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Miracle berry review

MBerry is a miracle fruit tablet which your taste buds need to experience! These little tablets take certain foods to another level. They are made of miracle fruit powder and corn starch with zero calories.   What they do? You take a tablet and let

3 workout ideas for people who hate exercise

If you are anything like me, you take a somewhat disdainful view of your friends and acquaintances who have exorbitantly expensive gym memberships. Those who have no life beyond working out, and who freak out if they miss their morning run… While I’ve come to respect people

Eat yourself skinny!

Don’t you wish losing weight didn’t have to be such a boring, taste-less task?! I have always had a track record of discovering, and ditching fad diets once I got sick of the bland tasting food you had to eat just to drop a few

Vibram five fingers athletic shoes

You’ve seen them on people and selling at stores, but are those toe-accommodating sports shoes really worth the hype… image credit Vibrams are said to be a better and ergonomically correct shoe for running and other types of physical activity. The way it allows for