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Bolthouse Farms protein parfait smoothie review

Protein drinks are a great way to get a meal and energy when you’re short on time. Bolthouse Farms offers a variety of protein smoothies including a very tasty chocolate one, but my favorite has got the be their parfait smoothie. It’s pretty much a

Element caffeinated water Giveaway

I recently tried and reviewed Element water. A caffeinated water based in New York, where only pure and simple ingredients are used to make their energy enhancing beverage. If you’d like to read the review find it here: Element water review  GIVEAWAY CLOSED- no entries

neuroBLISS Giveaway: happiness in every bottle

NeuroBliss is a citrus tasting drink with the tagline “happiness in every bottle”. The fact the whole bottle is only 35 calories is reason enough to be happy 🙂 *GIVEAWAY CLOSED* thanks to all who participated and shared the neuroBLISS giveaway. Congrats to Lisa Clark

Improve your beauty routine with vitamins

Mama always said that you should take your vitamins daily, and now doctors and nutritionists are stating this fact more and more every day. There are a couple reasons why it’s important to pop a multi vitamin every morning. First and foremost, they’re good for

Eat yourself skinny!

Don’t you wish losing weight didn’t have to be such a boring, taste-less task?! I have always had a track record of discovering, and ditching fad diets once I got sick of the bland tasting food you had to eat just to drop a few

Ground beef stuffed bell pepper recipe

If you like bell peppers, then you’ll love this recipe! Bell peppers are packed with vitamins and minerals and combined with  ground beef, make a hearty healthy meal. Easy preparation and a few ingredients make this recipe one of my favorites. Even if bell peppers