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10 cardigans under $20

While the weather is still warm, it’s a good idea to shop for coats and sweaters as you can find better deals than shopping around colder seasons. Cardigans are great for layering, and some are made of sheer material which come in handy when a

10 swimsuits on sale

Swimsuit season is here!! Whether you’re going to the beach or to lounge by the pool, here are ten beautiful swimsuits at a great deal. What’s your swimwear style?! Bikini, one-piece or monokini?  This coral beauty below is originally $200 and currently on sale for $49.95!

Wardrobe makeover-10 must own pieces

Look like you have an endless wardrobe, by shopping for versatile pieces! Putting together outfits doesn’t have to be a long and tedious routine. Especially when you fill your wardrobe with pieces that can be used to create more than one outfit. For instance, you have

What to wear to an interview

Prior to an interview, it’s common to feel nervous about the outcome and the interview itself. An interview is pretty much the first encounter your potential employer has with you, be sure to portray an appropriate image by dressing for success. image credit Though your

How to create different outfits with one piece

Every woman will go through this scenario at least once in their life, regardless the size of their closet… You don’t necessarily have to own a wardrobe as big as a celebrity’s to have tons of outfits. Splurge on a piece that’s timeless and that