Does botox mess with more than facial expressions?

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Even though it’s a non-surgical procedure, there’s still needles injecting a toxic substance in your face. It’s said to be a quick injection to erase wrinkles and pout lips temporarily, but what happens when temporarily ends and you have to go back for another shot…

That shot of botox temporarily blocks nerve impulses which forces muscles that create wrinkles to relax, thus giving a younger and smoother appearance. Pretty much it paralyzes those muscles and prevents facial expressions to be the same or exist. This wears off in between 3-6 months and your muscles regain activity. Researchers say since it prevents your facial muscles from showing emotions it might also affect your actual feelings. So if you can’t express a smile on your face, overtime you won’t feel like smiling anyway. These feeling and emotionless side effects are believed to be temporary …

Personally, I would not feel comfortable knowing I’m paying someone to inject me in the face and mess with my nerves and muscles. It seems insane to me that the FDA would approve something that can be highly toxic as safe to inject into your face for false advertisement. I have a few wrinkles and some crows feet decorating my eyes but I see them as my happy lines, each wrinkle represents a good laugh or a big smile brought upon by a wonderful memory.

Speak your mind on this subject! Do you think botox injections mess with more than just your facial muscles and nerves? Let us know your opinion on botox and it’s side effects. If you use or have tried botox, please post your response to this article and let us know your personal experience.

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