Does counting calories work?

Most men and women have tried limiting their calorie intake at one point of their lives. It’s tough getting started, but it definitely keeps you eating in moderation. Is this “dieting” technique efficient not just for weight loss, but also in maintaining your weight after your goal is reached?

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“You don’t need to count your calories, but you should make all your calories count.” *

According to *WebMd, counting calories is easier than actually taking time to understand how different foods affect our bodies. They do count, but are far from “the whole picture”. It’s pretty hard to actually keep precise track of every calorie you consume, not to mention it can be tough when going out to eat or when your sweet tooth needs a fix. There are alternatives to this method, which work just as well. Consuming the right type of foods and portion control are less mathematical methods, which can also be very beneficial in weight loss. What you eat is either used as energy or stored as fat, that’s why knowledge on the effects of various foods is important.

Portion control is one of my favorite methods in weight loss, because you don’t necessarily have to stop eating foods from a certain group altogether. Instead you just limit the quantity of your serving. Ensuring that half of your plate is filled with veggies is another great tip in losing weight.

You do have to burn more calories than you eat in order to lose weight.

That’s why it’s pretty understandable why counting calories is so popular amongst many interested in weight loss.

There are many websites and tools which are specifically designed in getting you accurate calorie counting. Programs, like Weight Watchers are made to help count calories and still eat various foods. Counting calories has become so popular, that many restaurants are now providing how many calories are found per meal right on their menu. My concern is, what happens when you reach your weight loss goal? Do you keep counting calories ever after?

According to an article found at counting calories “is a lifestyle, not a fad.” This article does make a good point by stating that this method can easily be practiced by anyone, since you are not required to spend tons of money on prepared meals. All you need is  a way to track everything you eat and how many calories you intake.

So does counting calories really work?

Sure it does, if you actually put in effort to truthfully track all your calories and maintain a workout. It’s a method that varies from person to person. Some people swear by it, others can’t stand it. Personally, I don’t like it. I don’t want to spend time prior to every meal tracking what I can eat, and looking like this little hamster when I overindulge…

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Have you tried counting your calories? How did that work out for you? Share your thoughts on this topic below!

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