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How to do a manicure at home

Here are simple steps and materials needed for a perfect at home manicure. Do it yourself, save time and money!

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-nail polish remover

-nail bowl soak

-cuticle oil

-cuticle pusher

-nail clipper

-emery board

-orangewood sticks

-hand cream


-2 small towels

-base coat

-nail polish

-top coat

A few affordable and quality products, bright shades, and pre-cut and colored nail prints 🙂


How to:

  • Prepare all your tools, place them on a clean area, and pour warm water with a drop of antibacterial soap in the bowl or a container big enough to fit your hand.
  • Use  cotton and polish remover to remove any polish on your nails. Cut your nails down to desired length, and file them to the shape you’d like.

Pro-Tip: Short nails look great in dark colors, longer nails look classier  in soft shades or a French style mani.

  • Place one hand in the warm water and let soak for a couple minutes.
  • Take wet hand out and pat dry with the towel. Soak a bit of cotton in cuticle oil and wrap it around one end of an orangewood stick, use the cotton to distribute oil around your cuticles. Use the cuticle pusher to gently push cuticles down. Use the orangewood stick with the oil-soaked cotton around it to clean under your nails edge.

Pro-Tip: Never, never, ever, cut or allow your cuticles to be cut. This is the easiest way to expose your cuticles to bacteria, infections or a stinging cut. Plus, once you cut your cuticles they will grow back and need to be trimmed too often. Push them down with the pusher instead.

  • Soak the other hand, and repeat the previous step.
  • Use a moisturizing (non-greasy) hand lotion to gently massage your hand and arm all the way to your elbow. Use your index finger and thumb in circular motions to massage your hands, fingers, and up your arm.

Pro-tip: For a warm and soothing massage warm up the lotion for a few seconds, before using it to massage.

  • Repeat the previous step on the other hand and arm.  Use a warm towel to dry off your hands and remove any excess oil.
  • Starting on one hand, use base coat on your nails and let dry. Repeat on opposite hand.
  • Apply your favorite shade of color, 2-3 coats depending on the intensity and let it dry. Repeat on opposite hand.
  • Seal and protect the color with a clear top coat, let dry, and repeat on opposite hand.
  • Once nails have fully dried apply a small amount of cuticle oil around cuticles, and use a moisturizing hand lotion for silky skin.

Enjoy your lovely salon-like manicure right at home, minus the price and tip!

Perfect pedicure at home

Pedicures can leave tired, worn down feet feeling soft, and fresh. Your feet carry your body weight during the day sometimes enduring painful shoes or conditions. The following recipe is super easy and takes about 15-30 minutes, depending on the length of time you prefer on your foot massage.Keep reading for a soothing pedicure in 3 easy to follow steps.

The following is a list of items needed to achieve a soothing pedicure.
-2 plastic rectangular containers/ foot spa
-sea salt
-lavender or rosemary oil (optional)
-one lemon
-massage stones (optional)
-foot scrub
-antibacterial moisturizing soap
-pumice stone
-4 small towels
-toenail clipper
-toenail file
-cuticle pusher
-orangewood stick
-nail polish remover
-cuticle oil
-massage lotion
-foot lotion
-nail polish
-base & top coat
-small bag for trash

Step 1.

Fill plastic containers up with warm water and stir in 2-3 tbsp. of sea salt and oils in each one. Squeeze half a lemon into each container.Soak two towels in hot (not scalding you don’t want to burn yourself) water, wring out excess water, and roll them up so they are ready when needed. Remove any nail polish, sit down in a comfortable area and place both feet in containers. Let your feet soak for 2-5 minutes.

*Pro-Tip: If you’re using plastic containers instead of a foot spa, keep warm water or a sink near to keep the water clean each time you dip your feet back in.
Step 2

Use soap and foot scrub to cleanse feet and remove dead skin. Take one foot out of the containers and use one of the warm towels to dry and massage foot. Place towel on floor and use it to prevent your foot from touching the floor. Cut toenails to desired length and use a file to shape evenly. use cuticle oil and around cuticles and the cuticle pusher to push down growing cuticles. Wrap a bit of cotton around an orangewood stick and use it to remove dirt or debris around toenail and under free edge. Use pumice stone to smooth down rough feet. Rub massage lotion between palms of your hands and rub over foot. Use knuckles and palms to massage arch and bottom of foot. Add more lotion if needed and massage toes with fingertips and gently tug at each toe in circular motions. Keep massaging foot, ankle and calf as long as you’d like. Throw away garbage in bag and empty old water to replace with new. Place massage stones at bottom of container and add oil for a soothing soak.

*Pro-Tip: Avoid using a cuticle cutter to prevent cuts, infections or inflammation.
Step 3

Repeat step 2 on opposite foot. Once complete take the first foot out of the water and use a dry towel to fully dry foot. Take your favorite moisturizing foot lotion, rub a quarter size amount between palms and massage over dry foot. Use base coat, your favorite color of nail polish, seal it with a top coat. Repeat process on opposite foot, sit back and relax till they dry:)

*Pro-Tip: Always using a base coat is a good idea. It prevents polish from staining natural nails, and top coat protects the color and helps delay chipping. Make sure to clean all tools & foot spa/containers after use.

DIY banana pedicure

Pedicures are a relaxing and soothing treat for tired feet.

After long hours of standing, walking, or running on them a nice pedicure is very much worth it. Rather than driving to a shop and paying for one, do a simple yet rewarding one at home.

At Home Banana Pedicure Recipe.

This pedicure uses a banana instead of a massage oil, which will help whiten, remove impurities, and relax your feet . All you need is the following items; toenail clipper, cuticle pusher, nail file, lotion, cuticle oil, plastic container (large enough to fit feet), one banana, water, rose petals (or your favorite oil to infuse water), 2 small towels, scrub.
Start with clean dry feet.

Beging by filling up plastic container with warm water and add a few drops of your favorite oil or drop in a few rose petals.
Let your feet soak in the water before cutting down toenails to desired length. After cutting toenails, take the file and shape nail to a natural-looking round shape. Keep one foot in the water while your working on the other and vise versa.
Once you’ve trimmed and filed your toenails take the cuticle oil and apply it on one foot cuticles and let the other soak in the water. With the cuticle pusher gently push excess cuticle down and away from your nail. Switch the foot you worked on with the one that was soaking and repeat the procedure.

My Toes
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Let feet sit in water and relax for about a minute.
Take the banana and smash it up to make a thick paste. Grab the small towel, run hot water over it and fold it up into a square. Take one foot out of the container and apply the banana paste as you massage your foot in a circular motion. Work your way from your foot up towards your calf. Massage foot with banana paste for 3-4 minutes. Use a scrub to soften calluses or other dry areas on your foot.Take the warm towel and use it to remove banana paste from your foot and leg, do the same procedure on the other foot.
Place feet back in water and let sit for about a minute.
Take one foot out and use your favorite lotion to massage over foot and leg. Place foot over a warm towel and do the same on your other foot. Once done take the towel and dry off both feet.
This is the time to apply your favorite polish on your toes otherwise sit and relax! Hope you enjoyed this soothing banana pedicure.

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Creative Commons License photo credit: db*photography