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5 peplum dresses you must own

Peplum dresses are one of my favorite trends. You can easily spot a peplum dress or top per the ruffled or pleated strip of fabric attached around the waistline.  This makes for a pretty dress that accentuates and cinches your waist. These dresses can be found in

Polka dot pumps and shoes

Polka dots are a fun pattern found on many fashion pieces. They seem to remind me of classic vintage looks like the images below. image credit image credit image credit image credit Though not eveyone is into polka dots, I love clothing and shoes in this

Colorblock me!

It’s a rainy day today, so i figured why not play with color to brighten the mood! Colorblocking is a very attention demanding style. It must be worn proud, as this is a definite loud trend. I played with a few colors below to create

Dresses to wear to a wedding

Ever been invited to a wedding but been unsure what to wear… Then you have come to the right place! This list includes dresses adequate for a wedding in any season. Styles vary from short, long, halter, strapless and an array of colors. Feel free

Fashion by Jessica Simpson

“Ambery” boot Adds much height with a platform, and very simple to match with colors and neutrals. “Ray” bootie Nice grey and black detail, and ultra sultry with the open-toe style. Floral Tunic dress Includes a black belt for a cinched waist to match the

Glitz and glam

Add some glitz and glamour to any outfit with a burst of GLITTER!! This outfit shimmers and is perfect for any special occasion. Try the gold glitter pump for a more muted look, or play with metallic shades and mix and match! Regardless your choice, you’ll definitely dazzle