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Nu Brilliance wrinkle reducer review

My new favorite wrinkle reducer= Nu Brilliance

I’m 35 and it seems that gravity becomes the enemy in your thirties and leaves its tracks all over your face! After having a baby, I decided that I’m not going down without a fight and needles are not an option. I’ve been told time and time again that regular microdermabrasion is the only way to rejuvinate skin and keep it from aging. The problem with that is that microderm ain’t cheap! So, I caught a Nu Brilliance infomercial late one night and was hooked. I’m NOT a sucker for ALL products, but if I find myself watching an infomercial for more than 10 minutes, then it must be worth trying.

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After a record 20 minutes of watching amazing results from Nu Brilliance, I decided to give it a try. With a money back guarantee, how could I go wrong? I placed the order and received my package about a week later. It was so easy to get started and the Nu Brilliance kit comes with moisturizing cream and collagen booster that really seemed to work. It also comes with dozens of filters and three different types of diamond heads, depending on what body parts you are working on. I’ve been using Nu Brilliance for about a month and it truly has worked for me. My skin is smoother and even has a dewy look to it now. I have to give it to Nu Brilliance, they have me hooked and I highly recommend giving this beauty product a try!


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Natural ways to look 10 years younger

Looking young is a dream shared by most.  Aging worsens the appearance by roughening the skin, changing the texture of hair, and causing physical deterioration. Reversing the process of aging and maintaining skin fresh and glowing requires high quality skin care products and a nutritious diet. Here are some good tips to reverse the process of aging!


  • Sun Exposure – Keep it limited. Sun is good for skin as it provides vitamin D, but too much exposure is very dangerous since it can cause premature wrinkles and cancer. Avoid directly facing the sun to prevent face exposure. Skin cancer is very common in people who spend a great amount of time in direct exposure to the sun.


  • Sunscreen-  For longer exposure to sunlight, you need to use sunscreen on your face and other exposed areas. For lighter skin, sunscreen with a high SPF is better. You can also try oil free sun block which is less thick and not as greasy, they are also available in spray or dry forms. Sunblock helps by maintaining skin cells healthy and moisturized.

  • Water Consumption- Drinking plenty of water is good for keeping the body hydrated especially in warmer weather, and when your body needs replenishing water that is lost through perspiration. It also works in treating headaches and constipation that result from dehydration. It’s advisable to drink 6-8 glasses of water every day to keep your skin shining and wrinkle-free.

  • Moisturizing- Moisturizing is not just the need of women, but of men as well. The same moisturizer can be shared, but moisturizers especially for men are available. Moisturizers can be applied to your skin at night before going to bed and in the morning. They help in removing fine lines and preventing further wrinkles. Be sure to wash your face with soap and water before moisturizing, which helps in removing impurities from the skin.


  • Exfoliation- This is a very important step. Using a scrub three times a week helps in getting rid of wrinkles. Removing dead skin will give you a new, young, and healthy look. Exfoliation is essential for bringing new cells at the upper layer while scrubbing away the old ones.

  • Nutrition- Your diet matters a  lot. For healthier skin avoid food that is rich in sugar, refined wheat, sodium and fat. Do not skip breakfast and include vegetables in your routine diet. Vegetables should be a frequent part of your daily meals, even as juices or fresh veggie smoothies.

Your skin will look younger and healthier by bringing changes to your diet and lifestyle. Following the natural skin care advice mentioned above, will reverse the skin age by ten years.
It is your turn to think and start working on your personal skin care regime. Your skins’ appearance is a reflection of your inner health, so take great care of both!.

Author Bio:
I am an expert content writer having professional background of writing on critical health issues. Currently, I have rendered my services to NSI. NSI deals in hormone replacement therapy to bring hormonal balance among hormone deficient patients. HGH (Human Growth Hormone) and low testosterone treatments are the focus of our all procedures. NSI aims at making, both men and women “Young for longer years” with healthy mind and body.
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Do facial exercises really work?

Here is the theory – facial muscles are attached to the skin that covers them. As
the muscles are exercised, they become more toned, pushing out the wrinkles,
producing a rounder, firmer face.

In fact, there are several theories:

As muscles are tensed during exercise, they relax afterwards, producing a smoother
overall look to the face.

During exercise, blood is pumped closer to the surface of the skin; this improves
tissue oxygenation which maintains elastin. Elastin is a protein that allows the
tissues to resume their natural shape after stretching or contracting.

So it follows that post exercise, the tissues beneath the skin will form a more
naturally formed and healthy constitution.

During exercise, fluid is pumped into the tissue beneath the surface of the skin,
plumping out fine lines and wrinkles.

Victoria Beckham and Gwyneth Paltrow are reported to be exponents of “facial yoga,”
the stars’ term for facial exercises. They carry out these unusual exercises on a
daily basis.

So what are facial exercises?

Facial exercises are activities to exercise certain facial muscles to enhance their
strength and rigidity. They focus on different areas of the face, such as the eye,
the labial fold area (at the side of the nose) and the cheeks.

Results are said to improve the sagginess of the skin on the cheeks, jowls and neck
area, while smoothing out lines and wrinkles around the mouth, eyes, forehead and

This is not an instant fix; it’s more a long-term approach to work in progress. The
theory suggests that the more exercises you do and the longer you keep them up, the
more you stand to benefit from them.

Does it work?

Dr. Murad Alam, the chief of cutaneous and aesthetic surgery at Northwestern’s
Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago and Fellow of the American Academy of
Dermatology, states that there is no official medical research into the field of
facial exercise.

His philosophy is that a healthy complexion is a reflection of total wellness both
inside and out, including lifestyle choices, intake of proper nutrients and the use
of respected skin care products.

We should be mindful of the fact that the signs of aging are caused by numerous
factors that none of us can escape from, such as:

  • Sun damage
  • Depletion in collagen
  • DNA
  • Lifestyle choices
  • Environment
  • Diet
  • General health and exposure to diseases

Therefore, it’s plain to see that staying younger is not as simple as carrying out
a few eye squints and cheeky grins everyday. And while there is anecdotal evidence
supporting the theories above, the point is that it is anecdotal, i.e., it is not
scientifically proven.

So, beware of companies trying to charge you for DVDs and videos showing you how to
conduct your exercises. What’s more, if you constantly crease up your face to
practice your exercises in the wrong way, there’s a chance that they may increase
the incidence of wrinkles.

The aging process is inevitable. How rapidly it progresses is within your control to
some extent, depending on the factors mentioned above. Without a doubt, there are
far more tried and tested choices you can make that will bring about proven benefits
to your appearance and overall health, such as increasing your water intake, eating
a balanced diet in moderation and leading an active lifestyle. Ultimately, it is
down to the individual to decide which of those choices is most suitable for them.

About the Author:
Victoria Strander writes about the latest trends on enhancing and
preserving beauty on her blog Topics such as ?Rhinoplasty – Nose Surgery? is one of the many she writes about.

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Dry Skin fixes

Ever wonder how to get rid of the dry and chapped skin you get, especially around winter time?

Dry skin happens for various reasons including genetics, diet, vitamin deficiencies, skin conditions and most often environmental factors.

Around winter, temperatures drop, the air is dryer, and winds are harsh. All these factors can irritate your skin making it dry and sometimes peel or even crack.


Here’s a few things you can do to prevent and treat dry skin.

This ones hard to avoid but even cutting down helps.

Tap water has many chemicals that can be tough on your skin. try limiting the amount of times you use tap water esecially on your face. Also remember to use lukewarm water rather than hot since hot water takes moisture from your skin.
moisturize daily!

Normal everyday activities and weather conditions affect skins natural moisture level so it’s very important to replenish lost moisture. look for creamy but light moisturizers so they won’t leave your skin looking greasy. one of my favorite body lotions is Vaseline Intensive Care Cocoa Butter Deep Conditioning Body Lotion ($7.99 local drugstores).
Use creamy bodywashes rather than using a bar soap since they can strip your skin of natural oils and dry it out.

There’s a vast amount of body washes promising to leave skin silky but everybody is different so it’s a good idea to test out different ones and see which one quenches your skin better. I prefer bodywashes that are infused with oils and have Shea butter, aloe vera or other natural moisture enhancing ingredients.
Exfoliate to remove dead cells and flaky skin.

Limit exfoliation to twice a week maximum, or once weekly or bi-weekly depending on how sensitive your skin is. over doing it can cause skin irritation and dryness.
Take vitamins.

They help maintain your body from the inside out. Omega 3 fish oil pills (sounds bad, it’s not) are excellent for dry skin.
Don’t forget about your lips, hands and feet.

Use lip balm to prevent chapped lips. One that works for me is Burt’s Bees Lip Balm ($4.99 local drugstores) or for very chapped lips try Carmex tube ($1.69 local drugstores). Avoid licking your lips and don’t over do it with the lip balm since too much can make chapped lips worse. to keep hands soft use a hand salve. try Kiehl’s Ultimate Strength Hand Salve ($12.50 at A good fix for very dry hands/ feet is to apply a thick lotion or Vaseline before going to bed and wear gloves/socks so moisture is sealed in.

your curl
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Here’s an all natural homemade facial recipe for extra dry skin.

It’s used as a mask and recommended once a week to help heal dry skin.
you’ll need:

  • 1 egg
  • 1 tsp. of honey
  • 1 tsp. of olive oil

application: mix ingredients and apply over face. leave on for about 15 mins remove with lukewarm water.
Try it out and let me know what you think! or share any recipes or tips you have to battle crocodile skin around the holidays!

Crocodile Hunter
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How to prevent and treat bacne

Bacne or Backne is acne that appears on your back, this post is about how to prevent it and get rid of it if you already have it.

Most often bacne happens because of a moist environment, that’s why showering after vigorous activity is a daily ritual you must do to heal and prevent it. Here are a few steps you can follow to get rid of bacne and make sure it doesn’t return.

get rid of bacne

get rid of bacne

-make it a daily habit to wash your back with soap and water to prevent new bacne.
-use a bodywash specially formulated for acne. Some are gentle enough to be used daily.

Here’s a couple ones I like, Neutrogena Body Clear Body Wash, Pink Grapefruit ($7.99 at drugstores) , Phisoderm Anti-Blemish Body Wash($17.99 pack of three

– Perspiration is the perfect aid in bacne showing up, battle it by showering after any physical activity.
-exfoliate with an abrasive sponge or loofah once a week to get rid of any dead layers of skin or dirt/ bacteria within your pores.
-if you have a severe case of bacne consult your dermatologist to get a prescription with benzoyl peroxide in it.

-don’t pick or pop zits as this will cause the spread of bacne causing bacteria and sometimes scarring.
-avoid eating too much grease since the oil attracts germ causing bacteria to infect your pores and cause acne.
-moisturize with an oil-free lotion such as Clean & Clear Oil-Free Dual Action Moisturizer ($6.49 at drugstores).
There’s a few tips to follow and products you can purchase. You can test various products and see which work best for you.

Two homemade recipes to clear up bacne naturally.

Just a couple natural options you can try and see which work best!

complementary colors
photo credit: ms.Tea

Squeeze one grapefruit into a bowl with 1 1/2 cups of white sugar and 1/2 cup of coarse sea salt.

Massage into the affected areas, then pat dry.

Use this as a scrub once a week to get rid of acne-causing bacteria.

21/365 if you think that a kiss is all in the lips
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Squeeze 1 teaspoon of lemon juice in a bowl. Use cotton or a q-tip to soak up some juice and apply it over the affected area.Leave on over night and rinse in the morning. If you feel the lemon solution is too strong dilute it with water or leave it on for ten minutes rather than overnight.
There’s no excuses now, all you have to do is remember the number one rule; good hygiene will keep bacne at bay.

Great skin forever

Regardless of age all women should protect their skin daily.

Our skin is one of the most sensitive parts of our body and certain damage from smoking, the sun and other free radicals in the air can suck your skins vitality and leave it totally parched.

Even if your skin looks perfectly smooth and radiant you should NOT forget to pamper it and protect it.


Damage caused to your skin goes deep beyond the eye can see.

Let’s start with the obvious culprit;  the sun.

photo credit: Kelly Sue

Beautiful, warm sunny days at the beach are popular to many of us. I’m sure most if not all of you know SPF is a must for a day at the beach, but it’s actually recommended to use it daily. All 365 days. Even if the suns rays are subtle they can still cause damage to your skin.

There’s even moisturizers with SPF already in them a couple of my favorites are; clinique superdefense SPF 25 age defense moisturizer ($42.50 and Aveeno Active Naturals Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer, SPF 30 ($17.99 available at drugstores).

Excessive smoking and drinking will also affect your skin.

( not to mention the rest of your organs). So if you make a habit of boozing and smoking, STOP!!!

Portrait #119 - Périne/Mallory - Friendly smoking -
photo credit: Valentin.Ottone

Smoking and drinking constricts blood vessels which affects your blood and oxygen flow. It also makes skin loose it’s elasticity and will make it look dry and dull, and will cause premature wrinkles to appear. You’ve been warned!

Avoid eating processed and sugary / salty foods.

They don’t just bloat you but they also break down collagen which is vital to prevent saggy skin.

french fries
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Ditch those foods for antioxidant-rich foods I.e. Nuts, berries, veggies.

Excercise daily!

Paris - Luxembourg park Corredora
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This will knock out two at once, 1.prevent stress 2. Prevent wrinkles.

Working out regularly will help you feel better inside and out, and help keep skin firm and glowing.


Reverse Osmosis & Tangled Hair
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Drinking the recommended amount of water ( which varies depending on weight, physical activity and surroundings..) will keep your skin healthy and seriously help stop the aging process. Water flushes out all your toxins and keeps you hydrated.

Hydrated skin is healthy skin.

Get your recommended beauty sleep.

Sleeping beauty
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Sleep helps your body recharge as well as prevent any illnesses. Maintaining a constant sleep pattern will help your skin looking healthy inside and fresh on the surface.

There you go, six tips to follow for beautiful healthy skin.

Follow these rules daily and you will love the results, and remember in order to be beautiful on the outside you must start from within.