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Why sushi is healthy for you

Sushi may keep your heart healthy and lower your cholesterol.

Fish is a great source of protein and contains a high amount of omega-3 fatty acids which are good to keep your cholesterol in check and  a good source of fat. Sushi is a traditional Japanese dish, which has gained much popularity throughout the world. Sushi is prepared in different styles either in rolls or as in Sashimi , thinly sliced raw fish. Below is a mouth-watering picture of an Unagi roll, which is a roll topped with broiled freshwater eel.

Sushi is healthy for you in moderation.

Recent studies have linked certain  fish to have a high mercury count, especially if eaten frequently as in this article.

If eaten once every week you’d be getting a good source of protein and calcium. Sushi rolls also have a good amount of vitamins and help your digestive system. As with other meals, moderation is always the key. Seaweed used in sushi is also high in protein and calcium. Rice is high in fiber and minerals. Most of the ingredients used to make traditional sushi rolls are natural, such as avocado, ginger, carrots, asparagus, cucumber and tofu.

Fish is one of the best ways to get protein in your diet.

Eating a meal rich in protein is a good idea after a vigorous workout to refuel your body. Protein also prevents certain health issues like kidney problems, arthritis, and osteoporosis.

Want to make your own sushi? Check out this Sushi Chef Sushi Making Kit and give it a try 🙂

Top 3 Benefits of Indian food

Spices and  herbs fill the room when Indian cuisine is being prepared.

Religious beliefs and culture have influenced changes in the preparation of various dishes. Indian food has become very popular throughout the world with over 10,000 restaurants in England and Wales as of 2003.

Besides it’s yummy taste it’s said to have ingredients that are very healthy for you.

Top 3 benefits of enjoying this cuisine are:

1. Turmeric is said to slow Alzheimer’s disease.

Turmeric is yellow and has a somewhat bitter taste. “Researchers have suggested that turmeric could play a role in slowing down the progression of Alzheimer’s disease…” It also aids in digestive disorders and works as an anti-inflammatory.

2. Coriander might help lower cholesterol and is a great source of fiber.

Coriander, also known as cilantro and dhania, has acids which are said to be helpful in reducing cholesterol levels. Essential oils have anti-arthritic properties which also help reduce swelling,   and minerals and vitamins make it high in fiber and a good source of iron. This link provides a better understanding on coriander and it’s many benefits.

3. Cumin used in many Indian dishes may help prevent cancer.

Cumin is said to have “detoxifying and chemo-preventive properties” and also aids in digestive disorders. The seeds are rich in iron and help ease common cold symptoms as well.

Check out the video below for an easy to follow guide on making Samosas, a traditional appetizer in Indian cuisine. A samosa is a pastry stuffed with spices, peas, potatoes, lentils, and lamb or chicken.

Indian food is full of flavor, one of my favorite dishes is tandoori chicken . What are some of your favorite dishes???

Vitaminwater is not healthy?

How many times have you gone for a run or achieved a great workout and decided to hydrate with a 10 calorie Vitaminwater when you were finished???

10 calories doesn’t sound so bad right?

This issue has been taken to court and Federal judge John Gleeson rules this to be a misleading drink that is in violation of FDA regulations . Vitaminwater will not keep you healthy or enhance your workout, since it’s pretty much very sugary water.

“..Vitaminwater is really just a sugary snack food; non-carbonated fruit coke disguised as a sports drink.”  source:

If you check out, Vitaminwaters’ website, you will find no nutritional information on this healthy drink said to be full of vitamins and minerals. If you look at the actual ingredients listed on a Vitaminwater bottle you will find no source of real fruit juice just artificial ingredients.

So you won’t enhance your focusing skills after drinking this pretty pink drink, but it’s probably better than choosing a soda. I’ll just stick to water 🙂

Stop sugar cravings

Sitting around on an empty stomach is the perfect chance for those dreaded sugar cravings to arise. Imagine working late waiting around for the clock to tick faster with a vending machine inviting you to try its goodies. It’s hard to resist the temptation when your mind is occupied and the only thing around is junk.

The more sugar-filled foods you put in your body, the harder it is to resist them, but there are a few things you can do to stop your sugar cravings.

raspberry cake
photo credit: jonrawlinson

To stop first you must know why sugar cravings happen.

Two of the main reasons why you get sugar cravings are adrenaline which is pretty much when your body needs energy, and serotonin a feel good hormone which is released in short bursts by sugars. Usually sugar cravings are predominant when you’re distracted, stressed, or for some women before their period. Having some sugar in your diet isn’t bad. Your body needs some sugar to function, but most of the time we overdo it.

Sugar is found in lots of foods, here’s a few other names used to disguise it :

Brown sugar, corn syrup,demerara sugar,dextrose, free flowing brown sugars, fructose, galactose, glucose, high fructose corn syrup,invert sugar, lactose, malt, molasses, maple syrup, sucrose, and maltose.

Keep reading to learn a couple things you can do to stop your sugar cravings!

sugar packet
photo credit: TheTruthAbout…

-cut down your sugar intake over time don’t try going cold turkey. And if you do overindulge don’t beat yourself up for it, instead see why it happened and how you could change it. For instance, If your used to drinking a soda daily, try limiting to two sodas a week and keep cutting down as the weeks go by. Don’t try to live a sugar-free life we all need some sugar in our bodies. The key is portion control.

-drink more water. Drink at least eight glasses of water. Sometimes people mistake hunger for thirst, so before you go for that donut drink a glass of water! Keeping hydrated keeps you alert and prevents overindulging.

-exercise daily. Keep a balanced diet. Eat more veggies and fruits.This will help keep your body strong and healthy. Working out daily releases serotonin and prevents stress, which in turn will make it easy to prevent sugar cravings. Keeping a balanced diet and eating more veggies will keep you full longer and make it easier to skip that unnecessary sugary snack. Avoid processed foods. They are usually super high in sugar and salt.

-keep healthy snacks at hand. Such as sliced apples, baby carrots, nuts, dried fruits and berries. Avoid keeping too much junk food around. Instead of buying a gallon of ice cream and keeping it at home go out and buy a single serving when you want a sweet treat!

-get enough rest. If you skip your recommended eight hours a day you’re body will suffer overtime. You might experience health consequences Iike high blood pressure, trouble concentrating, and even high cholesterol. While you’re sleeping, you’re immune system and organs are working on cleansing and restoring.

-try to eat your meals at the same time everyday and don’t skip meals. This will help regulate your body and prevent eating when you’re not supposed to.

Hope you enjoyed and found these sugary tips useful. Are there any tips or tricks you use to fight sugar cravings? I’d love to hear them!

photo credit: Flóra

Eat to lose weight

Yes it sounds crazy but done correctly you will see a difference in how your clothes start fitting. The starvation diet never works it will temporary help you shed water weight but as soon as you go back to eating normal meals you will gain it all and sometimes more weight back. You’re better off eating multiple meals throughout the day.


You can eat 6 meals including snacks every 2- 3 hours. Doing this will keep your metabolism working throughout the day and prevent over eating. Eat foods rich in protein and trade sugary snacks for fruits and veggies. Avoid sodas and processed foods. You can eat takeout and treat yourself once a week, If you try to completely cut it out you might end up over indulging and confusing your body with a sugar rush. Since your eating many meals throughout the day make sure they’re smaller. Try eating meals that are around 250-300 calories ( more or less depending on your weight, consult a physician before). Make sure not to skip meals as this can confuse your body and mess up your progress. The most important meal of the day is breakfast, so be sure you eat a hearty one. Another thing you can do to keep tabs on your progress is using a food diary to keep track of how many calories and meals you consume daily.
Remember eating food is what keeps your body fueled. It’s like gas for a car. With the proper nutrition it will be easier for you to attain that body you’ve always wanted!