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MDM Flow lipstick review and swatch

When lipsticks come in a cute and fancy package, it increases the chance they will get picked up. When they stain your lips in a nice shade, and are packaged in a fancy gold-bullet-like tube they are officially a must-have for all you beauty junkies. Behold the beautiful lipsticks (both inside and out) MDM Flow in a variety of pretty colors.

MDM flow is a cool brand of lipsticks that specializes in all shades ranging from a buff nude to a ravishing blue. I stumbled upon this little gem and decided to try out their “sweet escape” shade, which is a pretty little nude shade. Choosing the right nude, can be a tricky thing depending on your skin tone, but this shade seems to me that it would be pretty flattering on all. The texture is very creamy, and once applied looks great on your lips. Check out the pictures below for a swatch and what it looks once applied.

Overall, I am very much satisfied with my MDM flow stick. I love how it applies, how it looks, and it’s also not a bad thing that the gold tube looks good in your hand. If you have not yet tried these beauties, I would definitely recommend you do. If you have, what shade is your favorite?!

5 expensive eyeshadow palettes to consider splurging on

Let’s be honest, how many of you have piles upon piles of eyeshadows stored away?! Most of which are probably a few months, or even years old*. Maybe it’s something about the fact that there is still product in the makeup pods and palettes, which makes it hard for us to separate from our beloved shadows.

For this post, I looked at many shadow palettes in search for not only five of the most expensive eyeshadow palettes; but also five of the better recommended palettes. Because let’s face it, nobody wants to dish out a couple hundred dollars on makeup that isn’t the best.

This shadow palette comes with four neutral shades that are universally flattering. You can toss this little palette in your purse to create a day-to-night look. It’s nice having all the shades in one palette to do that.  You are definitely spending that 100+ dollars on this palette for the brand and luxurious packaging, but if you are looking to splurge Serge Lutens is said to be ” the genius of fragrance and legendary master of make-up”.

This little quartet of colors looks like your average palette, but you are actually paying more due to the fact the shadow blocks are strategically places to create an S. Regardless of that, it’s a good thing with these highly concentrated pigments, a little bit goes a long way. Once again, you have a nice array of neutral shades to create a nice look with contour and highlights to emphasize your eyes.

Ok, this is not much of a palette since there is only one shade; but the reason I included this sleek looking shadow, is because considering it is only one color $50 seems a little steep. This Sisley shadow is similar in the one above, as it is also rich in pigmentation and looks like a satiny-metallic shade. Most metallic colors are flattering for most skin tones, so you can definitely create various looks with this pricey little beauty.

Though this Armani palette might seem pricey, you also have to consider you getting a 2-in-1 with the face powder included within the compact. This palette is referred to as the mink eyeshadow trio, due to the colors resemble various fur shades. The texture is also soft and velvety, once again to match the feel of fur.

Have you ever spent $600 on a single piece of makeup?! Sounds crazy right, but if you are looking to splurge on a palette, this is definitely your go-to. Sephora makes very good quality makeup, so this kit will definitely be recommended by those who have tried it. It has 80 high-pigmented shadows which are literally all you will need to create a various array of looks. Though it looks crazy expensive, this is actually a pretty good buy if you are a huge makeup-jukie, or are in the makeup business. The reason behind this is, once you break dow the cost, you are paying about $7.50 per shadow which is relatively low considering other brands.


NYX Review

NYX the curve liquid eyeliner review

NYX designed this ergonomic beauty tool to make lining your eyes an easier task. I picked it up at Ulta to try it out, and was actually pretty impressed with the intense color and precision the felt tip pen delivered.



This liquid liner is a bit pricey for being a drugstore brand ($14.99). It says to be waterproof and quick drying. It does last me all day when applied, but does come off with water and face wash without having to viciously scrub your eyelids.

It applies easier than other liners I have used, so I see why it be a good liner for beginners or if you have a shaky hand when applying liquid liner. This liner is built for your hand to comfortably grasp it and use the felt tip to glide the liner over your eyelid for a close to perfect application.





Overall, I was pretty satisfied with my purchase. As mentioned, it is a bit pricey for being a drugstore brand; but the unique design and easier to use tip make it a recommended eyeliner. If you get shaky applying liner with those thin brush eyeliners, or are looking for an easy application tool- this is a good buy for you. Another pro about this liner is the intense jet black shade. It does seem to dry fairly quick, but you can go over it to make a straight line without the product looking cakey. A good tip if you have a hard time applying your liner in a straight line is to draw short lines over your lid, and then connect them.

Have you tried NYX’s the curve liner- How did you like it?

How to wear colored eyeliner

I’m sure you’ve seen those pretty teal and purple eyeliners, but have you ever wondered how to wear them? This post will teach you cute techniques on how to try out this colorful trend for yourself.


  • A nice way to wear colored eyeliners and add more intensity at the same time, is by layering over black liner. Check out step-by-step pictures below so you get a visual idea.

1. Start by applying black eyeliner over your top lid.


 2. Layer colored eyeliner over the black line on your top lid.


 3. Apply mascara, and if you’d like apply colored liner to the bottom lid as well.

teal and black eyeliner


  • Another thing you can try, is using two different colored eyeliners. In the pictures below I opted for blue and gold liners.

blue and gold eyeliners

  • If you want to add eyeshadow, try neutral colors so the main emphasis remains on the bright eyeliner. Nice eyeshadows which work well with most colors are gold, taupe, pearl and similar shades. Of course, if your going for a super bright look, pack on the color!


  • If you prefer black liner on your top lid, you can wear colored eyeliner on the bottom lid instead just like the picture below.




Regardless of how you choose to wear colored eyeliner, don’t forget to coat your lashes with mascara. To intensify the look, add false lashes. This pretty trend can be worn many ways as this post shows, and it’s a fun and easy way to add some color to your look.

Maybelline color tattoo eyeshadow review

The perfect eyeshadow would stay on all day, without creasing and look just as vibrant at the end of the day as it looked in the morning. Maybelline decided to make this a reality with their color tattoo eyeshadow line by Eyestudio. Let’s put them to the test and see just how permanent this eyeshadow is…

Nothing is more permanent than a tattoo, which makes the name a perfect fit for an eyeshadow promising color that stays put all-day. The colors look vibrant, and each pot of eyeshadow costs about $6 at Target. Pretty good price, but does the tattoo shadow deliver as promised?! Keep reading and see how it worked for me.

Maybelline “bold gold” tattoo eyeshadow review

I purchased the color tattoo eyeshadow in “bold gold”  because I was looking for a neutral shade, and am a sucker for a pretty gold shadow. It looked very vibrant and shimmery in the pot, and applied so smoothly accross my eyelid. The color was very pigmented and stayed on all day with no primer applied!  The texture was silky so applying it with fingertips was much easier, and looked better than using a brush. As you can see below, the eyeshadow pot is a pretty generous size and it flaunts 24 hour wear.

Take a look at how the eyeshadow looks when applied in the pictures below. Glitter and gold galore!

The eyeshadow looks so pretty worn alone and lined with liner, great for a quick daytime look. As already mentioned, application of the product is super smooth. The shadow looks silky-smooth in the container, and when you touch/apply it the texture is exactly the same. At first I was not too happy about the shadow being creamy since there’s a greater chance for creasing, but color tattoo proved me wrong 🙂

Worn all day and did not crease, or fade. The pigmentation is great in these shadows, and considering the pot is a pretty big size it is priced very reasonably. If you have been wanting to try out these eyeshadows, I definitely recommend them. If you are unsure of which color to buy, get “bold gold”. It’s a gorgeous color and works well with all skin tones!



Already tried Maybelline color tattoo eyeshadows by Eyestudio? Which color was your favorite?!