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Why you should always eat breakfast

Eat breakfast like a queen! Meaning, don’t skip and eat plenty of it! image credit Most of your day’s energy is derived from the first nourishing source you provide your body with, though many people skip this important meal due to whatever reason. This is

A guy’s opinion:how to be a fit & sexy lady

Hello ladies.  I’m a fit, active, athletic male and I am an extreme sucker for fit, athletic ladies.  I’m a real man, I’m not chasing after 6 foot 100 pound models that have been touched up with an airbrush and pasted into a magazine.  While

Eternal youth: four fruits that keep you beautiful

Eternal youth has been in hot pursuit for centuries. While much of the interest in the life elixir revolves around eternal life, a huge aspect of it is being perpetually young. In our society, youth is equivalent to beauty and ease. Being young means being

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Weight training for women

Weight training won’t make you bulk like the hulk if done correctly! Many women steer clear of weights and anything related, from fear of looking like a bodybuilder. In reality, weight training is necessary for a tight and defined body. Cardiovascular exercises get your heart

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5 tips for preventing yeast infections

5 Tips for Preventing Yeast Infections For any woman who has had to suffer the terrible slings and arrows of a yeast infection, you know how it can completely turn your life upside down. While a yeast infection is easily treated with antibiotics, once you