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Nutribullet chocolate cherry smoothie

Looking for a delicious smoothie,  that’s not only low in calories but a pretty healthy option? Then try this super easy recipe that requires only three ingredients 🙂

 Chocolate cherry smoothie



  • 10 washed and pitted cherries
  • 5-8 washed strawberries
  • 1/2 cup silk chocolate almond milk

How to:

Combine all ingredients in nutribullet blender and blend until a smooth consistency reached. (About 5-10 seconds) You can also add some ice to make it more of a slushy drink.

Drink and enjoy!

I have been trying out different veggie and fruit recipes on my nutribullet, and love the simplicity of making the drinks and cleaning up. Much faster than using a juicer, and I prefer the fact you get the pulp as opposed to only juice.

This recipe is my go to snack when I get a craving,  it’s both delicious and satisfying. You can also make a batch and freeze it for a cool and healthier option dessert.  Got any nutribullet recipes you’d like to share? Comment below!

Mother’s Milk organic tea review

If you are a breastfeeding mama looking to up or maintain your milk production, give mother’s milk organic tea a try.

You can purchase it at most grocery or drugstores under their tea aisle, or directly from their website here-> Traditional Medicinals. The tea comes in individual tea bags within an appropriately color coordinated milky-white and pink box.

Mother's Milk tea

My Experience:

I received this little box of tea from another mama who recommended it to me in the case I ever needed help with my milk supply. My sister had also mentioned it worked for her, so it was a nice little gift to keep around if needed.

When my daughter was first born, I had no problems milking. Actually, I felt I was over-producing milk, but she was a satisfied eater and I was definitely not complaining. Going back to work was a different story.

I continued pumping since I was very adamant in breastfeeding her for the first year. At first my milk – flow was normal, but after a month or so I noticed a slight decrease. I had broken up my pumping sessions into twice in an eight hour work – day and went from pumping 4-6 ounces per session to 3-4. Even getting those 3-4 ounces was tough as I would get stressed about not pumping enough, and pump even less. So, I decided to start drinking that tea right away.

mother's milk organic tea

Within a week of drinking a cup a day, I noticed a change. I begun pumping 4-6 ounces per session again. I kept drinking the tea until I ran out, afterwards I simply made sure I had enough liquids and especially water on a daily basis. My milk supply remained steady, but I did purchase another mother’s milk tea box just in case.

What’s in the tea?

Fennel is one of the magical ingredients that aid in helping with milk production. Other ingredients found in the tea are: anise, coriander, fenugreek seed, and blessed thistle herb.

What’s it taste like?

It’s a good tasting tea, kind of sweet ;but be warned, the anise does give it a black licorice kinda taste. It does recommend adding milk or honey, which would potentially change the taste. I drank the tea alone and the taste never bothered me.

Would I recommend it?

Yes, definitely! My experience is obviously different from others, but as mentioned I have heard from other breastfeeding mamas that it worked for them also.

Have you tried mother’s milk tea? Help other breastfeeding mamas out and leave a comment with your experience below.

How smoking ruins your looks

Most smokers are familiar with the damage smoking does to their insides. Lungs clogged with smoking debris and poorly-functioning arteries, leading to increased risk of heart disease and cancer, have been the subject of hard-hitting anti-smoking campaigns for years now.

But what about the sometimes invisible damage to your outward appearance? The ill effects of smoking aren’t so obvious when you’re younger but as you age they become increasingly evident. Just look at the damage cigarettes have done to Kate Moss’s formally perfect visage or that of anyone who’s been smoking for the vast majority of their life. Not only can these side-effects be off-putting but they can be costly to reverse cosmetically.


Here are the tell-tale signs that smoking is taking its toll:

Eye Bags

While dark circles under your eyes can be hereditary, they can be exacerbated by smoking. The theory is that nicotine withdrawal causes disturbances during sleep; and less sleep means more pronounced bags. Veteran smokers also develop looser skin around their eyes which can enhance dark circles.

Hair Loss

Most of us develop thinner hair as we age; it’s just a fact of life. But some studies have suggested that if you smoke you’re more likely to go bald. Researchers in Taiwan have found a link between smoking and male-pattern baldness in Asian men. To avoid the negative effects of smoking but still get a nicotine hit, many are turning to e-cigarettes, such as the popular TABlites smok e cigarette.

Poor Skin Tone

A regular smoking habit can have a dramatic effect on skin tone. Circulatory problems can lead the skin to be deprived of oxygen and nutrients which can in turn cause uneven pigmentation and a pallid complexion. According to dermatologists, these effects can develop in smokers from an early age.

Lip Lines


Chronic smokers put a lot of strain on certain muscles that nonsmokers don’t regularly use, in particular those around the lips. Coupled with the loss of elasticity associated with smoking, this causes dynamic wrinkles, deep lines around the lips.

Damaged Teeth and Gums

One of the few really noticeable on smokers of any age is yellow teeth. But that’s simply the tip
of the iceberg when it comes to oral hygiene. Smokers are twice as likely to lose teeth compared to non-smokers and more likely in general to suffer from gum disease,bad breath, and develop oral cancer. Other less common problems are inflammation of the salivary gland and increased loss of bone within the jaw.


Recent studies have suggested that smokers have a greater risk of developing psoriasis. The condition most often causes thick, scaly patches on the skin – most commonly on the knees, scalp, hands, feet, elbows and back. Apparently the risk of developing the condition only falls back to normal 20 years after quitting.

Sagging Breasts

It’s not only your face and head that bear the brunt of the damage from smoking; your figure suffers as well. Researchers have identified smoking as the leading cause of sagging breasts – smoking causes skin everywhere on the body to lose its elasticity by damaging collagen and elastin, and parts that were once firm begin to droop.

Ovarian cancer: 12 signs of the silent killer infographic

September is ovarian cancer month, a time to raise awareness on “the silent killer”.  No woman wants to think of the possibility that she may have ovarian cancer, but it is beneficial to not only get a screening but also know the warning signs associated with it.

Check out the infographic below to learn facts about ovarian cancer as well as twelve signs to look for.


12 Signs of The Silent Killer – Ovarian Cancer (InfoGraphic) - An Infographic from Health For Her

Embedded from Health For Her

Leonisa postpartum shape wear review

If you are looking for shape wear to help get your body back in shape postpartum, then this review will be extremely helpful for you…

In many cultures, wearing a girdle or body shape wear after giving birth is a tradition said to help a woman’s uterus shrink back and to avoid getting a postpartum pooch. Recently, many celebrities like Jessica Alba and Kourtney Kardashian have shared how postpartum shape wear helped them get their flat tummies back. This has definitely had an effect on women wrapping up their bellies after giving birth in hopes of achieving the same. But with so many products out there promising the same, it’s hard to find the right one for you.

I was lucky enough to have a rep for contact me to see if I was interested in reviewing one of their many products. Leonisa is a Colombian brand which sells sexy lingerie, cute swimwear, and body shape wear. Being pregnant at that moment, I of course jumped at the opportunity to review their postpartum shape wear.

I chose to try and review their Celebrity #1 Contour Shaper  It already had great reviews and was categorized specifically for postpartum/ surgery use. I found their size chart super helpful, since it gave you two options for compression level. Whether you want smooth control to contour your body comfortably, or firm control to define your body and help reduce inches. I chose firm control and went up a size from my pre-pregnancy measurements.

celebrity contour shaper

The Celebrity #1 Contour Shaper available at

best postpartum shapewear

Leonisa celebrity shaper
My experience with the celebrity contour shaper was a very positive one. I started wearing it a couple days after giving birth, and will continue to do so for a couple months. The first day I wore it, i was a little concerned I would feel hot, sweaty and uncomfortable in it all day; specially because it was a pretty warm day already, but I was surprised to find out it didn’t do any of that. It comes with instructions to wear for two hours the first day to get your body used to the bound feeling, the following day it can be worn all day. It is hand wash only and line dry in a cool place. This shaper is designed to help reduce your tummy and waist, while shaping your back and rear. And most importantly, no visible bulges when you wear your clothes over it!

It was very tight the first day, but I could still breathe fine and was not fainting like Elizabeth in Pirates of the Caribbean! The following day, it still compressed but not as much as the first day. After about a week and a half of wearing my shaper, I decided to check my measurements since I could definitely see a visible change. I was pleased to find out I had already lost two inches from my waist and two inches from my belly.

I am writing this review upon entering my fourth week postpartum, and as I previously mentioned I plan on wearing the shaper for a couple months. I have pretty much shed all the weight I gained during my pregnancy thanks to breastfeeding, and can see my belly has gone down to a small soft pooch thanks to my Leonisa shaper. I am sure once I start working out, I will be able to get my belly toned up again. At this point I am considering purchasing another shaper in a smaller size since I don’t feel the same firm amount of compression as when I started, I still feel a smoother hold but I prefer the firm compression to help reduce inches.

If you are a mommy-to-be and are looking for body shape wear to help shrink your belly, I highly recommend the Celebrity #1 contour shaper, or you can also check out Leonisa’s large selection of postpartum shape wear here->  There is a huge selection ranging in price, so you can find one that fits your budget. Most importantly, Leonisa’s shape wear are made with care and quality, you can definitely see it in their products.

You will obviously be super busy with your newborn, but there is no reason to forget about yourself and your body. Because it is very possible to be a great mommy who is there 110% for her baby and for her own physical goals.


How to Detox Your Life

How to Detox Your Life


Yogic texts have been saying it for centuries– the mind, spirit, and body is connected— if one is out of balance our entire unit is thrown off kilter. In India the gurus and practitioners would use kriya yoga to cleanse the mind of toxins, use asana practice to release the issues in the tissues, and eat a satvic diet to keep the body clear and functioning optimally.

In today’s society (like in the blackstone lodge canmore ab)– we are not equipped with such practices– although we probably need them more than ever. We are constantly fed with the unrealistic expectations of the media, environmental pollution, and intense stresses of the infamous double day (full time mother plus full time job, etc).

Below is a series of practices you can do to purge your mind, body, and spirit into a state of optimal rebalance:

Detox Your Environment:

Zen buddhists believe the state of your environment affects your mind. So if your office space is messy, with crumpled paper, and misplaced files; it’s no surprise if your mind will also be a mess too! Start off by purging any paperwork you don’t need, and organizing your tools into compartments, so it’s easier to sort through what you need. You’ll not only save time, you’ll save energy which you can invest into greater productivity. You can also do a qucik pickup of your house for some more headspace.

Meditation for Detox:

Meditation is the best way to slow down your mind, grant clarity, and soften/understand tumultuous emotions. It’s scientifically proven, meditation de-stresses our minds, and sets us on the right path for the day. Start by sitting in the morning for five minutes, and watching your breath. When your mind strays, notice your thoughts, but don’t attach to the story. Come back to your breath, and continue. Once you can sit through five minutes effortlessly, slowly increase your sequence. I sit for twenty minutes each morning, and find the ritual sets me up for success for the rest of the day.

Detox Diet Cleanse:

When are body is cleansed of toxins, we are brought back into balance. If our bodies are not balanced, our minds and/or spirits will also be thrown off, and we won’t live full of vitality. I don’t recommend not eating or only drinking fluids, if you have hormonal problems or weak adrenals, this act will only wreck havoc on your system. Start by eating whole foods, and cutting all chemicals, wheat, diary, processed foods out of your diet. If you are familiar with the Wild Rose Diet, I’d highly recommend. Eat lots of whole grain rice, lean organic fish/meats, organic fruits/vegetables, and almonds. The first couple days might be hard, but once you break through the tipping point, you’ll feel absolutely fantastic!


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