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Friday the 13th fashion

Let’s celebrate Friday the 13th with some matching fashion!

For many who are superstitious, today is considered a very unlucky day. Many people truly have a phobia with this date. There’s a few theories of the origins of this superstition leading back to ancient myths. In truth, when I think of Friday the 13th all I see is Jason raising mayhem with his machete in the classic movies. So why not share a couple Friday the 13th inspired fashion bits?!

Bloody pump

This blood splattered pump screams for attention. If you get these shocking heels, don’t be surprised if you’re constantly warned ” Miss is that blood on your shoes?!”

Guns ‘n posies

This necklace is pretty edgy with those fashionable pistols. A couple of posies add a bit of femininity to this piece.

Loveskull sweater dress

This vintage inspired sweater is made from a soft cashmere blend. The sparkling skull breaks up the feminine feel of this piece.

Decayed skull ring

This ring has an antique-looking feel to it. Looks pretty creepy having a decaying skull wrapped around your finger, don’t you think….

Goth Hello Kitty

This pretty kitty ring was designed by Tarina Tarantino, a fashion designer who blends Victorian elegance with contemporary colors and modern shapes. Kitty has gone goth.

Dagger necklace

Though it’s still a dagger hanging around your neck, this piece actually looks pretty distinct with the earthy yellow gold and crystal accents.

Another bloody pump

Though this one looks a bit more subtle with the black are red colors. Not as splotchy, or as bloody.

I chose 7 lucky fashion pieces inspired by Friday the 13th.

Are you superstitious when it comes to this day? Share your thoughts on this superstition/ phobia and the fashion pieces below!

Jewelry trends for winter

Winter is a time for changing trends in fashion and in style!

When we usher in the cooler weather in autumn, we welcome the return of our sweaters, jackets and heavy boots.  Cold weather always means warmer clothes, lots of layers, hats, gloves and scarves.  All of this layering means that jewelry — so obvious in the summertime — is buried beneath swaths and swaths of fabric. For the jewelry lovers out there, winter can be a very frustrating time.  It seems like there’s no chance to show off the beautiful gems and baubles that you’ve acquired.  As annoying as this can often be, it’s important to remember that being stylish in the winter means something very different than being stylish in summer ,and  the rules that govern jewelry wearing in the warmer months change significantly in the wintertime. The most important trend to adhere to in the wintertime is chic minimalism.  The heavy layers we all wear can already make a look very chaotic, and too many accessories make everything into a jumbled mess.

Precious pieces

Winter jewelry trends tend to be toward smaller, brighter and more precious pieces. Pendants on a long chain, delicate gold rings and other smaller pieces are perfect for the colder season of the year.  Resist the urge to don big statement jewelry like bib necklaces, chunky bracelets, bangles and big chandelier earrings. These pieces look awkward and overdone when set against so many layers and various fabrics.  You should select pieces that complement, rather than fight against the clothing that you’re wearing.

Less is more

If you are a devout jewelry wearer, however, there is no rule that can sway you to believe that less is more.  If you truly believe that more is more when it comes to jewelry, the best thing for you to do is to layer these simple pieces over one another to create an eclectic look that will be statement-making without looking awkward or too clunky or too heavy. The best thing to do with winter looks in this case, is to make them monochromatic-basic black or gray should suffice.

Gold is glam

Gold is a popular winter jewelry trend. Silver is light and clean but there is something about gold during the colder months that just warms a look right up.  Gold chains, delicate gold rings or even gold hoop earrings are all safe bets for wintertime jewelry trends.  Another trend that has shown on lots of runways and is gaining popularity is jewelry made with knotted fabric and other fibrous materials.  These, too, like layered pieces must be paired with simple, elegant clothing so as not to overwhelm the outfit and create a discordant look.

Be bejeweled

Another jewelry trend for winters is gems in deep jewel tones.  Sapphire, topaz, emerald, amethyst and ruby colored stones are all more than appropriate for the season especially when worn in bundles.  A wealth of shiny deep colored gems may well be the only exception to the less-is-more dictum of winter jewelry. For some reason bushels of gems look festive, warming and chic against the dark colors that categorize so many people’s winter wardrobes.

Brooch it up

Another fun and trendy piece of jewelry for the wintertime is a brooch.  Affixing a brooch to a scarf or the lapel of a coat is a fun and retro way of delicately and subtly dressing up your winter look. Shopping for brooches is easy because so many vintage stores and consignment boutiques have such a large supply of them. Buying a brooch with a little sparkle or a little shine means that you can dress up a variety of basics each day, and manage to make the most basic outfit somehow special and unique.

What are your favorite winter jewelry trends? Let us know in the comments!

Bio: Vera Mosley is a freelance writer for an Aqua Master Watch company.  When she is not writing or blogging about the latest fashions, she loves to travel the world. Follow her on Twitter @Vmosely.

Ready for New Years 2011?!

Check out the following post for three very cute outfits for you to celebrate in, ring in the New Year with style!!

1. All dressed up

Doll yourself up and be a lady in red this new years, in some cultures red is worn to attract good luck!

Red dress by Bebe & black pumps by Charles Jourdan. Jewelry by Juicy Couture.

2. All that glitters..

These tops and accessories are definitely eye-catching!

Silver & gold top by Arden B., black cardigan by All saints, turquoise stone ring by Swell, black rhinestone heart by Black diamond, & bow ring by Topshop, grey & black suede pumps by L.A.M.B.

3. Cute & Comfy

Celebrating at home?? A nice sweater and cute boots are a great option when you’re all about comfort.

Blue cardigan by Express, sweater boots by Miss me, black ankle boots by Gianni Binni, slouchy over-the-knee boots by Arden B.

Have a safe and happy new years everyone!

6 great holiday outfits

This silver/black tweed dress has the perfect amount of shimmer and is a great option for a dressy holiday party.

Accessorize a plain outfit with a nice scarf..

A red piece can’t go unnoticed! This coat is a perfect addition to your holiday wardrobe.

If you prefer sticking to neutrals, choose a cardigan with a nice design like the one below. A bit of shimmer adds to the holiday cheer!

This adorable blue sweater will brighten up any outfit!

Stay warm in a frosty white coat:)