Element water review: the pure energy drink

Water is one of the purest elements available to mankind. What happens when you combine the purest element with naturally derived caffeine from green tea and green coffee beans…

Element Water- “hydrate, motivate, concentrate”

Element water is enhanced with purified L-theanine, which studies have found improves focus and concentration. Each bottle ( 16.9 oz) also contains 50mg of natural caffeine found in coffee beans. This amount of caffeine is the same as that found in a small coffee or bottle of diet cola. The third and final ingredient found in Element is purified water. It’s always nice to know exactly what is in products you consume, and sometimes the less ingredients the better it is.

What is L-theanine and what are its’ benefits? -L-theanine is an amino acid found in tea which helps promote relaxation, decrease anxiety, increase ability to multi-task, and a few other great things. The two elements in tea which help provide “mindful alertness” are L-theanine and caffeine. L-theanine promotes relaxation and when combined with caffeine, a stimulant, they create the perfect blend to help concentrate for a longer period of time. Read this great article for more on L-theanine: a 4,000 year old mind-hack

Where is Element water available? -Currently it is available online at www.drinkelement.com and can also be found in certain supermarkets in Baltimore and Washington D.C. areas. It might also be available in more than a thousand markets throughout the Southeast per an article via bizjournals. Element water is produced by Mere Natural in Saratoga Springs, NY. If you want to see Element at your local grocery store, contact Element via their contact page to work on getting it stocked locally!

The bottle states ” it tastes like water”. My opinion… the same! I liked Element and was satisfied with the amount of caffeine found in it. It was not so overwhelming where it gave me a crash  or jitters, just enough to give me an extra boost to get through a busy day. I guess the L-theanine helps control that side effect of caffeine. Drinking a bottle of Element is a nice alternative to that extra coffee later in the day for all you coffee-lovers:) Another thing I liked, was the fact Elements’ website provides links to articles on studies and benefits of L-theanine. Find them at DrinkElement.com, while you are there calculate how much your daily water intake should be with their hydration calculator.

Have you ever heard or seen Element water? How would you like to try it out for yourself!? Will post a giveaway for your chance to taste Element in a couple days 🙂

*Disclaimer: Element provided me their product so that I may try it and share my thoughts on it. Views and pictures are solely mine, facts found in article linked to proper source .

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