone” for the apples of your cheeks to get a glowing appearance. “Harmony” is great to contour, just be sure to blend both shades well to create a natural balanced look.

Get your cheeks glowing with MAC’s Surf Baby powder for a gold and dewy overspray.

This quick look doesn’t require much makeup and is perfect for when you want an awake, glowing face. You can also play up your eyes a bit more by applying a nice gold eyeshadow, or stick to a more simple approach. Check out the video below for a pretty tutorial on natural-looking makeup.

What’s your nude makeup look routine?!