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Daily Goodie Box February review 

My February Daily Goodie Box arrived in the mail, and did not disappoint with all the goodies included! Check out all the “samples” they shared below. 

I call them “samples” because some are pretty much full size, and I am not complaining 😉 

Coffee Blocks better butter coffee

I have been anticipating my Goodie Box, because I heard this was included this time. A cup of coffee is part of my daily routine, and I love trying out new coffee related things. Coffee Blocks are pretty much what the name states, a compacted block of coffee, mixed with clarified butter, coconut oil, coffee, egg yolks, and organic pure vanilla extract. At 210 calories a block, it’s almost a meal all on it’s own. Here is a picture of what it looks like prior to mixing with hot water.

Don’t be fooled by that! It mixes into a frothy, creamy cup of Joe.

And it pretty much tastes like coffee with coconut oil, in a good creamy way. It is not overpowering and left me full, and fully caffeinated. It is a great blend, and the coffee is a good strength. It gave me a good boost, and I love the fact egg yolks and butter were part of the ingredients. A good source of protein, fat and my favorite meal of the day- coffee! Buy coffee blocks  and try it for yourself, highly recommend them and will definitely buy a pack myself. 

Nature’s Bakery Raspberry Fig Bar

Nature’s Bakery Raspberry Fig Bar is made of stone ground whole wheat, and it’s pretty much a healthy version of a fig bar. It tasted very good and two small bars came in a package, at 90 calories each. I had both bars and was full after eating them, which make these a great snack to toss in your purse, in case you need an energy boost on a busy day. These bars are cholesterol free, dairy free and kosher, so you know you are getting a snack from a company that is doing their part on creating a high quality bar. Awesome alternative to a standard bar for you to try. Check them out here!

Just chill sparkling calming beverage 

This beverage is made to provide you a burst of energy, but in a calming nature. It’s made to support a calm and focused mind, while reducing stress. First off, the taste is very good. A nice sparkling berry flavor, not too sweet or carbonated, which made it a nice blend to enjoy. The aesthetics of this beverage are nice on its own, and yes some people do care about the packaging when choosing a drink. 

I am not big on energy drinks, but I liked the fact this beverage was what it promised.  A chill drink. No jitters, a nice kick of energy that helped me get through that midday slump,  without the sluggish crash or shaky jitters. Relax and grab your own Just Chill beverage here.

Jack N’ Jill raspberry natural toothpaste

This is a mother tested, kid approved toothpaste! I was so excited to get this goodie in my box because I buy natural toothpaste for my kids already, and was actually contemplating this brand a few months ago. 

So, I gave it a go with my toddlers and asked what they thought of it, as compared to their current toothpaste. To simply put it, my eldest was asking to brush again with the raspberry toothpaste the next day, and the day after! I used it also to see what it was all about, you definitely get that raspberry flavor, in a good way, not an artificial taste at all, and a light subtle kick of it. It leaves your teeth and mouth feeling clean, and most importantly the kids loved it. I might have found a new permanent toothpaste for my little ones thanks to my Goodie Box 🙂 Buy a tube for your kiddies here.

Aloha Daily Good Greens

This chocolate blend whole food powder surprised me in a good way. I was expecting a not so good, chalky powder, but thankfully that was not the case. I made this blend on an afternoon where I was needing a nap, but had a ton of stuff to do. I mixed it with only water, because I wanted to taste the actual blend. You definitely get the hint of chocolate,  no yucky aftertaste,  and I sipped it instead of downing my drink to avoid the taste. Thumbs up to Aloha on making a good tasting whole food powder. And yes, I did get a kick of energy to get through the rest of my day! Get your own Aloha Daily Good Greens packets here.

Gorilly Goods

This Forest dark chocolate, fruit and nut snack by Gorilly Goods was too good to be considered a healthy treat! They are organic, gluten free, raw, vegan non- gmo, and cholesterol free. The whole package is 250 calories and the cool part about these snacks is 2% of profits go to the Dean Fossey  gorilla fund. As they say, “helping people. saving gorillas.” 

Gorilly Goods tasted like a cluster of chocolate and fruits and nuts. The thing I liked most was that each cluster tasted different,  you get the banana taste, the various nuts, some tasted like coconut. A yummy treat that is raw and organic, and should make you feel good since you are also helping gorillas with each purchase. So nourish yourself with a healthy snack, and help save gorillas along the way by clicking here and getting some Gorilly Goods for yourself 🙂


Xylichew gum in spearmint flavor is dedicated to providing a chewstasic experience, without the extra additives found in most gums, which can actually be bad for you and your teeth. They use birch xylitol, which might help reduce the risk of tooth decay. As you can see from the image above,  it is vegan, no soy or titanium dioxide found in it amongst other great things. And, I love that warning they put “not for pets”! Though xylitol is good for humans, it can actually kill our doggies, so please don’t leave this or any xylitol product near your pups’ reach. 

Xylichew gum had a nice spearmint taste to it, not too overpowering,  and had a nice texture that didn’t harden up over time. The spearmint flavor didn’t last too long, which I didn’t like too much, but my husband did. Left you with a clean taste in your mouth afterwards, and it’s good to know chewing these might help your teeth in the long run, not just a temporary bad breath fix. Spearmint and cinnamon are my favorite gum flavors, and I definitely see myself purchasing  Xylichew next time. Grab yourself a pack here

Dream Water sleep powder 

I had tried Dream Water in my previous Goodie Box. I liked the fact you do feel refreshed the next morning.  On occasion I wake up with aches and feeling like I got no sleep, but after trying Dream Water twice, I can say it helps with that. Check out my last Goodie Box review for my last review on this sleep powder, or if you are ready for a restful nights’ sleep, check out Dream Water products here

Vermont smoke and cure 

Vermont smoke and cure beef and pork sticks have no antibiotics, added hormones and are gluten free. I got this cracked pepper flavored stick in my Goodie Box and shared it with my hubby. The flavor was very light, I would have preferred a bit more of a pepper kick to it. However, I liked the fact the meat has a nice chewing texture to it. You can tell this is a higher grade beef stick than others because of that. I have had other jerry sticks that have a tough, chewy almost gritty texture, Vermont smoke and cure had none of that. If you enjoy these type of snacks, I definitely recommend you giving Vermont smoke and cure almost try. Find this cracked pepper stick and other of their products here

Nellie’s All-Natural laundry soda & Wow stick 

Nellie’s All-Natural laundry soda and wow stick are products made in Canada and are leaping bunny certified, which means they do not test on animals. On top of that these products are committed to providing natural ingredients that do not leave behind residue, and leaves clothes soft and clean. 

That pesky little stain has resisted a previous wash, so I put the wow stick to the test. Mission accomplished! The wow stick removed that stain and the laundry soda left my kids’ clothes clean and soft. Most importantly, I don’t have to worry about their sensitive skin, or any harsh chemicals left behind. Check out more of Nellie’s products here, and read the pretty cool story about what inspired the Nellie’s brand of Better, and natural cleaners. 

Also included were coupons for 25% of Gorilly Goods products and 20% off Aloha products. As well as a pamphlet to further explore Jack N’ Jill products:)

Overall, I am very impressed with the February Daily Goodie Box. I feel they put a lot of thought into selecting quality items from companies that care about making natural, top notch products.