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Shoedazzle review

Even with a closet full of shoes, who can resist adding another dazzlin pair to their collection ūüėČ

My husband obviously knows me well. He understands just as he needs room for all his computers and gadgets, i need enough space to satisfy my ever-growing shoe collection. He was sweet enough to customize a closet just for my shoes, which needs to expand at the pace I’m going. For Christmas he decided to dazzle me with another addition to my collection, and gave me a gift card so I may choose my first pair of shoes at Shoedazzle. Check out my experience with this online shoe-shopping website which has become an online¬†phenomenon.

Getting started

Shoedazzle is pretty much a shoe club, which allows you to select and purchase a new pair every month for $39.95. If you stop by their site, you’ll realize you can’t actually access their stuff unless you set up an account with them. Luckily, this process is pretty brief. In order for their stylists to recommend shoes which best suit you, you have to complete a short quiz.¬†Which includes your favorite celebrity’s fashion sense, heel style and such relevant questions. This step was kind of useless for me as I found most of the answers not suitable for my style, but you do have the option to leave certain questions blank. When you are done, a showroom is set up for you with personal recommendations by the Shoedazzle stylists which include: Kim Kardashian, Merika Rock, Mal Pearson, Melis Kuris, Heather Zweigel, Anya Sarre, and Provi Fulp. How cool would it be to have one of these ladies jobs as a shoe stylist?!

Time to shop!

Once you complete the above mentioned process, the fun begins! You can now browse all their shoes and accessories. The first time around I really didn’t see a pair that caught my eye. I saw a couple which definitely looked cute, but decided on holding off after the holidays to see new products the following month. That is another pretty cool thing about Shoedazzle, every month new styles are added and you do have the option to skip a month’s purchase if you’d like. They recently updated their service and scratched out the whole skip a month option, nothing will be charged on your account until you choose and make a purchase.

They do send you email updates when new shoes are added or any relevant news they might have. Which is how i came across a pair of wedges which made the cut! The ciji wedge in nude (pictured below) arrived at my home in approximately a week. If you read previous articles, you’ll know i love a good nude heel (or nail polish, or ¬†makeup look or dress!) I already have a couple nude heels, which is why I was excited to add a pair of wedges. Per the email their Ciji wedges had previously been feautured at Shoedazzle, and brought back by popular demand. Lucky me!

My Ciji wedges arrived in a pretty pink box, with a pink drawstring pouch for travel storage. I tried them on, and was glad that they looked even better in person! I already had a bunch of outfits planned out in my head which would look great with my wedges. Overall, client satisfaction was accomplished. Which in the end, should be what all businesses hope for.

*My doggie decided to make a guest appearance in a few of the pictures!

What next…

Since i purchased my first pair with a gift card, technically i won’t be charged for another month until I decide to update my billing information.¬†Though you are allowed to skip a month, as long as you click the option in your showroom prior to the dates given, for now I think i will just hold off on this. Nothing against Shoedazzle, I liked some of their styles but not enough to enroll into their monthly program. I also felt picks in my showroom were nothing special. Not necessiraly shoes I’d actually pick myself, which makes the whole stylist help pointless for me. Either way, I prefer choosing my own styles which explains the shoe stylist part of this not a benefit in my opinion. You can request new options are chosen for your showroom, but it takes 24 hours to update. That’s not too convenient in my opinion.

I definitely can’t complain about the price though. $39.95 for a pair of shoes is pretty reasonable, especially when it includes boots. They have nice collections which include their signature designs with a pink sole, casual styles, boots, accessories, and favorites of their stylists. Overall, the idea is a good one especially for a shoe lover. But it does have it’s pros and cons, as any other program might. They do offer a 20% discount on your first purchase, which I didn’t see applied at checkout during my first purchase… But I suppose receiving my wedges in a reasonable timely matter, and my overall satisfaction with them made it worthwhile.

*Update: I finally wore my wedges out, and loved how they pulled my outfit together. I was a bit disappointed in the material quality, as they ended up scuffed a bit on the side and the back of the heel had a few cuts. They are still very cute shoes, and for a quite affordable price you can’t expect top quality material.

Are you a member of Shoedazzle or considering in joining?! Please share your reviews and shopping experience with Shoedazzle in the comments below!!!

Iron Fist heels review

Are you a shoe-lover looking for a unique pair of heels for your collection?! Then you’ll love the selection Iron Fist has to offer!!

I recently purchased my first pair of Iron Fist pumps and¬† decided to go for “vanity fair”. An open-toe black heel with a day of the dead inspired look. I saw their heels while browsing for a new pair of shoes, and knew I had to own my very own set. They have various styles which are equally as crafty. Like zombies? Check out their zombie-inspired heels in the scroll box at the end of the post! Iron Fist heels are very unique and will definitely have people asking you where you got them. Check out my vanity fair’s below!




They had a nice fit and were pretty comfortable. The material feels nice and sturdy, which means they will last a long time with proper care. The only complain I have, is the fact the green jewels fell off the first time i wore them out. Perhaps, these are not the best shoes to dance in!

Regardless, I am very happy I decided to go for these heels. They are very pretty, and satisfied my need for a unique pair of heels. Iron Fist also offer boots and flats, which are equally as cute. I have never really seen shoes with designs as unique as Iron Fist specializes in, which makes me like the brand even more!

Like my heels?! Check out a few other ones below!

¬†Do you wear Iron fist shoes??? I’d love to hear what you think of them!


Stop staring dresses

If you love 40’s and 50’s ¬†inspired dresses…
Then you’ll love shopping at Stop Staring! An online boutique focused on providing timeless and glamorous dresses inspired by vintage and rockabilly designs. Alicia Estrada is the founder and head designer of Stop Staring, and she ensures her fashion items are designed with womens’ unique figures in mind. She turned her passion for fashion into a full blown business founded in Los Angeles. Nowadays, her Stop Staring line is available online as well as in thousands of boutiques worldwide.

The name says it all….
This boutique features tons of dresses that looked beautiful on the web, and even better once you actually try them on. They come in sizes ranging from X-small¬†to 3XL with many of their plus size dresses available up to a size 26, in fabrics that hug your body to create that curvy¬†silhouette vintage style¬†sought after. If you’re unsure which size to choose, they even have a nice little chart right on their site and offer great directions to self-measure for your best personal fit.¬†With so many styles, colors and patterns to choose from, you’ll want to own the whole line. Regardless of your pick, you’ll be sure to get a few looks in your direction when you step out in any of their dresses, hence the name!

Say hello to my Twilight dress!

I received this lovely dress courtesy of Stop Staring, and it has already become one of my favorites. The bengaline stretch material makes it very comfortable, and the sophisticated feminine look make it perfect for pretty much any occasion. I love the dotted sheer fabric which compliments the sweetheart neckline. It includes a black leather belt for your waist, with a fitted pencil skirt design that adds to the classic style of vintage fashion. Looks great paired with open-toe lace heels, or red pumps for a nice punch of color. This dress requires no accessories since the retro-glam feel to it gives it more than enough personality.

What’s your occasion…

Looking for that perfect dress to wear to a  wedding, prom, graduation, party, or any evening/day event?! Well look no further and check out for beautiful and original designs that celebrate the beauty of being a woman.

Hope you liked this weeks outfit! If you own, or have checked out Stop Staring Clothing, feel free to share your comments below or over at their site!

Special thanks to Eva from Stop Staring for the gorgeous dress, my talented husband for taking awesome pictures, and my doggy for posing in the last shot with me:)