Dry & shape your brushes with Sigma Beauty

Washing makeup brushes at least once a week  is a must.

In order to ensure your brushes last a long time and perform as well as when you purchased them, you have to wash and let them dry. This habit is also necessary to avoid bacteria from harboring in your brushes. Clean brushes= a clean face and better makeup application 😀

I usually use a a cleansing spray specifically for makeup brushes, some prefer a bit of shampoo or soap and water. Then I hang them upside down to let the bristles dry without dripping on the handle. Depending on your brushes it can take up to a day for them to fully dry. Which means no makeup the next day…. That’s why Sigma Beauty decided to cut the drying time in more than half by introducing their new product, Dry N Shape!


The Dry-N-Shape system is designed to hold your brushes in an elastic pouch which helps dry them in 4-6 hours as well as preserving their shape, which means no more flat blush brush or bristles sticking out! This system is perfect for makeup artists who need clean brushes fast, as well as every girl who hates waiting for her brushes to dry!

Check out the instructional video below, which shows how simple the Dry ‘N Shape system truly is.

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