Easy ways to change up your hairstyle

A hairstyle routine can leave you bored with repetition, but there are many quick things you can do to change it up effortlessly. If you’re the type of girl who sticks to one hairstyle most everyday here are a few tips to change it up, without being too drastic.

If you always wear your hair in a ponytail…


Why not dress up your ponytail a bit! You can try braiding it, or switching from a high ponytail to a low one. Or try the super easy and fancy looking side ponytail like the one in the tutorial below.

If you always wear your hair down…

hair down

Change it up by switching parts. Something that simple, can make a big difference. Try a side part and  use a few bobby pins to sweep one side behind your ear.

Another quick thing you can do to change the look, is add waves with a curling iron or hot rollers. Hot rollers are a nice alternative to a curling/flat iron because they are pre-heated and all you have to do is roll them on your hair, then get ready while your hair sets. If your hair is already wavy/curly try a blow out or straighten it.


If you always wear your hair in a bun…


Fancy up your bun, by wearing it super high and sleek. Or you can also wear a nice headband or bandana on your hair, add a poof, and finish with a high messy bun. Check out a few pretty headbands below.



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