Color block makeup

Bright makeup is a fun, trendy look for the summer!

Color blocking involves matching two or more shades for a fun way to play up color. This fashion trend also extends to the beauty scene. Either by blending two bright eye shadows to create a colorful  look, or by wearing a colorful array of makeup all over. Check out these lovely pictures for inspiration and create your own color block look.

Which is your favorite color block makeup look?!
  • Color block your eyes by mixing a bright blue eyeliner with hints of gold shadow and matte berry lips.

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  • Play up blue eyes with greens, teal, and white shadows. A dark and well defined line on your upper lashes makes for an intense look.

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  • This look is for the daring! Very intense bursts of color with a blocked shape to match.

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  • This is a perfect way to color block for summertime! The colors blend so well to create delicious looking lips. Pair with a confident smile!

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  • This is my favorite image. Mixing lime green lids with an intense black line on your upper lashes, and red-berry lips blends in perfect harmony when color blocking. Perhaps a bit intense for most, but looks lovely on this model.

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Would you try color blocking your makeup?! Whats your favorite color combinations to play with?!

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