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10 swimsuits on sale

Swimsuit season is here!! Whether you’re going to the beach or to lounge by the pool, here are ten beautiful swimsuits at a great deal. What’s your swimwear style?! Bikini, one-piece or monokini?  This coral beauty below is originally $200 and currently on sale for $49.95!

Victoria’s Secret Fashion:Angels on the runway

Last night CBS broadcasted Victoria’s Secret annual fashion show  which was held in New York city. It was an hour long event of Vic’s Secret Angels including: Miranda Kerr, Adriana Lima and Candice Swanepoel strutting their stuff on the catwalk and flaunting the new line of bras

10 cute swimsuits on sale

Not much fabric is used in making a swimsuit, but sometimes they can be pretty expensive. You don’t have to sacrifice your bank account to indulge in a designer suit, unless you have the extra cash and find it necessary… Otherwise, stick to your budget

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Retro swimsuits

This weeks outfit is dedicated to retro inspired swimsuits! photo by: Bill Hartmann Summertime is literally months away and what’s better than spending hot days at the beach. Swimsuits come in all styles and cuts, but retro inspired suits never go out of style. They’re also pretty flattering

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California girls

Summer is almost here! That means it’s time to get your bathing suit out and enjoy fun times in the sun. This bikini outfit was inspired by California style, a rasta pattern bikini with matching flip flops, a straw vent hat, and glammed up aviators.

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7 ways to get ready for summer

The summer months are approaching fast and so is beach fun. Getting ready to wear a cute swimsuit starts early, at least three months in advance. It will give you time to get in shape and to go shopping for the perfect swimwear. Here are