Considering eyelash extensions? Check out my experience and review first!

When I was about seven years old, I decided it would be a good idea to cut my eyelashes. Very short, almost to the point where I had no eyelashes left. A decision I wasn’t bothered by much when I was younger, but as I have grown I always wondered if my eyelashes would be much longer if I would’ve never cut them off. So when I heard about the awesome procedure that gave you long and luscious eyelashes, with upkeep, I went for it.

I was at the salon, getting my nails done, when I saw a special they were having on eyelash extensions and decided to get them done. I knew this place was good, and had yelped them on their services prior to my visit. The technician was pretty fast, with the whole process taking about an hour and a half. She guided me through what she was going to do. And once she was done, provided me with aftercare instructions. She advised me not to let water touch my lashes for the next 48 hours to ensure the lashes adhere well and remain put. Also gave me a lash comb,(which is pretty much a small mascara wand) so I could  brush them, as well as remove anything that could get caught on them. She also told me to wash them with baby soap to keep them gently clean. Then came the fun part, I got to check out my pretty lashes in the mirror! I was so happy with my beautiful, LONG, and curled lashes; I could not wait to go show them off!

Before eyelash extensions 

After eyelash extensions 

I followed instructions that were provided and went back for a fill after three weeks. I kept the routine going for about six months, then due to a busier schedule decided to say farewell to my pretty long lashes.

Overall, I loved the experience of having lash extensions. I liked the fact I didn’t have to apply any eye makeup or eyeliner and still felt put together. They got me lots of compliments,  and since I chose a natural yet dramatic look, they could pass as my own. Once all my extensions fell out, I noticed my natural lashes seemed shorter. And since I already had small lashes to begin with, that was not a good thing. I was worried the extensions had damaged my natural lashes, but within a month or so my lashes lengthened out. Perhaps I was just so used to having long lashes, once they were gone I had to get reacquainted with my natural lashes. Or maybe the weight of the extensions caused temporary damage to my natural ones. Either way, my lashes are back to normal.

If you are wondering whether or not you should get lash extensions,  I say go for it. However, check out the place you go to prior to getting them done to ensure they know what they are doing. Also, ask questions before you get them done to be sure your technician is knowledgeable. And be prepared to commit time and money to your lashes. Fills take about 30-45 minutes and range from $70 and up, and they must be done every 2-4 weeks. The first application ranges from $100 and up depending on the type of lashes you are getting and usually take about 2 hours to apply.

If you’d rather go the temporary route to long and lustrous lashes,  check out a few good falsies and mascaras below.

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    thank you for sharing your experience.
    I love eye lash extensions. really good oppinion you have =)

    tina from wimpernverlängerung salzburg

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