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Element caffeinated water Giveaway

I recently tried and reviewed Element water. A caffeinated water based in New York, where only pure and simple ingredients are used to make their energy enhancing beverage. If you’d like to read the review find it here: Element water review 

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Element water review: the pure energy drink

Water is one of the purest elements available to mankind. What happens when you combine the purest element with naturally derived caffeine from green tea and green coffee beans…

Element Water- “hydrate, motivate, concentrate”

Element water is enhanced with purified L-theanine, which studies have found improves focus and concentration. Each bottle ( 16.9 oz) also contains 50mg of natural caffeine found in coffee beans. This amount of caffeine is the same as that found in a small coffee or bottle of diet cola. The third and final ingredient found in Element is purified water. It’s always nice to know exactly what is in products you consume, and sometimes the less ingredients the better it is.

What is L-theanine and what are its’ benefits? -L-theanine is an amino acid found in tea which helps promote relaxation, decrease anxiety, increase ability to multi-task, and a few other great things. The two elements in tea which help provide “mindful alertness” are L-theanine and caffeine. L-theanine promotes relaxation and when combined with caffeine, a stimulant, they create the perfect blend to help concentrate for a longer period of time. Read this great article for more on L-theanine: a 4,000 year old mind-hack

Where is Element water available? -Currently it is available online at and can also be found in certain supermarkets in Baltimore and Washington D.C. areas. It might also be available in more than a thousand markets throughout the Southeast per an article via bizjournals. Element water is produced by Mere Natural in Saratoga Springs, NY. If you want to see Element at your local grocery store, contact Element via their contact page to work on getting it stocked locally!

The bottle states ” it tastes like water”. My opinion… the same! I liked Element and was satisfied with the amount of caffeine found in it. It was not so overwhelming where it gave me a crash  or jitters, just enough to give me an extra boost to get through a busy day. I guess the L-theanine helps control that side effect of caffeine. Drinking a bottle of Element is a nice alternative to that extra coffee later in the day for all you coffee-lovers:) Another thing I liked, was the fact Elements’ website provides links to articles on studies and benefits of L-theanine. Find them at, while you are there calculate how much your daily water intake should be with their hydration calculator.

Have you ever heard or seen Element water? How would you like to try it out for yourself!? Will post a giveaway for your chance to taste Element in a couple days 🙂

*Disclaimer: Element provided me their product so that I may try it and share my thoughts on it. Views and pictures are solely mine, facts found in article linked to proper source .

NeuroSonic review and giveaway

How would you like to find a burst of passion, mental performance, or happiness in a bottle?!… With NeuroSonic, a scientifically formulated drink with nutrients to keep you going, now you can have that and more!



It seems there are many enhancement drinks out there promising great results, but most are loaded with sugar or caffeine and leave me shaking like a chihuahua.  I was intrigued by Neurosonic from all the ingredients it listed and great benefits promised, but was hesitant on trying them out. I was thrilled when NeuroSonic contacted me to give them a try, and share a pack with one of you as well!!! (Giveaway guidelines at the bottom).

****Giveaway Closed****  Congratulations @TinaBarker , you were lucky enough to not only comment first but also win! Will get in touch with you for your shipping info shortly. Thanks to all of you who shared this giveaway, a similar one is coming up in a few days so stay tuned for details 🙂


My box of drinks arrived and included two bottles of NeuroSonic. Each bottle of  it is only 35 calories and 14.5 oz. It’s lightly carbonated and has a semi-sweet taste to it without being too overwhelming. It tasted kind of like a sparkling berry drink. This drink is said to enhance mental performance by providing energy, supporting your focus and concentration, supporting your memory and promoting healthy aging. Everyone needs more energy and focus, especially during working hours.

As I mentioned, the bottle only has 35 calories, is packed with vitamins and only has 3% daily limit of carbs. It has 475 mg of proprietary blend which include: taurine, caffeine, phosphatidylserine, L-theanine, choline alphoscerate and resveratrol.  I had a bottle on a day off, in which i desperately needed energy to get my workout done and something to help clear that cloudy head feeling from a long week. I felt a boost halfway through my drink, it didn’t give me jitters or mess with my heartbeat, but i did feel the caffeine’s effect. Helped clear my head, and get my workout in. Goal accomplished! Overall, I really enjoyed this drink, it tasted good and it definitely helped raise my energy level to focus on my day. I definitely see myself buying a bottle when I need extra motivation to workout or when I know a long day of work is ahead of me.


This smart bottle stating to have “the power of the sun” tasted like a lightly carbonated pineapple drink with a slight hint of lime. It also had 35 calories, 3% carbs, 9 grams of sugar, and the special ingredient; 250% of your daily intake of vitamin D, hence the name NeruoSun. NeuroSun is also a 14.5 oz bottle and contains; filtered water, crystalline fructose, natural flavors,  and citric acid, to name a few ingredients.

Besides the fact this drink is packed with vitamin D, I’m sure you’re still wondering what other benefits it has. NeuroSun pretty much gives you all the benefits of your daily intake of vitamin D from the sun, minus the harmful exposure to its UV rays. Vitamin D  is needed to support healthy bones, your immunity system, and help keep a balanced mood. I like sunbathing, but most of the times I get sleepy after and I know too much sun exposure is harmful; NeuroSun is said to be able to give you all the benefits of getting some sun without all the side effects of baking under its heat. Pretty smart concept, and as I said it tasted delicious. I enjoyed the taste a lot as compared to the other drinks, but maybe it’s because I really like pineapple. I can’t fully testify to it’s vitamin D replacement concept, but I did feel happy and a bit relaxed after my drink.


NeuroTrim is a hunger management supplement in a 14.5 oz bottle and 35 total calories. Only has 3% carbs, 4% fiber, 9 grams of sugar, and 50% of your daily vitamin D intake. It also contains a proprietary blend of purified konjac fiber.

This drink has a fiber based formula which helps curb your appetite and support healthy weight loss. It has a fruity and refreshing taste, it does taste sweet but not like a diet drink. This dietary supplement provides best results when you drink it 30-60 minutes prior to a meal, three times a day. Exercise and sensible eating are required as with any other supplement. I can’t attest for any weight loss properties in this drink, since I didn’t drink as many as directed. I did however feel full when eating faster than I normally do . It also has no caffeine for those who are looking for a caffeine-free weight loss supplement.


NeuroPassion tastes like a slightly carbonated fruit punch, it is a nutritional supplement which is said to help you “perform the healthy way”. This bottle is a full 35 calories and includes Vitamin D, B6 and B12. Also has a proprietary blend of L-citrulline, taurine, caffeine, phosphatidylserine, l-theanine, choline alphoscerate, and resveratrol.  Neuropassion is said to help sustain energy, improve performance, increase drive and stamina, and enhance cognitive function.

The taste of NeuroPassion wasn’t my favorite, but I did like the slight energy boost I got from the caffeine. It didn’t cause jitters, or seem overwhelming. I couldn’t notice a difference on an improved performance or drive, but I can testify for the sustained energy portion. Maybe I’m just so passionate, this drink has no effect on me 😉


Neurosleep has an orange taste, similar to kool-aid. This one is non-carbonated and also 35 calories a bottle. It states to have “Zzzzzz… in every bottle”, but I am not a big fan of sleeping pills or drinks unless it’s necessary so I sipped the bottle for a taste test instead. Neurosleep is not carbonated and has a sweet diet taste to it, not one of my favorites. A while after sipping almost half the bottle, a relaxed feeling came over me and I started feeling a little sleepy. So much for trying to only get a taste test! But I am glad I can testify that Neurosleep made me sleepy.

Neurosleep has 3% carbs, 9 grams of sugar, and 13% of your magnesium daily intake. It also has a proprietary blend of L-theanine, melatonin, 5-hydroxytryptophan, and taurine. The melatonin is what helps put you in a sleepy state of mind. Drinking this bottle will help promote a restful sleep, relieve muscle cramps, support relaxation, and help normalize sleep patterns. Neurosleep does warn on the back of the bottle against driving or similar activities after drinking it.

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Miracle berry review

MBerry is a miracle fruit tablet which your taste buds need to experience! These little tablets take certain foods to another level. They are made of miracle fruit powder and corn starch with zero calories.


What they do?

You take a tablet and let it completely dissolve on your tongue. Once they melt you are free to experience a sweeter side to food! I tried a lemon first and was very surprised by the taste. It was literally as if I had poured sugar on it. The tablets pretty much do as they say on the package, ” …transform ordinary foods, into the extraordinary!”

What i tried

Lemon- turned a bitter lemon into a VERY sweet lemon.

Jalapeno-tasted like a sweet jalapeno with a spicy kick to it.

watermelon-even sweeter and juicier than it already was.

Lemon water-tasted like a perfectly sweetened lemonade.

Dos Equis beer-had a slightly sweet yet pleasant taste.

Where to get them?

MBerry tablets can be found at They have a few products, including a miracle berry plant. The Mberry tablets are a very inexpensive product, which you should definitely consider getting and trying for yourself.

These tablets have the ability to transform sour and bitter foods into a sweeter version, which is a pretty innovative product for weight loss purposes. If you have a sweet tooth, these tablets can eliminate bad snacking by helping you to avoid junk food and replacing it with a healthy choice. You’ll still have the sweet taste from sugar, but not the all the calories.

Have you tried Mberry’s? Share what foods you tried below! If you purchased them and haven’t tried them yet here is a  helpful tip, don’t drink soda unless you want a sugar overload!


HELPS tea review

Having trouble sleeping? Relax and sip a cup of HELPS tea!

Helps teas are specifically made to aid in certain health-related issues  such as: trouble sleeping, digestive help, and low-sugar diets. I was very excited in reviewing this product, as i had never heard of HELPS teas prior to this review and enjoy finding new teas to try.

This tea line has been around since 1959 with a commitment to quality, and it definitely shows when you sip their teas. HELPS teas are natural and don’t contain any artificial colors or preservatives. Learn more about their products by checking out their site at HELPS teas.

My teas arrived in the mail, neatly packed and within a week of my order confirmation. I received six boxes of teas which included: organic R&R, organic easy digestion, breathe, for low sugar diets, make it easy, and organic green tea. I decided to try almost all the teas, so I could provide a thorough review. Check out my experience with each tea below, and share your opinion on this innovative drink in the comments section.

HELPS organic R&R

A typical day at work leaves most people drained, especially Mondays. There is something about Mondays that make it the toughest day of the week. Which is why i would recommend HELPS organic R&R to find it’s way into your life! Rest and relax goes hand in hand, but sometimes is easier said than done. Whether it’s from a hectic work schedule or living a busy life in general, this tea is the perfect remedy to forget the stress and just relax.

The ingredients in R&R are lemon balm leaf and passionflower, with a 100% organic promise. It’s always nice seeing a short list of ingredients on something you ingest, and even better when you can actually pronounce what’s in it! The lemon balm in R&R gives this tea a nice crisp taste, and definitely helped in catching some Z’s. Great option if you are having trouble falling asleep, or just want an aid in relaxing. This tea is the perfect ending to a long-stressful day, and even better when paired with a nice warm bath prior to drinking it!

Helps breathe

I was pretty excited about trying breathe after i read it’s benefits. It’s designed to strengthen your immune system and help respiratory function, as well as aid in sinus issues. I hate sinus infections and related symptoms. Nothing is worse than feeling clogged sinuses and the energy-draining feel/aches that follow.

The ingredients found in Breathe are: organic thyme, eucalyptus leaf, propietary blend, organic mint and linden. Mint teas are my favorite, and i found Breathe to be a nice minty blend! The eucalyptus and organic mint mixed in perfect harmony. Breathe’s taste and scent made it one of my favorite’s of the HELPS line.

HELPS organic easy digestion

Have uncomfortable bloating or stomach problems?  Why not try a cup of tea! Easy digestion is said to support your digestive system and help rid of such problems. It’s also said to have calming and relaxing effects. The ingredients found in easy digestion are organic chamomille, anise and mint.

Another mint-tea treat for me! The taste was subtle, yet still good. I did feel a bit sleepy after this tea, most likely from the chamomille. I didn’t notice a positive or negative effect on my digestive system, but i normally don’t have too many issues with this. I did have a cup after a very heavy/greasy meal, and i noticed it helped tame that bloated uncomfortable feeling.

HELPS organic tea leaves

Organic green tea leaves has dried green tea and spearmint leaves and is said to be great for your skin. Green tea is perhaps one of the most popular teas, as it’s said to help eliminate toxins and keep skin looking youthful.

I love the fact this tea is a mix of green tea and spearmint. Once brewed, it has a subtle hint of the spearmint taste so it’s not overpowering. The spearmint punch adds a refreshing feel to this green tea. I enjoyed this tea very much, and if you love green tea you gotta try this one!

HELPS make it easy

Make it easy can be used to alleviate occassional constipation. Ingredients found in this tea are: senna leaf and fruit, propietary blend, anise, lemon balm, mint, and licorice root.

I didn’t need help with this issue, but wanted to try the tea so i could comment on the taste and any effects i felt. The lemon and mint were the flavors I tasted most, which is a plus for me. I had a cup of this tea late at night, and noticed a relaxed feeling a few minutes after drinking it. I also started feeling sleepy, and had a pretty restful night. I’m not used to sleeping before 1am and occassionally have trouble staying asleep, so this tea will definitely come in handy with that. Unfortunately, i wasn’t having stomach issues around the time i had this tea, but will definitely reach for it if needed.

HELPS for low sugar diets

This tea has a combination of bilberry, elder, juniper, propietary blend, orange and sweet leaf. It’s sugar-free and may be a good source in maintaining blood sugar levels.

For low sugar diets is the only tea i didn’t taste. Instead, I decided to give it to my mom for my dad. He has diabetes and i figured this would be a great tea for him, since his diet and tea-drinking options are limited.

Overall, I enjoyed doing taste tests on this tea line and am glad HELPS tea reached out to me for this opportunity. It’s great knowing exactly what goes into something you drink, and even better when those ingredients are specifically chosen to aid in certain health issues. HELPS teas also has a children’s line which doesn’t have any artificial color, preservatives, or added sugar. You can find more information about their kid’s tea line and their regular HELPS teas at or purchase a box and try them out for yourself here!

Have you tried HELPS teas?! How did you like it? Did it help with any health discomfort/issue you were having?

Revitalize with Vitalise powder

“Spring into action this year and hit the ground running”

This can be as simple as incorporating Pukka Vitalise into your morning routine. The press release says. “Great” I say, “Send me some now!.” If it’s as easy as swigging a few herbs, what’s the harm in trying…

I receive my packet of goodness at work, and eager to rev up my flailing energy levels – it’s bad when you get a 9-10am slump right? – I follow directions, mixing the powder with some water, and sit down at my desk. Suddenly I’m acutely embarrassed. Will my colleagues think I am to be revered for treating my body as a temple, or will they think I’m weird for drinking what looks suspiciously like pond water?!

image credit:

A blend of 22 foods, all concentrated down to optimize the nutrition. This colorful blend of organic concentrated extracts from: 3 fruits, 4 vegetables, 6 herbs and spices, 3 seaweeds, 2 freshwater plants, 2 grass juices and flower plants, contains the equivalent antioxidant level of three servings of fruits and veggies. Aloe vera, beetroot, chlorella and wheat-grass, just to name a few of the ingredients which are found in Vitalise and are listed like an A-Z of all super foods.

It would probably be great with a juice, to allow the texture to blend in and create a quite a tasty drink. As it is, the pleasant licorice tang means it is more than palatable. At £1.30 a sachet I think it is a little pricey for me to make it part of my morning routine, and as I quite like fruits and veggies the idea that I could potentially replace some of these isn’t a lure. Having said that, I definitely didn’t feel as tired today, so maybe there is something in it.

If you’d like to give it a try, Vitalise Powder is available from the Nutri Centre nation wide and online at The cost is £1.30 per single serving sachet.


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