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HELPS tea review

Having trouble sleeping? Relax and sip a cup of HELPS tea!

Helps teas are specifically made to aid in certain health-related issues  such as: trouble sleeping, digestive help, and low-sugar diets. I was very excited in reviewing this product, as i had never heard of HELPS teas prior to this review and enjoy finding new teas to try.

This tea line has been around since 1959 with a commitment to quality, and it definitely shows when you sip their teas. HELPS teas are natural and don’t contain any artificial colors or preservatives. Learn more about their products by checking out their site at HELPS teas.

My teas arrived in the mail, neatly packed and within a week of my order confirmation. I received six boxes of teas which included: organic R&R, organic easy digestion, breathe, for low sugar diets, make it easy, and organic green tea. I decided to try almost all the teas, so I could provide a thorough review. Check out my experience with each tea below, and share your opinion on this innovative drink in the comments section.

HELPS organic R&R

A typical day at work leaves most people drained, especially Mondays. There is something about Mondays that make it the toughest day of the week. Which is why i would recommend HELPS organic R&R to find it’s way into your life! Rest and relax goes hand in hand, but sometimes is easier said than done. Whether it’s from a hectic work schedule or living a busy life in general, this tea is the perfect remedy to forget the stress and just relax.

The ingredients in R&R are lemon balm leaf and passionflower, with a 100% organic promise. It’s always nice seeing a short list of ingredients on something you ingest, and even better when you can actually pronounce what’s in it! The lemon balm in R&R gives this tea a nice crisp taste, and definitely helped in catching some Z’s. Great option if you are having trouble falling asleep, or just want an aid in relaxing. This tea is the perfect ending to a long-stressful day, and even better when paired with a nice warm bath prior to drinking it!

Helps breathe

I was pretty excited about trying breathe after i read it’s benefits. It’s designed to strengthen your immune system and help respiratory function, as well as aid in sinus issues. I hate sinus infections and related symptoms. Nothing is worse than feeling clogged sinuses and the energy-draining feel/aches that follow.

The ingredients found in Breathe are: organic thyme, eucalyptus leaf, propietary blend, organic mint and linden. Mint teas are my favorite, and i found Breathe to be a nice minty blend! The eucalyptus and organic mint mixed in perfect harmony. Breathe’s taste and scent made it one of my favorite’s of the HELPS line.

HELPS organic easy digestion

Have uncomfortable bloating or stomach problems?  Why not try a cup of tea! Easy digestion is said to support your digestive system and help rid of such problems. It’s also said to have calming and relaxing effects. The ingredients found in easy digestion are organic chamomille, anise and mint.

Another mint-tea treat for me! The taste was subtle, yet still good. I did feel a bit sleepy after this tea, most likely from the chamomille. I didn’t notice a positive or negative effect on my digestive system, but i normally don’t have too many issues with this. I did have a cup after a very heavy/greasy meal, and i noticed it helped tame that bloated uncomfortable feeling.

HELPS organic tea leaves

Organic green tea leaves has dried green tea and spearmint leaves and is said to be great for your skin. Green tea is perhaps one of the most popular teas, as it’s said to help eliminate toxins and keep skin looking youthful.

I love the fact this tea is a mix of green tea and spearmint. Once brewed, it has a subtle hint of the spearmint taste so it’s not overpowering. The spearmint punch adds a refreshing feel to this green tea. I enjoyed this tea very much, and if you love green tea you gotta try this one!

HELPS make it easy

Make it easy can be used to alleviate occassional constipation. Ingredients found in this tea are: senna leaf and fruit, propietary blend, anise, lemon balm, mint, and licorice root.

I didn’t need help with this issue, but wanted to try the tea so i could comment on the taste and any effects i felt. The lemon and mint were the flavors I tasted most, which is a plus for me. I had a cup of this tea late at night, and noticed a relaxed feeling a few minutes after drinking it. I also started feeling sleepy, and had a pretty restful night. I’m not used to sleeping before 1am and occassionally have trouble staying asleep, so this tea will definitely come in handy with that. Unfortunately, i wasn’t having stomach issues around the time i had this tea, but will definitely reach for it if needed.

HELPS for low sugar diets

This tea has a combination of bilberry, elder, juniper, propietary blend, orange and sweet leaf. It’s sugar-free and may be a good source in maintaining blood sugar levels.

For low sugar diets is the only tea i didn’t taste. Instead, I decided to give it to my mom for my dad. He has diabetes and i figured this would be a great tea for him, since his diet and tea-drinking options are limited.

Overall, I enjoyed doing taste tests on this tea line and am glad HELPS tea reached out to me for this opportunity. It’s great knowing exactly what goes into something you drink, and even better when those ingredients are specifically chosen to aid in certain health issues. HELPS teas also has a children’s line which doesn’t have any artificial color, preservatives, or added sugar. You can find more information about their kid’s tea line and their regular HELPS teas at or purchase a box and try them out for yourself here!

Have you tried HELPS teas?! How did you like it? Did it help with any health discomfort/issue you were having?

How do you celebrate New Years?!

2012 is officially here, as usual the year flies by when you’re having fun!

Remember those days when you were still a child, and would desperately count the days until Christmas and New years finally arrived? Time seemed to go by so slow back then. It seems the older you get, the quicker life goes by. Must be the everyday worries like, jobs, bills, kids, cooking and all those daily acitvities. Either way, the coming of a new year is definitely a celebration, and it’s very interesting to see how other places have their own ways of celebrating it.

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New years is celebrated all around the globe in different styles. Whether it’s by hanging out and partying the night away until the ball drops at Times Square, or spending time at home with the family to usher in the new year. Just as every culture has different traditions and ways of celebrating, some places have a different date for their new years day.  Below are a few ways different cultures ring in the New Year.

  • In the US, New years is celebrated by spending time with your loved ones. Parades being hosted, firework shows, and of course a kiss under the mistletoe.
  • In Mexican tradition, wearing red undergarments is believed to bring an overall improvement in lifestyle and strengthen love. And 12 grapes are eaten at midnight, while making one wish per grape.
  • In Italy, a lentil stew is eaten at midnight to bring good fortune.
  • Silence and secret wishes are done the last 12 seconds of the year in Russia.
  • In Chile, wearing yellow underwear will get you engaged in the new year and wearing only new clothes will bring new changes.

*New Years traditions per Wikipedia.

Regardless of what date or how New Years is celebrated, i think the main ingredient which is part of all cultures is family. Welcoming a new year is best done surrounded by people you love. Whether it’s at a family dinner, going out with your girls, or doing a movie and take-out kind of date with your love. All that matters is celebrating another year together with those most important to you 🙂

I know this article missed  A LOT of ways New Years is celebrated, please comment below and share any special traditions and ways you celebrate New Years!

Have a safe and happy New Years!!!

Julep maven box review & giveaway!

*Giveaway closed. And the winner is….
Meaghan Mulligan
Thank you all for reading and participating! Get your own maven box at for only $5 with your coupon code BEAUTYCAREME at checkout!!

Have you become a Maven yet?!

I was given the opportunity by the lovely Jennifer from Julep Maven to check out the cute items received by Mavens all over. She was so generous she decided to share the love and host a Julep Maven box giveaway for one of you lucky ladies 🙂 Read on to see what the Maven box has inside and what you can do to win your very own! Or redeem your coupon code BEAUTYCAREME at to get your first Maven box for only $5 !!!

What is all about?!

Julep is a program which starts off by you taking a quick style quiz to find products that suit your personal style. Whether you’re classic, boho, or a bombshell Julep has the right stuff for you. Julep Maven has nail polishes that range in colors as well as mani/pedi treatments. For $19.99 a month you receive a Maven box with cute surprises that suit your style. If you’d prefer to skip a month or aren’t pleased with a specific month’s Maven box contents, you are more than encouraged to skip that month or as many as you’d like. Nail polish junkies, this program is definitely for you!

What comes inside a Maven box?! 

My Julep Maven box arrived in record time! Literally three to four days. It came in a sexy little red box (perfect for the holiday!) with their logo an name inprinted on the box. The contents were wrapped in matching tissue paper, and individually packaged. My lovely little box included two nail polishes (each valued @ $17.00) in shades “Nicole” and “Whitney”. It also included a silver glitter pot to add some glitz to my polish, a glycolic hand scrub and samples of their age defying hand brightener and hand cream with SPF 30. As well as a very sweet welcoming letter. Pretty nice bundle for the price!

Let’s check out the products!

First let’s talk about “Nicole”. The color is a cheery red with shimmer to it, kind of reminds me of candied apples or candy cane red. Check out the picture below to see the shade. I added the glitter to the red for a nice holiday look. I took the pictures without applying top coat, since the polish itself had a nice glossy finish already. Though i do recommend you using top coat to seal the glitter in place, and prevent chipping.

“Whitney” is a nude shade of polish that i definitely adored. I love the look of natural lips and nails, but never find a polish that looks quite as i imagined. I must say i was deeply impressed by “Whitney”, and definitely see me ordering another tube once mine runs out. Check out the shade below! Those pictures were taken prior to applying top coat again so you can see the glossy finish, and it only took me one coat to get that finished look. This shade is described as a “mushroom greige, the perfect neutral” and i most definitely agree with it being a perfect neutral. “Whitney” was my favorite surprise inside my maven box 🙂

The glitter pot was easy to apply and came in a good portion. I simply sprinkled some over my freshly painted nails, but you can get fancy and use a brush to do a glitter-version of a french. Glitter always adds a fun and girly look to nails!

The hand scrub wasn’t too impressive, it came out more liquid-like than i’d expect a scrub to feel like. But it cleansed my hands alright. Followed it with the hand cream which had a soft, thick texture to it. I also tried the hand brightening cream which felt silky, and left my hands feeling ultra soft without a greasy feeling. The soft and silky-feel to my hands lasted quite a while, which is a definite plus.  Both the hand cream and age defying brightener had a nice scent to them.

Overall the Maven box program is a great idea at an affordable price. I especially recommend it if you love having your nails done, and trying out new polishes quite often. The price for a Maven box full of beauty surprises is only $19.99 a month and you can skip a month if you’d like. Check out their website to see their products, or take a style quiz and become a Maven!

Finally, how do i win my own Maven box?!

As mentioned earlier i was given the awesome opportunity to not just play with and review their products, but also give one of my lucky readers a chance to win their own!!!

Guidelines to winning your very own Maven box:

1. Insert your email below (Beautycareme will NEVER spam you or sell your email)

2. For an extra entry and higher chance of winning Like Beautycareme on Facebook, or follow on Twitter. ( if you already like Beautycareme or are following, share this page for your extra entry.) Please comment below to let me know you did this step!

*This contest is open to US and Canada residents only.

A winner will be randomly selected and announced on January  13th, 2012. This new years give your nails a new look with your very own Maven box!

And if you just can’t wait for this giveaway to end, get your very own Maven box for only $5 by redeeming your discount code BEAUTYCAREME at the checkout!!! That is an insane deal don’t miss out 🙂



What are you thankful for?

With Thanksgiving right around the corner it’s easy to think about and share what you are thankful for.  Below are some lovely images that depict being thankful. This is one practice we should remember to put in our every day routine, not just around this time of the year. One thing i am thankful for is simply being alive and able to share great moments with my loving family. Another thing i am thankful for on a daily basis is my health. Health is something that many take for granted, and it truly is  a great gift that we need to care for…

What are you thankful for?

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10 best scary Halloween costume ideas for women

Halloween is quickly creeping up! Time for the perfect excuse to party in a coustume!

Many opt for cute and simple costumes, but if you want to try something scary this year here are ten great options. What’s your favorite thing about Halloween?! Mine is definitely putting up creepy decorations and pumpkins galore; another plus, one month closer to pumpkin pie! And of course, who doesn’t like going out and finding the perfect costume…

1. “Bloody Mary” this old-time legend, is a classic that still gives some people the creeps. It’s a very simple costume to achieve, but you can make it as gory as you’d like. Simply wear a white long and tattered dress, covered in blood. With the magic of makeup, add some scars and bruises to your face, and use fake blood to decorate your hair. If you really want to go all out, get some white or red contacts to get that evil stare effect. Check out this tutorial below for a great visual! Don’t forget to check out the bloody pumps to match your look below!

2. Wicked witch of the west- witches most often play the evil role, but there’s no witch more wicked than Wizard of Oz’s wicked witch with her evil flying monkeys and flying broom. Check out the costume below, and don’t forget to add tons of green face paint for the exact look.

3. Zombies. A classic horror-movie theme, the living dead. You definitely can’t go wrong with a zombie costume. The great thing about this one is it’s versatility, you can pretty much choose what to wear. Whether you want to wear jeans and a shirt or tattered sheets, even a ball gown! As long as your outfit is torn, stained with blood and dirt you’re good to go. Tease your hair and add some white clip-on extensions. Once again, makeup is your best accessory. Bruises, cuts, blood, and under-eye bags will make for a great looking zombie. Carry around a severed body part (Fake of course!) and you’re done. Or if you prefer buying a costume, check out the one below.

4. Dia de los muertos “Sugar Skull”- not necessiraly scary if you really consider the meaning behind sugar skulls, but I just love the way a well painted one looks. You need lots of white and black makeup to achieve this look, as well as some color. A great thing about this costume, is you can take it in many directions. Whether you want to add spiderwebs, flowers or keep it classic, it’s entirely up to you. Wear all black and watch these tutorials for great Sugar skull looks!

5. She-devil. This costume allows you to wear red horns and carry around a triton, that’s reason enough to be a devil right?! Wear a red robe, use dark makeup, tease and fuzz with your hair, and you must use red contacts to get the overall look. Or check out the She-devil mask below for a quick and cute costume on a budget!

6. Medusa. This mythological Greek monster was feared by many due to her power of turning you into a stone from a simple stare. Hair composed of snakes and doomed to a lonely life sounds like a pretty scary fate.

Another alternative to the Medusa look is creating your own. Check out this very crafty tutorial which shows you how to create your own serpent-like hair!

7. Elmira (Tiny Toons)- Sure she’s a cartoon character, but to all animals this girl is a nightmare. Suffocating all her pets with overbearing squeezes and tail pulling is her worst trait. As in the picture below, your costume will consist of a white skirt and teal top. Don’t forget the short red-haired wig and skull bow. Carry around a few stuffed animals with you, and cover each of their eyes with black masking tape in an X shape.


image credit

8. Vampire. Another classic that never grows old. This costume is sexy and sultry, depending on how you want to wear it. Black will definitely be your color when choosing this costume, accompanied by fangs, blood, and those creepy-looking white contacts. Or icy blue contacts for a resident evil style  night walker.

9.Classic costumes with a twist- Jason, Freddy and Chucky.All classic horror movies, now with costumes available for women! Choose from Miss Krueger, Miss Voorhees, or Miss Charles Lee Ray costumes below. Don’t forget your bladed glove, machete or axe!


10.Bride of Frankenstein- Can’t go wrong with a classic horror costume. There are costumes you can purchase, or you can go the do-it-yourself route and get inspired from the image below. You’ll need lots of white face paint, and hairspray!

image credit


Hope these costume ideas were helpful in achieving your scary look! If you are wearing a costume this year, what will it be?!


5 cute Halloween costume ideas for women

Not everyone wants a scary look for halloween, this article is specifically for you!

Looking for a cute or sexy look without all the gore involved?! Here are five ideas which are perfect for the occasion. Click the costume images if you’d like to see where you can purchase them.

1. Purrfect Kitty kat

How many cat costumes do you see for halloween?! Quite a few right! This classic costume is a favorite to many because it’s very cute and not much money is required. Make it cute by wearing your regural wardrobe, or vamp it up with a corset top like the ones below. All this outfit requires is cat ears, a tail and some makeup. Draw 3 whiskers on your face on each cheek, make an upside down triangle (or a heart-shaped!) nose at the tip of your nose in black, and use black eyeliner to do a winged cat look. If you want a dramatic look, do smokey-eye makeup, and apply lots of mascara.

2. Fairy costume

This mythical-inspired costume is fun for those who like colorful makeup! All you really need to buy is wings, and a nice dress to match. Wear your hair down and use a curling iron to create waves.

Use green, blue, purple or your favorite colorful shade for your eyeshadow; or combine all colors for a fun look. You might also want to purchase fake lashes that have glitter or color on them. Check out the tutorial below for a pretty and glittery look!

3. Mermaid

Though they have mermaid costumes at many stores, you can create your own costume by combining pieces. Check out the outfit below which involves an ASOS sequin skirt and red clip-on extensions for your very own mermaid costume. The skirt is so cute, you’ll definitely love to wear it not just on halloween!


4. Pirate

Dressing up like a pirate is a fun and cute idea for halloween, especially if you’re a fan of Pirates of the Caribbean.  The versatility of this costume makes it easier to decide what look is right for you. Rim your eyes in black liner, and don’t forget your sword!

5. Pipi long stockings

A child’s classic story, makes for a cute costume idea! Style your hair in two braided piggy-tails, wear a skirt/shorts with a top to match, and very funky knee high socks. Don’t forget to draw the freckles!