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How smoking ruins your looks

Most smokers are familiar with the damage smoking does to their insides. Lungs clogged with smoking debris and poorly-functioning arteries, leading to increased risk of heart disease and cancer, have been the subject of hard-hitting anti-smoking campaigns for years now. But what about the sometimes

What would happen if you stopped sleeping?

The importance of a good night’s sleep should never be underestimated. The old adage of an hour’s sleep before midnight is worth two after, while scorned by some, rings true for others. When the body has had a full, unbroken night’s rest the mind is

Does counting calories work?

Most men and women have tried limiting their calorie intake at one point of their lives. It’s tough getting started, but it definitely keeps you eating in moderation. Is this “dieting” technique efficient not just for weight loss, but also in maintaining your weight after

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Tips for preventing stress

Have you ever felt your heart beat faster than normal, an uncontrollable shaky feeling, hot and cold at once, sick to your stomach, and an unbearable amount of worries… Chances are you live a fast-paced life or deal with a lot of stress. Stress is

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Kawasaki disease

Have you heard about Kawasaki disease yet? Most people probably aren’t well aware of the severity  this disease can cause in children. I had no idea this disease even existed until a few years ago. A previous article , Kawasaki disease awareness , gives a