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How to save money on your wedding

Are you or someone you know about to take the leap?!

After the just engaged feeling subsides, reality takes over and even the sweetest girl can turn into a bridezilla with the stress of paying for a wedding along with everything else. This post is a brief compilation of the best  tips and advice to prevent breaking the bank on your wedding day,  dedicated to all those soon to be blushing brides 🙂
  • Brainstorm. Before you start talking with vendors you have to have a plan of what you are looking for. Start with the type of wedding you’d like, small? Big? Backyard wedding? Get married at the beach? Or stick to tradition? Possibilities are completely open to you and you’ll probably change your mind as you go, it’s just easier if you have an outline to start with. Invest in a wedding organizer to help with planning. I used and definitely recommend The Everything Wedding Organizer; Checklists, calendars, and worksheets for planning the perfect wedding
  • Research. Before you commit to anything, whether it’s the cake or the music, use your resources to ensure you are getting the best price. Ask family and friends for recommendations and ask them to keep an eye out for what you’re looking for as well.
  • Start looking for your dress with time. Schedule an appointment and check out Bridal magazines for styles you like before going in. Bring in pictures of dresses you choose from the magazines and show them to your bridal consultant to make the experience easier.
  • Ask family and friends to sponsor you, or be godparents of  certain items like flowers, cake, music…
  • Aim for a wedding between January-March or even around November. These months are considered the wedding off-season since most brides opt for a summer wedding.
  • Check out the wedding channel for more tips and tools to create your own wedding website!

Create a Free Wedding Website at

These are just a few options, but there are more things you can do to save some money for the honeymoon and still have that wedding you always dreamed of. I just recently got married so I know exactly what kind of stress the cost of a wedding can bring, but we were lucky enough to get such great help from our families and friends. I was blessed with a beautiful and elegant wedding that will always be unforgettable.
Weddings are expensive but with research and commitment you can have a beautiful wedding on any budget, because every bride deserves a great day.

Save money with CouponChief

Coupons are the best way to save money when shopping.

Turning your computer on and opening the internet browser gives you access to shop at thousands of stores and usually gives you the better deals. Sometimes you get lucky and the website itself offers shoppers free shipping or a discount off your order for a limited time, otherwise you have to use your resources or pay full price. This is where coupon sites like couponchief come in handy. If i can give myself a discount every time i shop online ( which i prefer doing for the greater selection and better deals) i will most certainly spend that extra minute going on, typing in the name of the store, checking out the different coupons, copying the code for the coupon I’d like to use, clicking use it and being safely directed to my shopping destination!

Save money and make money?!

The site offers thousands of coupons from a variety of retailers to choose from, including Target, Old Navy, Sephora, and even Mac cosmetics. Most people love saving money while they shop, but what sets this site apart from the many out there? Besides the obvious discount at your favorite stores, you also have an opportunity to make some extra cash by sharing your own coupons! They have a Pays-2-Share program in which you make cash every time any of the coupons you upload get used, or they offer you the option to make money for your favorite cause instead with their Coupons-4-Causes program. A very informative frequently asked questions page which answers any inquiries on this subject  is available. That’s a pretty cool option, if  you’re a smart shopper definitely check out their site either to use their coupons or share your own and get paid.