Conceal a tattoo with Dermablend

Tattoos are done to be displayed, but sometimes an event causes for a need to conceal them..

Dermablend leg and body concealer is said to provide better coverage than other concealers, and provides all day protection and hydration. There are various shades to choose from, but for a blended and natural look it’s a good tip to combine two or more shades to get a better match for your skin tone. They also have a tattoo primer which is the base when applying concealer. It’s outcome is said to provide natural coverage for up to 12 hours, and it’s smudge-proof.

So how good is this product exactly?!

The video below will show you how a group of makeup artists completely concealed Zombie boy’s full body tats. I’d say, pretty impressive!

Ever used dermablend to cover up your tattoos or scars? How did that work out? In your opinion is Dermablend the best, or have you tried a much better product for heavy concealing???

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