Daily Goodie Box August Review

This month’s Daily Goodie Box had all these sweet goodies! Daily Goodie Box has been very impressive in goodies they have sent out. I love the fact their selection includes many organic and natural products! Get to know these month’s brands below 🙂

Hannah Max Cookie Chips

These are like thin, crispy chocolate chip cookies. They might lack size in comparison to other cookies, but the flavor was excellent. The crunchy texture, combined with the decadent chocolate made a delicious treat. For those of you who are health conscience, these are 120 per serving (5 cookies), non gmo, no preservatives, and they offer gluten-free options. I truly loved these “thin snacking cookies. ” Check out their selection here.

Yarok- Feed your Moisture Shampoo

This is one of those non-lathering shampoos, but it 100% leaves your scalp feeling clean and your hair moisturized. It’s good for all hair types, and free of paraben sulfates and cruelty free. It has a nice, subtle floral scent to it and immediately after rinsing you can feel the softness in your hair. Yarok is “food for your head, good for the earth,” and you cannot go wrong with something that good! check out their full line of quality and affordable products here.

PB crave flavored peanut butter

Tried this chocolate banana peanut butter by PB Crave straight out of the packet, and it was the perfect quick snack. So delicious, and I loved that it’s sweetened with honey. The little packet it comes in is so handy to keep in your purse or grab and go. Check out of PB Crave flavored peanut butters here.

Javazen organic coffee brew bags

Javazen created these organic coffee brew bags with matcha and cacao, and I was very pleased with the taste. The process of making coffee becomes much easier with simply putting a brew bag into hot water, and the coffee itself tasted smooth and rich. I personally love matcha, so the addition to my coffee makes it even better! Try Javazen organic coffee brew bags here!

Balla body spray for men

Another goody in this month’s Daily Goodie Box for my husband, and he was pretty happy about that! He tried this Balla body spray and said he was very happy with it. He is very picky about scents, and usually prefers a cologne over body spray; but he said this one was actually a nice, clean scent. It reminded me of a classic cologne: subtle, crisp and not overwhelming. It smells good when first applied, and lasts through the day. Check out more products by Balla here.

Clean happens- all purpose cleaner

I was so happy to get a sample of Better Life cleaning products this month, because I have actually used other cleaning products by this brand and was already a fan! This all purpose cleaner came in a convenient spray bottle, ready to use. I love the fact it’s unscented and safe to use, especially with kids. I highly recommend this line of products, check them out here.

Essential oxygen- organic brushing rinse

Essential oxygen has this organic brushing rinse, which is meant to help whiten teeth, fight bad breath, help with teeth sensitivity, and many other oral issues. It’s all natural and a quality product. You use this rinse prior to brushing, then brush with the rinse still in your mouth. You complete the routing with your after brushing rinse, and you are done. The peppermint flavor is very light, and leaves a crisp feeling afterwards. Another great product discovered in my Daily Goodie Box I will definitely be buying! Check out Essential Oxygen products here.

Detox Water peachberry

This is the third time I try Detox Water, and I am not complaining! Every time I get a new flavor, it becomes my favorite! Prior to trying Detox Water, I was not a fan of aloe drinks- that’s how good Detox Water is! Peachberry is a mix of peach & blueberry and it tastes as good as the combination sounds. Sweet, natural and refreshing. Try Detox Water peachberry and their other yummy flavors here.


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