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What you don’t know about pelvic exams

Ever gone to the ob/gyn for a procedure involving anesthesia???

Imagine going into the ob/gyn for a procedure which involved you being anesthetized. As soon as your eyes close, a team of medical students start doing “bi-digital exams” for practice led by your own doctor. How would you feel???

This scary but informative interview with a med. student  (click on the link below) explains how hospitals affiliated with teaching schools are allowing medical students to practice pelvic exams after a patient has been given anesthesia, without letting the patient know.

Though paid volunteers are available for med. students to practice on, having to wait around for a person to volunteer and the expense involved seems too much for schools. Instead of waiting for a paid volunteer, unaware women worldwide are pretty much being violated of their rights??? Does that seem ok or normal to anyone???

The interview has very blunt answers on what goes on, who’s involved, and even by answering what is learned by med. students who partake in these pelvic exams.”Very little in terms of how to do a proper pelvic exam….” So what’s the point in doing this? Like the saying goes, “practice makes perfect.”

All you can do to avoid this is trust your doctor, or as the article advised, be sure to write “I do not give consent for medical students to practice pelvic exams on me” with a marker near your bikini line to avoid any unauthorized pelvic exams for “teaching” purposes.