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5 beauty products you need for the perfect Halloween look

If you are not a fan of dressing up for Halloween, but still want to do something to celebrate; go the DIY route and use your creativity with makeup. Below are five beauty products you will need to create spooky, glamorous, gory, and enchanting makeup looks, perfect for Halloween 🎃

  • Eyeshadow palette

      An eyeshadow palette will come in handy to create many looks, be sure to choose one with many colors. It also helps to know what look you want to create before purchasing a palette to ensure you have all the colors needed.

      • False lashes

        Add some drama to your look with long and thick lashes. They are available in all shapes, lengths, colors and sone even have glitter or fun fabrics attached.

        • Liquid liner

          Eyeliner will come in handy for drawing precise lines on your face to create your Halloween look. Choose a liquid one, with a thin tip to ensure you are able to draw delicate lines when needed.

          • Lipstick

            Compliment your Halloween look with a fun lipstick shade! There’s a variety of colors available from a black lip (good for a witch or skull), to blues ranging from teal to navy (mermaid look anyone?!)

            • Temporary haircolor

            If you have been wanting to try a bright color in your hair, but have been scared to try; Halloween is the perfect excuse to do it! A temporary haircolor spray is convenient and usually washes out after a few shampoos. If you have bleached or light hair, you can use temporary color like Manic Panic for color that will last a bit longer. Or you can also just purchase glitter spray to add some sparkle to your look.

            These five beauty items are a must to create whatever Halloween look you choose. If you need some Halloween makeup inspiration, check out my previous post with creepy makeup looks 👻

            Top 10 Creepy Halloween makeup ideas

            If you want an inexpensive and super scary look for Halloween this year, use your makeup skills to recreate one of the creepy looks below. Which is your favorite one?!

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            Leather Boots by Gipsy Dharma


            Gipsy Dharma produces beautiful hand crafted hand-dyed, one of a kind leather boots perfect for all occasions!

            Designed and made by specialist artisans, their boots are made from the finest soft leather, to provide lasting comfort and durability. All of their boots have a convenient zipper along the side to make and ease free transfer from on to off, along with lacing from top to toe enabling you to fasten them to suite your individual comfort and style. The soles of their boots feel as if you were walking barefoot through the clouds, light, cushy and comfortable  They come in various colors, and are hand dyed making each pair truly unique. No will have a pair exactly like yours! Isn’t that great! There one of a kind. You really will stand out from the crowd in these beautiful hand dyed leather boots. They’re edgy and quite cute too. Whether you are exploring the woodlands or walking along sandy beaches, these are boots that will keep you closely connected with nature and everything around you while making you look so fashionable people will be begging to know where you got your boots from. If this sounds like your cup of tea, being stylish, edgy, having one of a kind boots, grabbing the crowds attention. Then Gipsy Dharma’s stylish hand dyed leather boots will be the perfect match for you! Go ahead be bold, you’ll love it. Gipsy Dharma


            Top 5 entertaining websites when you’re bored

            Need a break or just looking for a way to entertain yourself online? Check out this list with five entertaining websites to check out!

            1. Watch some videos. You Tube is a great way to spend time, whether you are looking for music videos or in need of trying out a new makeup look. This website has a vast collection of videos that will make you laugh, cry, dance and teach you something new.

            2. Share your interests. Pinterest allows you to check out others tastes and interests, as you share your own. Interested in artsy photos, cookie recipes, or vintage home decor? Pin it!

            3. Win some cash while you play!  Cheeky bingo offers a few gamerooms to play bingo and win actual cash prizes. This site allows you to play for free and has a very fun layout, which is very easy to navigate.

            4. Feeling more blue than bored? FML to the rescue! Check out other peoples not-so-happy moments, and i’m sure once you read a few of them you’ll realize it could be worse. A lot of them are pretty funny, which will also help in brightening your mood.

            5. Choose a fun game to play from a great selection. Pogo has many games, ranging from crossword puzzles to more interactive ones. A few games include Zuma’s revenge, monopoly, and Plants vs zombies. I’m sure you’ll find something to keep you busy at this site!

            If you are still bored after trying out these sites, then try getting out of the house and getting some air. Do some exercise, go for a walk at the mall, have a conversation with friends or family, pretty much do something to get out of that bored state of mind!

            Which is your favorite website to visit when trying to kill time?!

            How to make money online

            Have you ever reviewed a product or taken a survey online??

            Did you know you could be getting paid to take surveys or by signing up for cool products online?!?

   gives you a chance to earn money by doing things online you might already be considering like signing up for cable, applying for a credit card, or getting an insurance quote.  A simple way to make some extra cash is by clicking the button at the end of this post and signing up with It’s fast, safe and free!

            Does money bring happiness?

            “Beauty is only skin deep.”

            This universal saying is meant to ease stress some women experience when dealing with everyday pressure to be “perfect” by media standards. So many cases of women starving themselves thin, or re-constructing themselves with surgery to achieve their definition of beauty, we see this daily and completely forget men face unrealistic standards also…

            I recently received an e-mail with a link to an awesome article about a source of pressure men deal with silently.  Successful men are associated with wealth and women. Check out any show or music video on popular channels on television and what do you most often see men doing??? Surrounded by beautiful women, dressed in labels, driving a new shiny car, hardly working but somehow filthy rich… Money talks, but it does not buy happiness. How many men do you know who strive to be entrepreneurs? Talk about great achievements they want to accomplish, and worry about bringing a paycheck sufficient for themselves and their families? When you’re a man you’re automatically expected to work hard and achieve a fortune, but that’s easier said than done.  Especially with our ever changing economy. How many stories have you heard of men loosing their job and and the pressure they dealt with after? This sad reality is shadowed by the fact so many men ” wanna be billionaires so freakin bad” they’ll do anything to attain it, even if the stress of getting there leaves them with nothing.

            I’m not saying women don’t face pressure to be successful also, of course wanting a good career and climbing the corporate ladder is a universal goal shared by men and women alike. But most women aim for this to feel satisfied and accomplished with themselves , or to pay bills, not necessarily to get very rich. When you’re the man of the house sometimes satisfaction is put aside to worry about bills and ways to increase income, especially when children are in the picture. Men shouldn’t feel pressured to only think about lots of money and worry more about time spent with loved ones, but is this really possible when we live in a society driven by money…