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Vitaminwater is not healthy?

How many times have you gone for a run or achieved a great workout and decided to hydrate with a 10 calorie Vitaminwater when you were finished???

10 calories doesn’t sound so bad right?

This issue has been taken to court and Federal judge John Gleeson rules this to be a misleading drink that is in violation of FDA regulations . Vitaminwater will not keep you healthy or enhance your workout, since it’s pretty much very sugary water.

“..Vitaminwater is really just a sugary snack food; non-carbonated fruit coke disguised as a sports drink.”  source:

If you check out, Vitaminwaters’ website, you will find no nutritional information on this healthy drink said to be full of vitamins and minerals. If you look at the actual ingredients listed on a Vitaminwater bottle you will find no source of real fruit juice just artificial ingredients.

So you won’t enhance your focusing skills after drinking this pretty pink drink, but it’s probably better than choosing a soda. I’ll just stick to water 🙂

Extreme Dieting in Asia

Would you follow a diet with parasites?

As per an article in USA Today, women in Hong Kong are eating parasites purchased online to help in their weight loss goal. These worms may lead to stomach problems or in worse cases death.  It was pretty interesting reading this article since women are constantly being reminded to be thin, but to actually ingest worms as part of a diet? Then again being cut up and sewn back up as in plastic surgery, is pretty crazy in some cases. Every culture has their own definition of beauty, in some being thin is a requirement.

252/365: Anorexia Nervosa
photo credit: by Janine

In this article Agatha Yau, a marketing executive and extreme dieter, was interviewed on all aspects of extreme dieting practices women follow  throughout Hong Kong and other cities.They range from your typical diet pills to eating worms sold online. Women feel pressured to weigh in under 100lbs, this is considered true beauty in their culture. They must achieve their weight goal without exercise since defined muscles are not considered feminine to them.  Agatha said,  “Dieting is a life-long career for women… It’s true for women everywhere, but especially in Hong Kong.” which I believe to be a very accurate statement worldwide. The pressure to be thin is becoming more important than being healthy.

Today's Image
photo credit: Katie Tegtmeyer

The article goes on to explain methods women use to loose weight and reasons why they feel the need to be so thin. As well as the rise in eating disorders and life-threatening decisions women make to be the thinnest they can be.

Follow the link to read the entire article and share your thoughts on it.

Usa Today – Extreme Diet

Tips to help prevent getting a cold

Winter time is also known as “the cold season” and for most people it’s hard not to catch one. Colds are caused by one of over 200 viruses, but by following these tips you can try and avoid getting sick. It’s always harder to enjoy the holidays when the weather gets you down.

  • Germs are spread from person to person, that’s why washing your hands often is vital. Wash with warm water and avoid touching your eyes, nose, or mouth. Avoid sharing drinks with those who already have a cold, and if you have a cold stay home and rest for faster recovery.
  • Eat whole foods, they help boost your immunity level. Meats, poultry, dairy, fruits and veggies are great examples of whole foods. Build your diet around them and avoid sugars and starches. Probiotics improve your bodys’ ability to fight infections and raise immunity a perfect example is plain yogurt.
  • Stay hydrated and drink warm liquids around colder seasons. If you don’t like coffee try tea, there are also caffeine-free options.
  • Don’t skip breakfast. Skipping those early vitamins and proteins to get your day going make it easier for your immune system to slow down and allow germs and viruses to attack.
  • Take your daily dose of vitamin C. Whether you prefer it in pill form or eating an actual orange is up to you, but make sure you get between 500-2000mg a day. Echinacea is also said to be helpful in preventing colds. It’s a flowering plant found throughout the U.S. and Canada. It comes in the form of supplements, liquid extracts and teas made from it’s leaves, stem, flower and roots.
  • Avoid stress and remember the number 8! Get your daily 8 hours of sleep and drink your daily 8 glasses of water.

These are tips you should live by not just to prevent colds but for overall health as well. Do you have any tips you find useful to prevent colds?

Kawasaki Disease Awareness

Kawasaki Disease is a serious heart condition affecting young children.

Kawasaki Disease is an important issue facing children today. It is especially important to me because my beautiful niece is a kawasaki survivor and i feel urged to dedicate this special post towards raising awareness about this condition.


First let me briefly explain what Kawasaki disease is.

Kawasaki disease is one that most often affects young children of Japanese and in some cases Latin/Hispanic descent. Symptoms of this disease usually start with high fever which can reach 104F or higher, bloodshot eyes, body rashes, cracked dry lips, red strawberry-like tongue, peeling skin, swollen lymph nodes, irritability, joint and abdominal pain, diarrhea, vomiting and a rapid heart beat. It affects many organs including, the skin, mucous membranes, lymph nodes, blood vessel walls, and the heart.

If untreated Kawasaki can cause serious damage to the heart or in worse cases it can be fatal.

This weekend my sister, niece, and I attended the Kawasaki Disease Parent Symposium held in San Diego. We had the privilege of meeting Dr. Tomisaku Kawasaki , who first discovered this disease in 1967. He was a very kind man and even though his English wasn’t great  (he brought his translator with him) he still got his point across and managed to throw in some jokes here and there! Mr. And Mrs. Dr. Kawasaki flew all the way from Japan to attend the symposium and gala afterward. It was held at the University of san Diego and attracted quite a few individuals looking to gain further knowledge. The point of this symposium was to teach about the disease as well as raise awareness on research that is being done. Since there haven’t been many cases it’s hard to fully understand it without research.

Overall this experience was great it gave me a better understanding of Kawasaki disease and I’m glad to know a team of specialists in San Diego is working hard to gain more knowledge in this issue.

Please show your support for Kawasaki Awareness!

Visit this blog to learn more about Kawasaki disease.

Raising awareness is the first step to battle this heartbreaking disease.